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6:30pm 09-27-2016
Newda champs on day
Are gunna be so close one the day Baby 1 is so good ATM with salinka and Runcorn, dinky 1 amazing every week, couldn't call it, juniors gunna be tight with lyndale and Deevine but any one in that section could nab it, inters is the closest section there is, has me on pins each week, and the points in snr 1 are so close, I think champs will be brill, who have been all your fave leaders and mascots this year
4:28pm 09-27-2016
3 more sleeps to etc champs
2:58pm 09-27-2016
Babies HF
Dinky very close HF /Val
Tiny VAL
Jun again very close ORC /HF
Snr HF
But anything can happen on the day good luck to everyone xx
11:02am 09-27-2016
Mill have beat bel if they was out? Otherwise they might not of even came in the top 3
10:45am 09-27-2016
Fantastic mum
Looking forward to TRU champs Bring on the party
9:58am 09-27-2016
U can tell its nearly championships the competition is heating up and everyone is upping there game
10:04pm 09-26-2016
For etacco end of season champs??
8:48pm 09-26-2016
I don't normally
Rate millennium, didn't last year anyway but thought they danced really well yesterday and have improved a lot since last year
8:26pm 09-26-2016
To pffftttt
Best post iv read in a long time well said
6:47pm 09-26-2016
Dresses for champs anyone
4:34pm 09-26-2016
Mill had won 1st yesterday it would have been said that it was because they were top tables favourites but because they came 3rd they are being dragged down in standard by the org that they are in how can you say this if you are not in their org how do you know what the standard is
4:04pm 09-26-2016
I think
You are wrong about mil loosing standard. They were only 1 1/2 off 1St place yesterday. I think they look as strong as ever. And personally think the pressure on them yesterday to perform after everything that preceeded them on here recently was huge. Well done mil. Loved your dance. Your different and I love that about you. Please come back!
3:53pm 09-26-2016
... Pffft
All this talk is boring ! At the end of the day of a line wins it isn't the lines fault it's what the judges seen ! Instead of posting it on here , maybe you should go to the top table if you have a problem! Every single dancer dances their hearts out every Sunday on an arena trying to prove a point and take that 1st place spot! Too many sore losers about these days! What's happened to the world of Morris! Yes Mars are good but so are Mon! How can you sit there and justify yourself saying one troupe is better than the other? Everybody has their own opinions , maybe some people should keep there opinions to themselves and no drama would be caused
3:20pm 09-26-2016
Too I understand
Well said. Too the person asking about Harllies there in two at ett so why wouldn't they be in two at TRU ?? they won yesterday with Golborne a regular league two 1st place contender At TRU . They did fantastic, would love them to come to TRU ful time there Seniors would shake up libs hold on the top spot and love there tiny line.
1:48pm 09-26-2016
did harlies go in section 2 at tru ???
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