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11:11pm 06-28-2016
All know h/f fave judges
10:50pm 06-28-2016
Are cheats, winners were always chosen especially at e o s
10:29pm 06-28-2016
Stantons the good old days are missed these ladies brought so much to the Morris world
10:14pm 06-28-2016
stanton judges Ann Andy Teresa back in the day x
9:26pm 06-28-2016
change of subject
Whose everyone's favourite judge and why
9:10pm 06-28-2016
Have seen mill and they would wipe floor with hf ap pb and orc. Think there are a few troupes in diam that are also better
8:34pm 06-28-2016
hi my name is kevin I like to play nba 2k 16
8:33pm 06-28-2016
kevin d thomas
hi my name is kevin Thomas
8:18pm 06-28-2016
is it an Open comp at BLACKPOOL in October ????
7:33pm 06-28-2016
To etacco loads of good competition there
7:19pm 06-28-2016
tru dont get more troupes next year marr,mon and crus needs to move on to another org cause it will be boring for them these troupes need more competition
7:12pm 06-28-2016
Tru had more seniors, there's not much fight going on, when Marr dance they dance as if they are fighting to win, even though they win every week anyway, where has mon and bels fight gone?! And where is Golbornes fighting spirit? I thought they would really try to get that 1st place back. Come on girls it's a competition! Let's see some fighting on the dance floor, there's just no atmosphere. Yes people come to dance, but dance like you want to win, not fall asleep!
6:37pm 06-28-2016
Had to dance on that floor not just hagfold so get over it some troupes handled it better and the best troupes won on the day fair and square also I have watched both mill and hf this season and mill would wipe the floor with hf they are by far the better troupe at the minute and anyone who really has a clue about dancing would also agree so come on credits due and all that
6:19pm 06-28-2016
Sc were amazing! Never been to any comps as great either before or since. Best days in dancing ever!
6:13pm 06-28-2016
The springs
At Blackpool Tower Ballroom dance floor spoiled it. It was shocking to dance on. Hope they arnt on for Et. Comp in October. Think troupes will withdraw if they are.
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