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9:46pm 11-05-2017
its very quiet on here
10:48pm 10-23-2017
Would any other troupe want to wear a AP tshirt for the dance off ? Everyone in thst room supported both troupes. Someone trying to cause trouble o here maybe
10:21pm 10-23-2017
Other chat sites
Allmorrischat Morrismorris
7:39pm 10-23-2017
Are the other chat sites please?
4:15pm 10-23-2017
TRU results
tots--Monaco babies--Vogue mid dinkies--Liberty dinkies--New Springs mid tinies--Liberty tinies--Monaco jun 2--New Springs jun 1--Vogue sen 2--Vogue/Liberty sen1--Mill
10:13pm 10-22-2017
Chicken lover
What are Results at tru ?
8:38pm 10-22-2017
Results anyone?
2:51pm 10-21-2017
Been at
a few champs with different orgs over the years that i have been morris dancing and i always find it out of order that girls or allowed to enter marching comps in shorts and leggings its the champs for goodness sake the top table at et should make it a rule like all the other orgs that you wear full morris outfit when entering any marching or dancing comps
2:24pm 10-21-2017
Is there
Any compertions tomorrow? Or has every finished now need my morris dancing fix Haha thankyou
12:48pm 10-20-2017
Open comps for spectators, an old dancer missing it!
8:20pm 10-19-2017
TO Just wondering
Where in Manchester are you from and where have you danced before
9:28pm 10-18-2017
Just wondering
Is there any troupes in Manchester that are looking for expirenced junior/senior Dancers?
8:02pm 10-18-2017
HAydock senior leader had an ap top on !! But isn't she joining them ?? She's friends with their girls
9:03am 10-18-2017
Teams were wearing ap t-shirts in dance off??
7:10am 10-18-2017
I hope
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