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8:31pm 08-29-2016
all you mums that pay for dresses what happens at the end of the season when the uniform gets sold ? do you get your money back as you have paid for it .
8:12pm 08-29-2016
We pay 2.50 subs
Usually 3.00 mini bus
15 costume donation (but only when we have new dresses)
5.00 pumps
And the price of hoodies and t shirts if we wsnt them
7:02pm 08-29-2016
Babies B hindley
Babies A Fleetwood
Dinkie B Fleetwood
Dinkie A denton
Tiny B fever
Tiny A hindley
Junior B fever
Junior A Fleetwood
Senior B Tudor
Senior A2 houldsworth or fever (very close)
Senior A1 Fleetwood
That's my predictions for TMDO
4:04pm 08-29-2016
Predictions for champs?
3:37pm 08-29-2016
My girls pay,
Subs 2 pound
Bus fare 5 pound even if you don't go on the bus
Dress 35 pound which includes, pumps, sock, knickers, dress bag
Hoodie 15 pound - optional
shirt 8 pound -optional

Plus raffle tickets during the year
We also try to do bag packing, but only get the same parents each time
Easter bingo
These are to help toward the troupe funds. We also pay for presentation ticket for each non dancer.
Can cost me up to £50 per dance out, which is weekly, so is defiantly not a cheap hobby.
2:41pm 08-29-2016
Predictions for Tru juniors and seniors are juniors bel Sen 2 lib Sen 1 any one out of mar bel mon
11:18pm 08-28-2016
Champs predictions
I think crusaders mid dinkies are fab. theyve come on so much since the start of the season. Well done girls and boy
6:05pm 08-28-2016
champs predictions in my opinion is sen1 Marrs or Mon-- sen2 Lib or Gol--jun1 Mon or Crus --tinies Mon ---Dinkies Mon --- babies Liberty -- tots not sure
4:55pm 08-28-2016
On an
Average Sunday I spend with myself and 2 girls 40 pounds a week. That includes bus fare, entrance, food and keeping them occupied. I am finding it getting very costly especially when it's far away comps. Then pontins well !!! Can top upto 400 pounds for one weekend with everything.
3:48pm 08-28-2016
Tru predicts
Baby's annbraize
Dinks 1 Monaco dinks 2 bel
Tiny Monaco mid tiny annbraize
Jun2 golborne jun1 crusaders
Sen2 lower K sen1 marr
3:44pm 08-28-2016
Who is
dancin at tru nxt wk
12:36pm 08-28-2016
Tru predictions
Babies - liberty
Baby tots - marrionettes
Mid dinkies - Belmont
Dinkies -.liberty but loveing monaco new routine last dance so really could be anyone's
Mid tiny - ambraize
Tiny - monaco
Junior two - monaco
Junior one - crusaders
Seniors two - kersal
Seniors one - hardest section to predict very close so all depends on who is judging and who messes up . I have a feeling will be a tie for the first year ever at TRU Would be boss too see a three way tie but Belmont not danced out alot this season so I belive marionettes and monaco could possible tie but it's 100% anyone of the three .
9:48am 08-28-2016
Champs predictions guys?
9:42am 08-28-2016
Babies hf dinky val tiny val jun hf voug snr hf pb will win most diamond section orc stars gold snr but will be close with hf could be dance off's here's to a fab weekend
8:25am 08-28-2016
Pay £40 for costume, £5 for pumps, £5 for kit bags, £25 for jackets, £3 for subs
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