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10:16am 09-30-2014
Is it anyone's champs this weekend an are you allowed spec? Thanks
11:45pm 09-29-2014
carnt wait
For ndto champs goodluck to alltroupes have a ball
11:09pm 09-29-2014
Baby arms and routine
10:54pm 09-29-2014
The under dog?
10:33pm 09-29-2014
It when the under dog wins xx bring it on I say xxx
9:57pm 09-29-2014
Ann juniors
have come along so well recently, keep it up girls
9:48pm 09-29-2014
Is fixed at ndto, it's just sour grapes!
9:24pm 09-29-2014
Hf orc ap for me so close can't wait
9:22pm 09-29-2014
I don't think
anyone has it in the bag and anything could happen 1thing in orcs favour is that they r quick at e&e but who knows I think hf will have a belter meself. personal opinion but I don't like carlton the routine and arms are to junior for that section
8:29pm 09-29-2014
Ndto spec
What was fixed?
8:17pm 09-29-2014
Be a close one defo this year. Think Orc might just pip it though with Carlton coming close 2nd
8:00pm 09-29-2014
Carl or orc hf I reckon
7:53pm 09-29-2014
Dance off
Between who?
7:15pm 09-29-2014
dance off
In senior section
6:46pm 09-29-2014
Not long now till Pontins. What's everyone's predictions??
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