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2:54pm 12-17-2014
no one mentioned
Zephery or whatever for pages and you brought them back up. Word of advice it is very easy to spot the teams who like to talk about themselves.
10:23am 12-17-2014
the question has to be why do troupes pay Public Liability Insurance in the first place and not expect a claim? That's why this insurance is there, and yes, if there is a claim then the premium might go up but your paying in the first inst, (would'nt this be inbuilt/included in the fees that the dancers pay per week etc?).......that's what it's there for surely.
Any accident is an accident but unfortunately there is always someone to blame, the Insurance Company is there to determine this. At the end of the day there is always the NHS we can count on
10:21pm 12-16-2014
You going on about zephyr sort your own troupe out or shut the hell up .whats up did they throw you out give us a break
1:45pm 12-16-2014
Anyone know when REMA agm is please? I believe this is a sat org?
10:41am 12-16-2014
if you have an accident due to someone elses severe negligence then I agree that is possibly cause for a claim. Otherwise it was just an accident. Children fall, bones do break not pleasant but a fact. When will the claim culture end - when no one runs any activities for adults or children because they cant afford the insurance or the risk any more?
12:03am 12-16-2014
to hello brenda
why would Brenda PAY for medical fees? all kids are free in the uk? as for ian good on yeah mate id say the same,why would yeah wanna claim?
8:16pm 12-15-2014
ive worked
In insurance for years and the premium would go up if you made a claim that's how they make their money
4:32pm 12-15-2014
A lot of ppl
Weren't brought up with all this 'blame claim' stuff and I can see why it would annoy ppl but it's the way of the world these days. Like all the benefits stuff we see. Ppl think they are entitled and the system these days tells them they are and that's the way it works.
12:38pm 12-15-2014
the old BBMD quiz master is back on with some brill christmas trivia questions, join us please in the build up to christmas and lets all have a laugh, sure all will enjoy and let all teams/friends/family know so we can all participate. Should be good
11:52am 12-15-2014
Why is everyone
havin a go at Brenda when all she did was ask a question? If you get hurt going to work or at work or going home from work your entitled to insurance under the workers comp insurance, if you get hurt at sports your entitled to sports recompense for physio etc, that's what insurance is all about, it's not about "women like you", it's about US being able to claim for our children if they are hurt at any sport they choose. Premiums dont go up due to 1 claim for a child with a broken ankle but sense says this mum may need help getting her child to and from! Comeon, leeway, it's Christmas and wish both the Mum and her daughter a fab time in the next 9 days and lets all hope the little one is better for her Santa visit - hope so
10:26am 12-15-2014
Hello Brenda
Yes you can ask the question of your troupe principle about Public Liability Insurance especially if you have to pay for medical treatment for your daughter. That's why troupes pay (through the nose to insurance companies) just to cover these incidents and insurance claims. Hope your daughter is ok for christmas and to "Ian" what a tosser for your comment, you would claim for reimbursement of doctors fees etc.... Imagine if it was your daughter, what would you do then!!!!!!
9:44am 12-15-2014
to brenda
its because of women like you ,all insurances goes up,you only need 1 greedy person to spoil it all for us,just like the bloody bus fares ,all down to blag crashes etc ....,we now pay ridiculous monies because of idiots like u
10:04pm 12-14-2014
Why would you want to claim.
4:56pm 12-14-2014
brenda yes you can claim x
3:35pm 12-14-2014
ther u go
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