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8:26am 09-01-2015
predictions for TRU is whoever has the best dance on the day there were a few surprises at last champs and it could happen again in all sections from tots to seniors
7:56am 09-01-2015
Why is it at ett everyones more bothered about the plat and diamond sections there is gold sections there aswell and they have some very strong troupes in that section. I think HFem/Orc for gold seniors and Ajs for gold juniors. My oppinion what are others thoughts on senior and juniors GOLD
7:48am 09-01-2015
Most improved: Barton royals junior 2
Most entertaining: olympia senior 2
Best music: zephyr juniors, lwp senior 1, Monaco junior 1
Best leader: lwp senior 1
Best mascot: zephyr juniors, olympia senior 2, lwp senior 2
Best dressed: all Monaco lines
7:28am 09-01-2015
Best dress colours
I love red and black with a bit of gold or black and blue with a bit of silver
12:22am 09-01-2015
Sorry no disrespect
But to ELMO how can u say milnrow are most improved????? They have dropped down 2 sections from lg1 to lg2 I don't see what u mean? That's not improvement for me that's going backwards xx
12:19am 09-01-2015
NR senior 2 leader
i think NR senior 2 leader is a beautiful dancer and is obviously doing something right because she is in the running for LOTY, she is one of my fabe dancers in the whole of NWDA and i hooe she wins LOTY she deserves it im looking forward to watching them on sunday!
12:11am 09-01-2015
Let's change subject then, which dresses are the nicest and what colours go nicest together?
11:52pm 08-31-2015
See why people have to single others out on this chat site? Jealous comes 2 mind
11:50pm 08-31-2015
So many jealous people, moaning because a teenager is in the lead for LOTY in a senior section. Just because she's a good dancer and wins leader every week doesn't mean she dances for her self
11:49pm 08-31-2015
tut tut
Well the whole 'being nice' lasted a long time didn't it? Back to slagging people off again r we? Can't we all be nice to each other????
11:46pm 08-31-2015
Are peoples opinions on tru
11:44pm 08-31-2015
old junior leader / new senior leader dances for her self fact
11:30pm 08-31-2015
Oooo other troupes getting a mention. Never at the monaco and zephyr show!
11:28pm 08-31-2015
Best leader. Zephyr juniors Newtonian royals senior 2
Best mascot. Zephyr novice leigh west park senior 2 Olympia senior 2
Most entertaining. Monaco tinies an seniors zephyr juniors an seniors olympia senior 2
Most improved. Newtonian royals senior 2
Best dressed. Monaco babies an tinies
Best footwork. Monaco zephy new springs senior 1 in tha order
Best music. Leigh west park
11:15pm 08-31-2015
Most improved - barton royals junior 2
Most entertaining - zephyr senior
Most consistent - Liberty novice 1
Most fight - olympia tinies
Best leader - newsprings senior leader /monaco tiny
Best dressed - monaco
Best routine - Zephyr senior 1
Best mascot - monaco jun
Best music - Monaco junior 1
Best footwork - monaco & zephyr
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