Please be NICE.

I will have to delete any messages containing foul language.


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4:00pm 10-22-2014
no matter what
They do with this site there will always be another one to go on so if your effended just don't go on end of
3:26pm 10-22-2014
Switch off
your router then switch it back on again that'll give you another ip. Switch off your wifi and use roaming that'll give you another ip. Sit in McDonald's that will give you another ip.
People causing problems will make a stupid random comment and then wait for the floodgates to open then answer back. What exactly are you hoping to achieve?
2:16pm 10-22-2014
it will if you can see that the ip asking the question is the same as the one answering
12:53pm 10-22-2014
No they
Wont. ip's mean nothing at all.
11:21am 10-22-2014
Said anything about stopping people from asking questions? It says ip s will stop people asking questions and answering themselves to cause trouble!
10:49am 10-22-2014
site been running for a while
10:45am 10-22-2014
10:23am 10-22-2014
10:18am 10-22-2014
So you will be
judge and jury then what's the point if you stop people asking question who made you lord of morris. don't think you can control the internet, you can't
9:38am 10-22-2014
You put the link on for allorgschat like the morris banter one is below, where it's underlined plz, I can get to the site
9:19am 10-22-2014
Will stop people asking questions then answering back just to start trouble
8:33am 10-22-2014
well i am
No judge or jury, last week everyone complained about messages not being deleted, all im saying is i will monitor it closely and messages when asked will be deleted. This site has gotten out of hand but i will leave up to you its there if you want a nice chat amongst yourselves
8:17am 10-22-2014
proper morris decided to be judge and jury and that didn't work out
8:12am 10-22-2014
no not
Just in a disagreement it wont be shown but if it got like it did on here last week then i would put them on, i just dont agree with all this slander. Ppl should be able to have a nice conversation
7:18am 10-22-2014
so far my mobile
ip on any software available to the public puts me in Liverpool and Durham when I am not in any of those locations and your going to show my ip if someone who disagrees with me asks for it? so they can go on a witch hunt and accuse anyone of anything? No thanks The last monitored site was propermorris and that got taken down because the site manager decided took down what she didn't like and who made her right? It doesn't work
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