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12:49am 05-27-2016
what orgs cover north wales ?
12:29am 05-27-2016
new org
we would be intrested in new org what area would they be covering
11:46pm 05-26-2016
Makes u think troupes get better at etacco some troupes have gone worse since going there
11:18pm 05-26-2016
Got to say they are lovely n friendly we not going any we're end of season so stop saying troupes leaving cos no one is leaving cos we like it there
10:42pm 05-26-2016
To 2017 post
Re new org can you please state what areas you will roughly cover as coach costs is a major factor these days..
10:28pm 05-26-2016
agree seem
like a nice troupe and doin ok fitting in well at ett
10:24pm 05-26-2016
really nice girls, some beautiful dancers, can only grow at ET
10:23pm 05-26-2016
To 4.19
no but they have a FB page
10:18pm 05-26-2016
are experience morris dancers lovely troupe been dancing a few years just moved to Etacco some past ex Marionettes
10:17pm 05-26-2016
75 dancers haha, come off it , carmel is a huge cheat and pulls wool over everyones eyes, she makes 4 lines out of 8 girls ! CHEAT known for over age dancing too!! FACT
10:07pm 05-26-2016
Who is
Winning in ett?
10:00pm 05-26-2016
New org starting up and i can tell you it will be a good one. Lips are sealed for the now tho I'm sorry
9:35pm 05-26-2016
Who are xmd?
8:42pm 05-26-2016
First I've heard and im one. One them troupes
7:33pm 05-26-2016
And Ford gems all will deny because of rest of season n points ect but it's true
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