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7:18pm 08-02-2015
not just
them stopping wrong at the end the whole dance from hf and orc was better than vogue sorry. But it's not the issue is it? it's just Ettaco and how it is being run.
7:15pm 08-02-2015
just like hf sen at champs other year
7:12pm 08-02-2015
really won in junrs an never all stopped together ettaco is just a big joke now
7:03pm 08-02-2015
Have all Etacco results please
6:59pm 08-02-2015
is run really well if you don't like it please get lost you wouldn't be missed but some strange results today judges desicion is final tho
6:32pm 08-02-2015
no faffing on the arena at ettaco glad you pointed that right out pmsl.
6:16pm 08-02-2015
How nice of you to take the time to slap off your fellow troupes on 'THEIR DAY' as you call it and implying that's the reason they won. Would that suggest that the only reason you won and your comp was because it was 'Your Day'? No thought not
I suggest you come and ask me what I thought of your dance yesterday as I watched you all and agree with the results. Or you could just go end fix the arm errors, timing and spacing that you lost points for, which incident Martis Gems did loose points for making them this week better than you
You all have my number, it's the one you use when you want to ring me and tell me about the errors the judges missed each week in your dance.
6:15pm 08-02-2015
do agree
ETT run smoothly 2 areanas going get everyone done by 5 and have lots of teams, its down to the planning and commitment from brian and Shirley who make sure a schedule is in place, teams have to be rady to dance, orders are given early and leaders have time to take timing, no faffing on the arena once lined up, many orgs need a leaf out their books
6:13pm 08-02-2015
spot on really????
6:13pm 08-02-2015
is a joke stop putting on here it's brill when it's not.
6:06pm 08-02-2015
results spot on !!!
5:59pm 08-02-2015
ett spec
Sorry sen plat ap
5:59pm 08-02-2015
ett spec
Jun dia pb jun plat vogue sen dia haydock sen plat oc
5:41pm 08-02-2015
Ettaco results??
5:39pm 08-02-2015
etacco today!!
Not impressed
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