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10:22pm 11-26-2014
to only
A couple being 2 we all know who that would be the gobby trainers two lol
10:20pm 11-26-2014
A couple of girls turned up to starlites practise tonight from alliance stars & they did brill, fitted in well
10:01pm 11-26-2014
St Lukes
dance with ELMO
9:34pm 11-26-2014
Old dancer
I didn't realise Cantrells were still going. Which org do they dance with?
9:16pm 11-26-2014
Well said below... Glory hunting
9:12pm 11-26-2014
Not quantity
8:38pm 11-26-2014
to ndto mum, how do u no about starlites having them lines u must either be with starlites or no who has gone to dance with them i think that many girls in a line can spoli it
7:12pm 11-26-2014
oh give over
these lines boasting about tons of girls half leave over the winter and half of them feel obliged to shove all the new dancers in and look a show
6:41pm 11-26-2014
Ndto mum
Can't believe all of alliance have gone to starlites!
With a 22 girl senior1, 18 girl senior 2 & 20 girl junior line, can't wait for dancing out now
2:42pm 11-26-2014
2:04pm 11-26-2014
So what
if harlies have gone to mill and bel! If I wasn't so loyal I would too. Great bunch of girls and mill and bel get on really well so there wouldn't be any awkwardness between the two troupes
12:34pm 11-26-2014
The hell are starlites? Where do they practice?
11:06am 11-26-2014
When I was little I always wanted to dance for Cantrelles (now st lukes) and I was in awe of how they danced as my troupe at the time did the kick out
10:41am 11-26-2014
Some of alliance realy going to starlites ha
12:33am 11-26-2014
Ett troupes 2015?
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