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8:31pm 10-22-2016
you carnt go and watch any champs at pontins they have it sectionred off and people checking wristbands if you dont have a wristband you dont get in, even by the resturant there are some kind of boards been put up so you carnt walk thro, i tryed it last week and got nowere even the shutter by the arczdde was shut
7:18pm 10-22-2016
no one got into newda dance hall last week without a newda wrist band on and I know this as I was there and couldn't get in .
12:00pm 10-22-2016
Was there last year and people staying at camp were watching the dancing, they can't stop people watching, as you had to walk through the hall to get to the breakfast restaurant.
9:50am 10-22-2016
I would wish Sonia the best luck ion her new adventure and take no notice of other people you been doing dancing for years and you will do good as some body else is taking over her grouped good luck x
7:39pm 10-21-2016
Tmda have there's in Nov too
7:14pm 10-21-2016
Champs, if going by last year, people staying at the camp were watching the dancing.
I'm debating also wether to book the weekend there x
2:29pm 10-21-2016
Have there champion next week and it's wrist bands sorry girls x
1:24pm 10-21-2016
orgs still have their champs after this week heard ntdo have theirs 4th till 7th nov are they the last 1s
11:09am 10-21-2016
If you
know bels sen2 dresses are awful you must be from bel to know that as im sure only the bel girls and members are the only 1s who have seen them until the champs
8:50am 10-21-2016
Etacco have a few competitions throughout the year that are championship competitions ie st George's day champs, red rose champs, and now Blackpool tower champs. It doesn't mean they are end Of season championships, but champions of that competition for that year, just as in something Like athletics, there is a world championships, a European champs,and the Olympics they are all championship competitions along with ordinary competitions throughout the year. Hope this clears it up x
8:33am 10-21-2016
Anyone watch lmdo champs next week peeps
12:11am 10-21-2016
Olympia ain't sore losers used to dance against them years ago,they been with that org a long time probably just had enough of whatever was goin on there
11:11pm 10-20-2016
sure why you would call Olympia sore losers I for one saw them all standing clapping the troupe in 1st place so your wrong
9:48pm 10-20-2016
at newda was fantastic all results spot on this year we all had a fantastic weekend cant wait for next season all ready
9:44pm 10-20-2016
I always
Watch juniors every week at nwda as we don't have juniors Olympia and zephyr are good lines but zephyr had an amazing dance at champs sorry people but I for one agree zephyr were the best on the day.
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