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8:47pm 02-13-2016
To be honest
Sarelles are like a completely different troupe to what they were 3 years ago. They have come on tonnes. They were in league 2 the season before last at ELMO
8:41pm 02-13-2016
i seen
sarelles on you tube from 2013, they would be in the gold section at etacco and honestly they wouldn't win it, I looked for them because of the hype they get on here about how "amazing" they are, bloody awful
8:40pm 02-13-2016
to ha ha ha ha
No a lot don't you sad cow give it up already how long has it been??
8:40pm 02-13-2016
why is it
You always bring mill into it all? You all moaned when they danced at tru and now they have moved you still have to have a go at them! You either want them there or you don't? I bet they are glad they have got out of it all some people just can't move on! Also marr are my winners already too
8:38pm 02-13-2016
the person
Who wrote post titled nothing is Lee / Sarah money on it
8:23pm 02-13-2016
Will yet again win all there sections, no competition .
8:21pm 02-13-2016
Too below , more x mon dancer for they know to much about Belmont so will be somebody who has watched them recently at there org maybe ;!!!?just a hunch , mill would like nothing but to see monaco and the new troupes and regular troupes be slated and to see TRU not do to good while they are away, then they can post" not the same since mill went," but say it's not them posting!,; like they always do . I think Belmont will be fantastic, but marionettes are my winners .I am looking forward to watching Haydock, Mon and the rest ,hope they are regular all of them. Not long now 28th Feb TRU first comp excited much ...
8:17pm 02-13-2016
Peel green
Seniors are a great line cant wait to see them out
8:16pm 02-13-2016
They have a good line with potential i think they need a new challenge & i think their trainer would agree but dont think they will, why should they when theres a troupe whos just as strong as them who will probably stay in inters
8:09pm 02-13-2016
For you info it will be ns or lwp calling monaco sad so sad
8:02pm 02-13-2016
Have won once this season and u want them to move up???
7:55pm 02-13-2016
It will give them 2 troupes a challenge. Sarrelles smashed last season winning 95% of comps throughout the season as for zirconia they were on par with juliettes right up to the last comp but then they went & won champs. Juliettes have had a bad start to this season but i think they will get it together soon. St lukes have had a mix bag but also a very promising line. As for the other 4 lines they should be l2. Everyone knows sarrelles trainer wont move them into l1 & neither will zirconia but the committee should make them
7:47pm 02-13-2016
Can I ask why all of a sudden two troupes out of inters have to move up this wasn't said last year about any section juliettes won troupe of the year in inters no one said they had to move can't remember who won on the day but no one said they had to move wonder why you want them moved as if it wasn't obvious
7:47pm 02-13-2016
Elmo troupes r happy that's why they stay, not coz their scared. And as for footwork and entertainment, elmo have lots of it. Sorry not from Rutland but obvs jealousy from someone as there r loads in their troupes with lovely footwork, Jupiter's footwork is amazing and st Luke's and peel green have lovely dancers, but it's about arms and formations as well and again elmo r up there with lots of orgs
7:32pm 02-13-2016
To they
Your shameful! Even there little ones are beautiful dancers im sure it wont be the end for them just because you have there girls because the sisters are still s h i t the leader is still s h i t the principle cheats like s h i t and you all talk s h i t i cant wait see u lose every week when you dance s h i t
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