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5:35pm 07-03-2015
Is at Wigan for red rose champs, good luck to all teams
10:46am 07-03-2015
this sunday at tir prince
2:29am 07-03-2015
Sues books
Give her plenty of notice .... She will need time to buy and fill them out!
12:48am 07-03-2015
your books to tir prince we will all be there
12:21am 07-03-2015
is Cheshire at tir prince.
8:47pm 07-02-2015
The books if anybody wants to see them are at sues house so inbox her and she will gladly give you her address to go have a look at them and also if you want to see what troupes she as go to tir prince and see for yourselves instead of listening to rumours and gossip
12:55pm 07-02-2015
Any1 know we're rema org is this weekend plz
10:59pm 07-01-2015
lyndale juniors win even though they talk they stop wrong they do arm mistakes yet they still win wonder why that is.
10:46pm 07-01-2015
Can anyone tell me where newda are this week sure there in Manchester just not sure where abouts thanks xxx
8:04pm 07-01-2015
please stop putting comments about your self it's shameful if you were as good as you think surely your troupes would be winning your snrs not been placed yet have they and Lyndale jnrs win most weeks think you were winning every think the comments you put on here
2:35pm 07-01-2015
Thank you
How much do people normally sell them at?
1:57pm 07-01-2015
to morning all,
lovely memories u have,yes shame its not like this today,my mam was a dancer and speaks of the lca highly,i put my girls in susan bennisions team,honestly the womans not only a joke,cannot teach morris,but money also went missing all the time,i honestly cannot see people supporting her org Cheshire morris,with only 2 teams,girls have taken over,hopefully for the best interest of the girls...books/bank book,still missing,the womans a born theif.
12:42pm 07-01-2015
Dead easy if they are good quality and the right price - loads of pages for selling dress on fb
12:12pm 07-01-2015
Easy is it to sell on old dresses
1:00am 07-01-2015
ref cheshire
what u want them to have troupes aswel ??
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