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12:28pm 07-22-2017
but it's ridiculous the way hf go on on this site and at Etaco. They are always calling certain judges and troupes but take the wins when they get the judges they want. No idea why anyone would strive to be so negative rather be in a happy team and love dancing.
Haydock tinies are fab and val juns, you go girls!
9:45pm 07-21-2017
Shirley jones r.i.p x
8:11pm 07-21-2017
Our team
Strives to be as good as HF.
8:10pm 07-21-2017
Tinies and dinkies have lost this year. In fact I'm sure haydocks tinies have been winning for a few weeks unless I'm mistaken. The dinkies, hf are the better team and juniors is now very good competition. Seniors could be anyone's in plat/ diamond. DEPENDS WHO IS JUDGING SHALL WE SAY!!!!
2:28am 07-21-2017
Blah blah
Hf blah blah
9:16pm 07-20-2017
Hf seniors are good and deserve there wins as do
Orcadia but Jnr tinie and dinkie win no matter how they dance think it's came to everyone's attention when certain judges are on it's not fair and not right cheating kids tuttut
8:47pm 07-20-2017
Like them or not
HF are the ones to beat. Wendy must be doing something right. I do agree that the judges play a major role in who wins though as some weeks you think what?????
7:10pm 07-20-2017
I don't always agree with results but i think that's best I've seen HF x
7:51am 07-20-2017
must be deluded and look at dancing through rose tinted glasses. Every weeks a different week and who is judging the section plays a major part. that's my opinion
6:42am 07-20-2017
Orc and HF this year. PB are much improved with the new step AP not at their best but I'm sure they will get there. Juniors getting exciting now Val in there. Couldn't predict a winner for Champs
9:42pm 07-19-2017
Hf dodnt deserve half their wins and they know it shows what happens when you complain enough
7:52pm 07-19-2017
Who's in FA cup this week last week was FAB both teams were FAB hope it's as good xx
12:42pm 07-19-2017
Can't half tell who won at Etacco. Not a peep on here this week. Sad, really sad girls
3:05pm 07-17-2017
Dont all
troupes show support. That's what the morris families do.
5:56pm 07-16-2017
The support that Vogue show each other after the dance is amazing, saw it in both juniors and seniors today especially
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