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11:27pm 05-25-2015
make yeh own mind up
11:26pm 05-25-2015
best site
11:25pm 05-25-2015
admin nasty
10:55pm 05-25-2015
let's see a photo of you gorgeous. bet you're a stunner
10:20pm 05-25-2015
Orc and Carlton seniors he to many frumpy s
9:45pm 05-25-2015
What are
The other chat sites called ?
9:17pm 05-25-2015
Only senior as went section 1 3rd larch 2nd Kingston ford 1st calls not sure on other sorry
5:18pm 05-25-2015
4:47pm 05-25-2015
i don't get that, same centre piece that cant bounce and spins round like a ballerina
4:33pm 05-25-2015
i don't get Carlton
sens at all is the leader supposed to be the best and the show feature? it's weird. orcadia seniors are a good line and so are hagfold.
4:27pm 05-25-2015
to why
mayb because the principal has a face like 1
4:25pm 05-25-2015
any results from M.E.B.A. heard it was their beging year champs
4:10pm 05-25-2015
@sue wild
think you will find sue refers to orgs from the past where judges were told who is in top three and how many points to deduct she doesnt mean present orgs.her troupes are getting slated on these sites and is sticking up for them and her judges .and as for never being told who to pick it went on in plenty of orgs 20 - 30 years ago .
3:55pm 05-25-2015
Interesting comment
regarding girls dancing over age at ettaco.
3:31pm 05-25-2015
to below
Shut up! That comment is ridiculous to say people like that spoiling dance world don't be so stupid. Sue has been in the dancing world for over 30years and in days gone by old organization did pick and choose who they wanted to win and judges would miss little things here and there to make sure there favs won. Just because she is trying to stand up for herself over some nasty small minded person saying that she fixes who wins your saying she is spoiling the dancing world. Seriously!!!

The dancing world is ruined by small minded pathetic people who prefer to comment on here and other sites spread nasty distasteful rumors instead of getting up from there arm chairs and showing us how they think it should be done on the dance floor. It has NOT been ruined by a lady would was merely trying to defend herself against these nasty people. Who ARE ruining morris!!
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