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4:03am 02-10-2016
To watch
The first Sc videos are amazing I agree but don't think any troupes r at that standard anymore,there r good and Not so good in all orgs now
12:46am 02-10-2016
Totally agree
With all the comments about tmdo and their troupes every word of its true it's the lowest standard org ever! and the troupes are so bent and corrupt just like the woman who runs tmdo. Stay clear if you have any sense
12:17am 02-10-2016
Need to fuck off back to Jupiter if they think they have got any chance this year hahaha shocking xo
11:43pm 02-09-2016
Jupiter need to go lower and sarelles need to go higher I think that will do them girls good
11:15pm 02-09-2016
I will never understand why Darwen and Belmont are getting slated so much on this chat site. Yes, Darwen have lost plenty off girls to Bel in the past years and more and more seem to move every year but the true Darwen girls will stay and prove what they are made off! I'm not from either off these troupes but if Darwen have any sense they'll dance there hearts off this season at show everyone at TRU including Bel that they're still fighting. Gonna enjoy watching them dance this season with TRU.
11:07pm 02-09-2016
I could like some of these comments
10:37pm 02-09-2016
I totally
Agree with below
10:36pm 02-09-2016
It at comps is disgraceful if u can't do it or get through it then u need to b on the back or better still not dance at all . Any org that allows any girl to walk it should be ashamed. Its called morris dancing for a reason .,... To dance. Morris walking could be a whole new hobby
10:30pm 02-09-2016
All the
Bent and corrupt troupes !!!
10:29pm 02-09-2016
Tmdo even have that many troupes anymore how many they got now ?
10:23pm 02-09-2016
I agree
TMDO are terrible run and standard is very low
10:23pm 02-09-2016
I agree
No dancer should walk it in a comp. If they want to still take part they should be at the back
10:20pm 02-09-2016
Worst org there is
10:20pm 02-09-2016
Org that lets girls walk it when its a competition is definitely a low standard org.
10:17pm 02-09-2016
Are definetly not in the top section for anything I'm sorry but a lot of there teams need to really improve and is badly run
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