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4:32pm 02-28-2017
Not putting bel in the equation then no?
9:37am 02-28-2017
But vogue
Only won by 2 points, so why would they have to move up a section? So Liberty should of moved up a section then this year, as they won nearly all the time last year and won champs, there still dancing in section 2. 2 points isn't a massive difference is it?
8:20am 02-28-2017
The negativity at home please, i loved vogues lines and are in the right section dont know where you are getting your info from the seniors won by 1.5 points with the same dance pretty much as last year. They will give liberty olympia annbraize Golborne harlies the competition thats needed who are still settling in yet. Sen 1 will be fab aswell with ns mill marr mon bel thats without any of the other fab troupes that may come and stay . Juns tiny dinky sections are also really high standardin both1&2 theres enough competition in each to make it a fab comp cant wait.
7:05am 02-28-2017
Vogue only have one senior troupe always have.
10:46pm 02-27-2017
Kath vogue
We do not have 2 senior troupes and never have had. We danced in diamond section at Etacco for the entire time we were with them, if we get moved up at tru then so be it we accept whatever decision Tracy makes
9:34pm 02-27-2017
Know why everyone is only saying that it will be the Ms fighting in senior 1 because bel will have a good line and be there fighting I reckon
7:36pm 02-27-2017
Vogue have 2 seniors but only one of them danced yesterday and the Ines that did dance will be there A troupe so agree that may be a bit naughty when both are out are they both going to dance in diamond?
5:40pm 02-27-2017
i liked
Vogue lines too
4:14pm 02-27-2017
Bel juniors they be up there soon will be goid comp with monaco out too
4:06pm 02-27-2017
And harlies both danced down a section yesterday, and they didn't win by 12 points, they won by 2! Olympia danced in section 2 and had a girl stop so no place, librety had arm errors and the other senior 2 lines didn't dance.
3:53pm 02-27-2017
to, they don't seem to have lost anything by being at NDTO last year. Think some thought they would have lost the edge but I didn't think so. I for one love them
3:17pm 02-27-2017
Still not all troupe
Out so will have to wait till they are then will be organised into division. If a vogue seniors carry on winning they will obviously get moved up.
Along with the other troupes who should be in division 1. Then the competition starts.
2:31pm 02-27-2017
Dance mum
What's with all the negative comments honestly people there is no need to call troupe if I'm not correct it was only the first dance out honestly please behave your negative comments are not wanted I thought that everyone at TRU. Did well myself Sunday tbh the standard of dancing is going to be amazing I take my hat off to Tracey honestly the org fantastic I watched every troupe yesterday dance from tots to seniors & all I can say it that the judges have there work cut out this year..
1:24pm 02-27-2017
Millenium-Monaco-Crusaders are the troupes to watch this season IMO think it will be electrifying between the 3 Ms in sen1 and the same in June1 between Crus and Mon cant wait for the battle to begin
12:55pm 02-27-2017
Is glad to see mill back??? Thought there Sen 1 were spot on yesterday and will be brill when all mistakes ironed out. Cleanest by far
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