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10:27pm 05-22-2017
isn't it
quiet at ett .. I wonder why
10:03am 05-22-2017
A big well done to all your trophies that you brought home, keep up the good work girls
9:02pm 05-21-2017
well dobe
9:00pm 05-21-2017
Ett supporter
Don't normal watch all senior lines but decided to today and each lines have there own cracking dancers!! Got to start watching more often
7:48pm 05-21-2017
Full results at ett please
5:33pm 05-21-2017
Seniors were far better this week than last
5:44pm 05-17-2017
Orcadia have
Babies and dinkies and 2 senior lines dancing out. Always see a load a kids with them so wonder why they dont dance a tiny or jun line.
4:27pm 05-17-2017
Don't have tinies or juniors
4:10pm 05-17-2017
Orcadia only have seniors or have they babies, dinkies, tinies, juniors please
2:21pm 05-17-2017
To kate
Norma's org is Nimo
12:13am 05-15-2017
Etteco results didn't stay
5:20pm 05-14-2017
Well done to orcadia winning 2gold cups
10:06pm 05-07-2017
What's tru results please
9:25pm 05-06-2017
Don't go then! SIMPLE!!! you don't waste your time dancing win or lose as long as you love it.
7:18pm 05-04-2017
What is the org called that Norma Shimmin runs please and does anyone know if it's still takin troupes.
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