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10:00pm 11-22-2014
Thanks for all your answers to my question. Such lovely positive responses. My personal favourites were Embassy
9:01pm 11-22-2014
the truly great
memorable lines like Margs were amazing.
7:26pm 11-22-2014
When will there be another senior challenge anybody know, and how about some new vids on YouTube , love to see valencia , Monaco , millennium HF PB anything from any champs please
6:58pm 11-22-2014
Zodiacs were deffo best troupe. They lined up and Jesus Christ super star came on and we were all in awe of them. Like they said before girls wanted to be like the winning troupe so would try harder. Now girls are not loyal they just leave and go to the troupes that win
6:51pm 11-22-2014
when they did senior challenge my winners.
5:55pm 11-22-2014
Karen carney
Oh I remember them days in the 80s , Zodiacs and Margonettes where always the ones to beat, but you didn't hate them you wanted to be like them, who remembers Springfield , Columbia and Embassey
5:23pm 11-22-2014
Lived them they beat us every week but I didn't care , girls were more loyal back then as well
5:12pm 11-22-2014
loved zodiacs and cameo from yrs ago, also fond memories of ambasadors from netherley carnt beat the 80's troupes, not like they are nowadays
3:13pm 11-22-2014
i dont
Think trainers can be like they were about 10 years ago and more, some trainers pushed girls round, shouted in there faces, the troupes did win but now my god you would get taken to court for some of the ways the girls were screamed at. Much harder now I think, kid gloves is more like it or girls leave.
2:45pm 11-22-2014
HF just once x
1:37pm 11-22-2014
Kersal or AP
11:45am 11-22-2014
Margs or PB from the 80's 90's and Sapphires as well they were a great troupe
11:41am 11-22-2014
Another ex-dancer
Dorchester were brilliant back in the day
10:46am 11-22-2014
There any videos of the older troupes?
9:22am 11-22-2014
They were brilliant years ago
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