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11:55am 05-01-2016
It's a shame
Shame mascots can't dance in etacco and get judged as a mascot
11:17am 05-01-2016
Me snr 1 mascots are there to do a job and should all ways go in the line b4 the leader they should no all the places in the line Ares are in l1 and are mascot has been tought every place and could go in at a minutes notice She is 11 years old its down to the training they get ability is more important than age
9:45am 05-01-2016
Are you
Really that insecure you have to belittle girls who are trying their best and just want to have some fun? Why don't you actually say who you are instead of hiding behind anonymity?
9:36am 05-01-2016
Y would mill go back to Tru ?

Oh yes I forgot half the lines belong to top table

Interesting maybe saving fuel ? Or something like that
8:44am 05-01-2016
orgs out today ??
11:05pm 04-30-2016
Jog on
put the wine down and get a job
11:03pm 04-30-2016
Section is for one legged donkeys
10:12pm 04-30-2016
To the person
trying to shame gold. F*uck off you basic. Who are you typing anon comments on the Internet like your the f-ing Beyoncé of the morris world. Knob head.
9:49pm 04-30-2016
Senior gold
I danced for 10 years through my childhood, left when I stopped enjoying it, its been 11 years and I've come back for some fun and exercise. No matter how much I practice, I have always had flat feet and have low stamina, still trying extremely hard to get at my best, after 11 years of not dancing its hard to get back into, if it wasn't for the gold division I probably wouldn't have come back. Knowing I'm dancing in a troupe and not at the side, which I would be without a gold division, is an amazing feeling! Those who say the gold division is nothing but lazy old women who need to hang it up, you are pathetic! Its a hobby and supposed to be for fun and exercise! It's an escape from reality for some people!
9:39pm 04-30-2016
HF comes to mind
6:59pm 04-30-2016
To 4,17 you dance for a gold team feel embarrassed want to dance for your diamond team wonder were you dance for then
6:54pm 04-30-2016
Where u r mill
6:41pm 04-30-2016
wont just have 1 section will they when they take loads more money for all the different lines .
6:32pm 04-30-2016
I think thete should be 1 senior section 1 junior section and 1 tiny section we should go back to just one of every section makes troupes fight and dance better for a place having 2/3 seniors sections 2 junior sections n 2 tiny sections is a joke
6:05pm 04-30-2016
someone posts defending gold and you post that, wtf do you really think ppl are that stupid. Proves how stupid you are and how sad your life is.
Why the hell would someone dance if they found it that embarrassing you idiot. Stop pretending and putting gold down saddo
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