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6:48pm 11-24-2014
TMDA need to learn how to be proffessional and then maybe things can move on. You cannot be everyone's friend when you run an organisation. There has to be a line. And when officials are announcing on social media that judges are not getting invited back without even telling the said judges, when troupes like the guest judges also and ask when they are coming, is over stepping the line. Surely a quick call to those judges would have meant a lot to them rather than reading it in social media. They probably dont want to come back anyway.
5:58pm 11-24-2014
my favourite
In newda are lyndale /Luton favourite little dancer serenity baby leader Best music Ford hems snr inters
12:42pm 11-24-2014
I used to love watching sapphires and lynettes x
7:21am 11-24-2014
to me
Go ed who am i den.....
10:49pm 11-23-2014
Oh I no a lot ok why don't you say who you are better still we probs no
9:52pm 11-23-2014
to me
U know nuffin laa ....
9:02pm 11-23-2014
Leave sue out of it it's Nowt to do with you if we have new troupes
9:00pm 11-23-2014
Tmda is a excellent org instead of sittin behind your keyboard just say who you are
8:20pm 11-23-2014
Smelly susan b ................................ thief
7:25pm 11-23-2014
i loved
Mojos thought they where fab ..
7:24pm 11-23-2014
Who are you're 20 troupes?? How do you get home on a Sunday lol must be there all night!!
5:11pm 11-23-2014
Can't wait for new season to start, it's so exciting to see all new routines and dresses etc x
5:01pm 11-23-2014
love my team but
don't think there is anything wrong wit wanting to dance with winners just once so orcadia valencia or hagfold
4:12pm 11-23-2014
So did
Any new troupes join TMDA ?
2:30pm 11-23-2014
my faves
speke balmoral were amazing, i always wanted to dance for them but lived too far away xx
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