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1:39pm 09-19-2017
I think
the message was aimed at what orgs are taking on new teams, not what teams are taking on new girls
12:18am 09-19-2017
Question, obviously 99% of troupes will take on new girls for 2018 no matter what their age. Why not start with what area you are looking for a troupe and what step
12:20pm 09-18-2017
hf turned two lines of baby age dancers out yesterday 12 in one line and 8 in the other so I would say they recruiting and keeping all their dancers
11:10am 09-18-2017
body taking on new teams for 2018?? and has anybody got the contact details please
10:41am 09-18-2017
To dancing mum
Hi dancing mum. No offence taken. Just didn't want you to think we were dancing without putting in he appearances.
10:18pm 09-17-2017
Not about keeping girls it's getting new girls to join in the beginning we live where there's lots of street dancing clubs are more popular to be honest if I had choice now I would choose street dancing it's more exciting I can see why girls want to do it
9:45pm 09-17-2017
Dancing mum
Sorry trinity no offence
9:05pm 09-17-2017
To 8.01
I can assure you Trinity have 11 appearances in all sections they dance in. Maybe you haven't been at the comps they were at! Please feel free to check with Shirley if you want to.
8:09pm 09-17-2017
bev ex carmen
What the hell has happened to morris girl style? Time for a change i think x
3:09pm 09-17-2017
The underdog at Pontins especially if there's a dance off. Not had a dance off in Platinum in years. Rooting for all teams who aren't in the predictions below.
3:05pm 09-17-2017
Is dying out it's a shame.but no more carnivals.funfairs entertainers.loved the old days before health and safety stepped can't be bothered sitting in dingy halls all day they think it's boring and rather do street dance
12:41pm 09-16-2017
The thing is with hf they do lots of things with all their girls outside of Morris dancing which is why they keep their girls so it makes it not just a dancing hobby. You have to believe Wendy does take it a step further
10:33pm 09-15-2017
Are lucky with girls morris dancing is no longer the interest it once had, lots of troupes struggling and in some cases some of the troupes I never thought would ever struggle, morris is dying out there's to much out there for boys and girls to go to and not many parents want to spend there Sundays off taking children to morris even though it's cheapest hobby I know
9:56pm 09-15-2017
Dancing mum
All the predictions are good but do Trinity and Marganettes have enough dances in for champs? Just checking as other troops gold and diamond have been stronger this year
6:24am 09-15-2017
To be fair to HF they are the only ones who could do this they are the only troupe with a line in every platt section just saying BUT it is very close can't wait x
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