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2:14am 03-31-2015
to shannon
are you a dancer if so i suppose you think your marvellous don't forget you had to learn once and M.E.B.A believe in giving everyone a fair chance and they wont be laughed at or called names in this org
1:20am 03-31-2015
Infinity though in meba oh my word how can they be called a troupe
12:27am 03-31-2015
i really
think that snr2 should only be for new troupes just starting out as a learning section maybe for 2 seasons then made to move up otherwise they will never have to up there game to improve i no a lot of troupes who say well we got a few new girls so we can stay down for another year
12:14am 03-31-2015
To nelow
What troupe would want to stay in league 2 seriously??!!!
12:11am 03-31-2015
To escarda
What did ya think of marian stars dresses? Lol
12:10am 03-31-2015
A lot
of troupes just like to stay in l2 for the easy win would rather come 3rd in L1 and fight for a place just my opinion
12:04am 03-31-2015
are marion stars still in snr 2 they been going for years now should be well in snr 1 not really fair is it thought the snr 2 was so posed to be for new troupes just starting out
11:41pm 03-30-2015
Personally I agree with you below krystalaires was in low standard orgs but now they have moved up a notch to a higher standard org I don't think they have a chance against starlites and newvoux too but I can't see them not been hungry for it as I personally think they are sore loosers and won't be able to hack been beat again all year round but anything can happen right? I do think newvoux will give everyone a run for there money
11:41pm 03-30-2015
i agree
Serenity seniors a good shame that girl walked off again would of been placed had a good dance they prove they can do it
11:38pm 03-30-2015
Got to leader of serenity hope you a proud and proved you can lead well done and got to say mascot for juniors' she good goin to go longway well done girls keep it up you will go long way
11:29pm 03-30-2015
Who do u class as the top Troupes? I agree with below
11:26pm 03-30-2015
In all fairness, krystalaires were only unbeatable cause they were in a low standard org, now there in ndto there not as good as the top troupe, but with more practice there's nothing to stop them getting there. They want it so they will fight for it. Still think results were spot on yesterday though, starlites were better on the day even with there errors. Escardas s2 leader coming off was par for the course, as was the same girl crying in mstars j2, both spoilt decent dances. I'm sure all just teething problems though, was still an amazing comp with some amazing dancers!
11:23pm 03-30-2015
to newda
if ur so bloody cold get of ur lazy ass n book a warm hall. have you seen how hard it is to get one? fet of this site n and onto one were you can help your troupe get a decent hall. most venues run out of loo roll but you only have to ask and as for soap take your own hand wash and sanitizer like we all do at are comps, most decent parents do as well as baby wipes. your being very picky now. as for the £1 this as its been mentioned is towards the expensive fees they have to pay
11:15pm 03-30-2015
Any comps this Sunday with it being Easter?
11:11pm 03-30-2015
I think starlites are in for a good season, nouvoux younger sections shoul do well too, but anything could happen
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