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6:01pm 11-25-2015
to sue
if you watch some of val snrs, hf , there a mixture of both in Monaco, they do nothing different
5:58pm 11-25-2015
I'm not being rude or funny but could someone please explain to me what Monaco do different to other troupes that they will have to change there dance if they dance elsewhere I've not seen them and what's this pyramid people are talking about are they entertainers.
5:47pm 11-25-2015
Annbraise were now Div 2
5:41pm 11-25-2015
crank posting nemdco
5:35pm 11-25-2015
is left out
5:27pm 11-25-2015
Know section 1 is mill, marr, bel, vis, mon, lib, ann.
5:13pm 11-25-2015
The nemdco comment about?
5:04pm 11-25-2015
were you feeling left out?
4:44pm 11-25-2015
mill marr bel stardust monaco sharonettes embassy
4:32pm 11-25-2015
plat will be orc hf pb prem monaco
4:31pm 11-25-2015
will be marr mill bel viscaria annbraize monaco haydock
4:28pm 11-25-2015
marr and dar had 100% attendance in 2015 so how can you say mill and marr only attend a few comps it was bel viscaria and annbraize who missed comps
4:26pm 11-25-2015
kids go away and do some homework which will get you a decent job and keep you from writing crap on these sites! My org is bigger than your org just because you have a few more troupes this year wow lol. Mind you, if that's the way the top table think then you aren't to blame. Good luck and good competition, enjoy! and leave everyone else well alone
4:16pm 11-25-2015
to be
honest im expecting them to do more etacco isint what it was, might have lots of troupes but still only a couple of decent troupes will be left, ap,orc,hf, therr will be better competiton at TRU, etacco will be full with diamond and gold and thats wherr the biggest competition will be
4:14pm 11-25-2015
Mon beat PB a few years ago when they came to NWDA.
You lot are really pathetic . Comp will be FUN like it should be you bunch of sad acts
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