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10:11am 01-25-2015
Does everybody still feel nervous on there first dance? How long till each org dances?
12:51am 01-25-2015
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6:10pm 01-24-2015
whose gonna be
winners jun an sen at ett n nem?
5:09pm 01-24-2015
Seasons getting closer! Getting excited and nervous. Whoop
10:28am 01-24-2015
no one knows
they r just going off last yr
1:19am 01-24-2015
how do u no what teams are in dinky plat thought 1st 3 comps teams are assessed
12:55am 01-24-2015
Blah blah
Why come on here and moan?? Speak up to who you need to and get over it
9:58pm 01-23-2015
I agree
Not much comp in plat dinky I would not call it a competition meself
3:19pm 01-23-2015
think the point
was if haydocks footwork is so good then they should be in div 1 not div 2
10:42am 01-23-2015
bagi pencita togel yg ingin angka jitu hasil ritual di jamin 100% akan tembus hub ki dempo di no 085-313-777-268 atau KLIK jika anda ingin merubah nasib seperti saya.
9:59am 01-23-2015
Your just presuming seniors divisions now! How do you know what team are in what divisions
8:37pm 01-22-2015
If haydocks
footwork is that good they should easily be beating all these platinum teams look forward to seeing them in div 1 this yr.
3:49pm 01-22-2015
1:48pm 01-22-2015
ettaco champs
its the first weekend in october
10:10am 01-22-2015
Know the dates for ettaco champs?
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