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11:46pm 10-30-2014
else getting new?
11:45pm 10-30-2014
what bels new dresses are like can't wait to see them
8:10pm 10-30-2014
Speke comment
I'm not involved with the troupe but a dancer of generations and hold many troupes high with respect. Troupes thrive n troupes suffer as years go by and girls/ generations change. Stop looking for some reaction to ur comment to who have been in Morris for any length of time, have respect for troupes who made Morris great foundations where we've all have grown from. Do not try disrespect any troupe foundations who continue to strive for success beyond all struggles. U will not succeed.
3:16pm 10-30-2014
luck all at nemdco. looking forward to all the bitching monday
1:27pm 10-30-2014
Its NO secret some old an some of last years snrs all coming for exercise , anyone can come if you just want exercise Morris is best you can get.
Hope to see more tonight,
1:02pm 10-30-2014
It's a secret !!
Who else thinks speke have gone crap compared to years ago they have had all new people started an it looks like they have took over the old girls not one of the new girls can dance propa crap there a disgrace now get a grip haha !!!!!
12:53pm 10-30-2014
It is, one of them said that they all left because they wouldnt get put in the seniors with all the old girls
12:18pm 10-30-2014
doubt that's true. Surely no troupe would do that
8:46am 10-30-2014
Heard all of vals old seniors are back, and the rest all had to leave.
12:01am 10-30-2014
Are NOT bullying, every time a comment is made that someone doesn't agree with they call it bullying, it's not, it's just a different opinion to yours!
11:20pm 10-29-2014
Bullying bullying! Why does nobody do anything about it. Disgusting.
11:19pm 10-29-2014
They won't...
....delete it - they like all this trouble and nastiness. There's no other reason to keep this site going after all the nasty stuff that's been on here. Site admin at home rubbing hands at another sh*t storm that's brewing no doubt. Should be ashamed.
7:38pm 10-29-2014
elmo mum
dont bloody start on Tom hes a lovely lad does no harm to anyone shame on you !!!!!!! site manager can you delete the comment mine too if need be
5:30pm 10-29-2014
I agree
If you find him that annoying then delete him. He is such a lovely person and loves dancing and a lot of people like him so don't be so rude!
3:46pm 10-29-2014
Horrrrible Horrrrible person. You are obviously 'butt licking' his facebook..... get a life. It is lovey to see somebody so dedicated and passionate about his own morris as well as being so kind and supportive to other troupes. Keep it up Tom and good luck for 2015!
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