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3:56pm 05-03-2016
Up about boys doing it ,it's a personal choice you are proberly a ignorant human being
3:21pm 05-03-2016
What about a lovely boy dancer from Liverpool, I personally don't agree with it but each to there own
2:54pm 05-03-2016
A lovely boy dancer in liverpool
2:41pm 05-03-2016
Said Devine is going newda are wrong they are going nwda
11:43am 05-03-2016
Is everyone dancing this week
11:04am 05-03-2016
release notes
Rubbish if any of my girls wanted to leave for another troupe good luck to them would they give 100% for me I doubt it
9:55am 05-03-2016
so two face, congratulating each other on wins, the calling them fit to burn behind their backs. they have to be all nicey nice because maud loves a good bum suck . fact
8:33am 05-03-2016
years ago
If a dancer was leaving to go to another troop mid season they would have to have a release note from principal at end of season it dosent matter xx
7:46am 05-03-2016
Do you no they are coming to newda
7:37am 05-03-2016
On how you leave your current troupe I can see how it would cause trouble.
If your leaving to go to a troupe that's nearer to you you and your still friendly with your old troupe then that would be fine but if you've left under a cloud then no I don't think it's a good idea its bound to cause bad feeling between the 2 troupes.
7:32am 05-03-2016
Are not with newda
12:40am 05-03-2016
To 12:33
Why is to cause trouble? Some people make great friendships from dancing with people from other troupes. Isn't that why you would choose a troupe? To be with friends, after all it's a hobby not a career
12:35am 05-03-2016
I really do
Personally wish deevine all the luck in the world. I dance against them this year and can honestly say they are a lovely bunch. I for one will miss them but wish them all the best in the new org. They are not the people made out to be on here. First to help anyone with anything and a great bunch. Best of luck xx tr
12:33am 05-03-2016
If your
not happy where you are there are enough troupes and orgs to chose from. Why would you want to move to another troupe in your current org mid season unless your trying to cause trouble.
12:12am 05-03-2016
To 10:12
you are probably from belmont why make a comment slating the principal nobody else have they have just give their opinions on changing to another troupe in the same org but its like a bad taste in your mouth you keep spitting it out a certain troupe has left our org so stop the sh-t stirring
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