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1:33pm 09-02-2015
are the troupes in gold section at ett and if any of you have watched tru lines what section do you think they would be in at ett-- eg-belmont,marrionettes,millenium, darwen, golbourne ,crusaders,annbraize and viscaria
9:50am 09-02-2015
I think
HF emeralds to win gold, Broadway to win diamond and AP to win platinum.
9:35am 09-02-2015
elmo trainer
Re Milnrow - the committee put them down to L2 after two years of not often getting placed in L1 . They had also lost a few of their dancers so it was in all purposes a new team .and yes since feb they have really improved .
8:44am 09-02-2015
to trainer
Looking for new org choose one that doesn't get slagged off on these sites'
8:02am 09-02-2015
gold section
8:01am 09-02-2015
on I have watched good decision and they can stay in step. Ok so dinkies maybe not all but rest in that section. Out of the seniors I think HF emeralds to win gold, coppull to win diamond and either AP or HF win for platinum. But would love to see an underdog take it and to be honest these senior sections will be extremely close.
7:33am 09-02-2015
Etacco can keep its troupes just split them in 2 sections plat and diam that way all troupes fight it out and improve
12:08am 09-02-2015
was the best org ever, if you got placed there then you were good, now its just awards for all, I feel sorry for the second placed troupe on platinum dinky tiny Jnr, when a troupe on gold can win there section and be on stage to get a medal, for not being able to stay in step
11:46pm 09-01-2015
Who are the lower standard troups at ett that people want to see leave
10:00pm 09-01-2015
do you mean get in?
9:59pm 09-01-2015
Broadway stars don't think there going to get in my guess is coppull
9:56pm 09-01-2015
It would nice to see orc stars win. And broadway deserve to win don't understand how coppull beat them sometimes?
9:49pm 09-01-2015
it be HF emeralds or Orc Stars winners at pontins? and Broadway or Coppull at pontins?
8:55pm 09-01-2015
I hope Broadway stars come on top at champs they deserve it
8:54pm 09-01-2015
Hey princess
why don't you leave your name so we can all stand up and give you a massive clap coz you're that good. Go on! You know you want to. I am dying to see just how good you are, I am missing your spectacular dancing every week. Thanks!
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