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8:07pm 10-23-2014
What's the probs
Nemdco is fantastic and the best and amazing ???
4:34pm 10-23-2014
To the posts below! Not sure where your getting your inside info from but its Nemdcos champs next weekend and the troupes fancy dress is always a secret so nice one for that! Well that's if its true :-(
4:22pm 10-23-2014
Dress three troupes are minions
2:49pm 10-23-2014
Fancy Dress
No "clowning around" with the Mill girls.
Heard that lancs lasses are doing Roaring 20's (bling and charleston), not sure what I want to see first - Dancing or Fancy Dress - ohhhhh bring it on girls
2:24pm 10-23-2014
Great to see
some sensible chat happening about the last champs of the season coming up and wow what a season of sensational dancing and results (ETT, NWDA, NDTO, NEWDA, Mancecco and all other orgs) have had some fabulous dancing and sensational results and we are so proud of all of you. To all you girls @NEMDCO & TMDA enjoy this weekend as your dancing this past season has been hard earned, have a Ball at your EOS Champs, sounds like some fantastic fun on your agenda's
1:58pm 10-23-2014
Some truths 100% agree with ya.
1:38pm 10-23-2014
Who is going to their champs believe it is going to be great fun
1:11pm 10-23-2014
Thanks Etacco
You have some brilliant/excellent troupes in your org. Bring on March. Who is dancing then with Et in 2015 (thanks)
1:08pm 10-23-2014
has been trawling all the sites posting the same message!!! Why is beyond sense. Only Nem have up and coming champs VERY soon and it should and will be electrifying, all the troupes are sensational, and it's really anyones, no troupe out shines any other, they are all fabulous with wins/losses. I for one can't wait for the results (cant hold my breath that long oxoxhehe , Nem always turn out the BEST of the BEST on the day - but, as I'm just about to be told (in no uncertain terms), NEMDCO are an amazing organisation with some sensational dancers. But, that's my opinion Ladies and I will stick by it
1:07pm 10-23-2014
Is 22nd march
12:42pm 10-23-2014
To - ???
did'nt you post the same message/question on the "Allsorts" site too? This season hasn't ended yet, then we have Christmas in the mix and your asking about next season? When you say "ours" what org are you with? 2015 comps would never be available just yet as not all teams have decided where to dance!
12:31pm 10-23-2014
Hiya All
NEMDCO champs are just around the corner (yeah, looking forward to seeing some fantastic dancing - specially on youtube, pretty please xoxo) what a sensational show the Nem Champs will be, the dancers have give it thier all this season, it's anyones!!.
11:20am 10-23-2014
Does anyone know when the first comp of the new season is and who the first org is out? Ours isn't for ages and need a dancing fix? Lol
10:34am 10-23-2014
Troupes dance for ndto?
9:42am 10-23-2014
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