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2:28pm 07-06-2015
It's not going to happen , unless they bring in new judges , because let's face it , them judges c what they want to c
2:23pm 07-06-2015
so hoping
New springs, LWP,Liberty or zephyr knock monaco of that pedal stool they place themselves on . so god damned cocky they are .
2:18pm 07-06-2015
Don't make me laugh Mon could step it every week and still get first place , it's like they av some kind of hold on that org , bad timming problems
1:57pm 07-06-2015
I think you will find they did! You obviously haven't told her to keep quiet have you?? She went to get ready I saw her practicing and then watched her dancing! She was heard telling her friend she was helping out so sorry but you are lying!
1:53pm 07-06-2015
R fab u idiot
1:44pm 07-06-2015
Serenity did not dance there to y mascot in dinkies yesterday stop trying to cause good.they had there normal line out
1:30pm 07-06-2015
Disgusted that you are arguing about tots and babies .. how bloody pathetic and cruel are u lot ? At the end of the day these kiddies dont know how to cheat do they ? By all means blame the principals or trainers , but lay off these kiddies . If you really do think the principals are cheating then go to your own principal and complain , she /he can then approach the head of org and lodge an official complaint . If you havent got the guts to do that then shut up ... they are little people you are ripping into .
1:30pm 07-06-2015
Are newsprings sen2 standard! Liberty are yes! Really not up to scratch this year but new springs are brill, they won last week with Monaco fgs
1:14pm 07-06-2015
never had a snr 1 dancer in that snr 2 line yesterday lovely troupe lovely girls were quite new to newda and there girls made us dead welcome
12:38pm 07-06-2015
are tots are only 3yrs to but well done lyndale tots on your first place well deserved at least you can say they won on there own merits and ot by dancing 6yr old girls in tots section they got there 1st place because they deserved it so well done!!!!
12:30pm 07-06-2015
did NOT have a snr 1 dance in there snr 2 at ALL if your talking about eathen he dances in jnr 1 and you are allowed to dance from there into snr 2 once again read your bloody rule book and stop good stiring you moron he has never ever danced in snr 1 you really are a lyndale hater arnt you do you get beat by them well go to your practice and work as hard as they do
12:22pm 07-06-2015
What's up Luton didnt get placed so you have to throw your dummy out your pram just because you are Luton stars doesn't automatically mean that you should be placed all depends on how your competition dance
12:20pm 07-06-2015
tots are all only 2 and 3 year of age and are so funny deserved there first place yesterday
12:11pm 07-06-2015
Your the one causing trouble you've slated nearly everyone on this site an we no its not mon I know who u r seen u Sunday sen 2 trouble causer concentrate on your crap dancing cos u look a show
11:47am 07-06-2015
Are you
Having a laugh , mons trainer dosnt even flinch at reaults , as for the two Zeph trainer cranks , they are , so obvious with there rude looking faces , can't stand them me and I don't care if you think I'm a mon girl!! I'm so not but sorry mon you will be blamed , but don't like when they come on here and try and make us all at Nwda out to be like them nasty lot, with rude trainers and nasty girls , they bring Morris down !' NWDA isn't the org it used to be Before Zeph, mon , lib , NS all joined such a shame!!! . I don't mind some of the troupes ,but the Zeph lot cranks ...let's hope the rumours are true and they do fold , but known em a long time and it's all attention seeking goode , they will destroy my org in the process ,one angry fed up long time NWDA dancer .,,,:.,
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