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7:26pm 07-24-2016
Doing a big comp at Blackpool towe r
7:10pm 07-24-2016
i wish
there was another senior challenge maybe one day there will be another one pretty please???
6:57pm 07-24-2016
Kersal Bird
Thank you for below comment were getting there
6:32pm 07-24-2016
Will there be a senior challenge this year? Would love to spectate
6:18pm 07-24-2016
Sen 1
1. Belmont
2. Monaco
3. Marrionettes

Sen 2
1. Golborne
2. Liberty
3. Lower Kersal

Marrionettes not on form today and great dance from lower Kersal. Getting better and better every week well done
6:06pm 07-24-2016
Hf babies
Valencia dinkies
Valencia /hf tinies tie
Vogue junior's. And seniors ap.
6:02pm 07-24-2016
To see Valencia seniors today, it's a shame there not out out every week and seem to be missing a few of there older girls through work commitments I heard.
5:29pm 07-24-2016
Juniors vogue sen ap
5:11pm 07-24-2016
enjoyed tanhouse dinkies today well deserved that 1st place well done girls
4:45pm 07-24-2016
Ettaco results plz x
11:10pm 07-23-2016
I'd love to know opinions on liverpool - bootle, Litherland seaforth troupes
8:11pm 07-23-2016
Come on guys
Senior challenge be fab
7:58pm 07-23-2016
Is anynody
Organising anyone black pool x
2:51pm 07-23-2016
Thank you
My daughter has just left doing majorettes as she wasn't enjoying it and wants to try Morris
11:18am 07-23-2016
Runcorn troupes
Have a look on Facebook;
Biggest troupe is Runcorn Comets - Vonnie Thompson
Riverside Royals - Sam Ormond
Smallest troupe is Phoenix Park - Sam Howell

All lovely girls
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