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3:52pm 09-16-2014
Those of you that have Facebook look at troupes and bands some morris videos on there that's not on you tube
1:34pm 09-16-2014
Those of you that have facebook look at new site called troupes and bands some morris videos on there that's not on you tube
12:47pm 09-16-2014
I agree
Let's face it no one is doing anything super difficult but I applaud orc etc for having good use of he floor it makes it so much nicer to watch. And they are winning with one of the 'harder' routines so it can be done
11:20am 09-16-2014
Any troupe in their right mind would do the easiest routine possible if that whats getting them their wins if there are the dance they are being booked for easy option take it out ... Hf have taken bits out, carl have tidied theirs up. Hope there is a dance off at champs it will be electric
9:29am 09-16-2014
Carlton didn't make any mistakes but not platinum Just my opinion, don't think Orc were that good to have 5 point win, my results  orc/HF 1st 3rd val but I'm not a judge,  nice to see vogue
8:26am 09-16-2014
and agree
Carl ap nor pem anywhere near hf on Sunday hf were great
8:25am 09-16-2014
There will b
Loads of judges on at the champs so let's see who comes out on top then anyone else thinking dance off?
7:34am 09-16-2014
Senior Results
Were shocking Sunday,  don't think anyone had  Carlton placed or AP with a big arm error and girl on wrong leg, think more judges are needed
7:21am 09-16-2014
whose got
toty at Etacco? Has it finished?
10:20pm 09-15-2014
I agree
carls dance is easy but so are a lot of the snr ones.  Val snrs was and still is straight lines, there juniors are so huddled in the middle and dont do a thing back and front girl move 1 time off middle line but that is a winning formula. h/f are slightly better but girls stay on middle line, no troupe turn the dances round like they used to,p/b dance ok but f/w shoking the same as h/f. think haydocks dance entertaning.
8:32pm 09-15-2014
I always liked val
Old sens they were single space but always had a twist or something more difficult but I do prefer proper senior routines carlton look like tinys what they do is so easy and I know that's harsh they work hard and hey it's paying off but it's not for me like you say watching girls dance forwards and back forwards and back
7:12pm 09-15-2014
a difficult one as troupes don't get any extra points for degree of difficulty so you get the single spacings. I like how orc, pb, pem & ones in orange & white dresses (diamond troupe-sorry mental block can't remember name!) use the arena more and more than single spaces, but then of course more chance of getting done.
6:42pm 09-15-2014
i think a lot of the senior dances these days are dinkie dances.  how can judges judge fairly when the troupes are so close together, single spaces, etc, juniors are the same, so close and move one person, do an armwork etc some senior and juniors don't move off the middle line. Sit and watchthe girls go from side to side if they move atall. dancers these days are not very entertaining, all so alike stuck in the middle.
6:12pm 09-15-2014
Course no troupe is perfect, no one is getting 100/100 are they! Am sure all the comments about footwork, spacings , the judges have picked up & points deducted. No one has said they are perfect.  For what it's worth I liked orc & HF Sunday, Carlton smart & can see they really want it but v safe routine, single spacings, thought pen had good dance though deportment & some footwork need looking at.  Looking forward to champs x
6:00pm 09-15-2014
im not so sure
Whether a team will win just because et like them. Its a tough section and the winning team will have to dance good to take the title
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