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11:38pm 11-27-2015
babies must not be 8 before camp if you have a baby line and dance them in another org you just put them in dinky section
1:48pm 11-27-2015
Where is
Elmo Christmas comp
10:58pm 11-26-2015
are up to yr2 they have to move up to dinkies when going into yr3 at school
10:38pm 11-26-2015
charity comp
is anyone going to the charity comp in wythenshawe on Sunday?
8:14pm 11-26-2015
No baby age is year 4 ! That's a 9 year old
8:11pm 11-26-2015
No sure
Babys are yr 4 n tots yr 2 because the novice are yr 6 so it goes 2 4 6 8 then juniors same as others init?
7:26pm 11-26-2015
Good troupes dance at ndto
3:48pm 11-26-2015
Dances at Ndto please?
3:30pm 11-26-2015
Ties you in to
dancing with one org
3:24pm 11-26-2015
ages r bobbins
3:10pm 11-26-2015
Wrong . Year two it is
2:45pm 11-26-2015
yr 4
I think
2:24pm 11-26-2015
very high wats the baby age then ?
1:53pm 11-26-2015
That is high
compared to other orgs.
10:51am 11-26-2015
ages are very high to other orgs novive r year 6 tinys year 8
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