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11:40pm 05-29-2016
Lorraine Young
This is the first time I have been on this chat site and have been reading comments made in the last couple of days about some organisations. My troupe have been competing for 40 years we are the McGowanettes. We have danced for a few orgs over the years, and have spent many a happy year with MANECCO, TMDA, TMDO have danced a few in the past for Freddie Bennett, who probably most of you will not of heard of? We are dancing this year for Cheshire and I would like to inform you all that this is a nice org, very friendly, you have to dance well to win, yes they are a new org and we have ups and downs are I am sure you all do with your orgs BUT dancing is a hobby, for children and for anyone to be slagged of for doing a hobby is beyond me. The org's committee give up their time and energy and some use their own money to make sure the comps are there for us troupes. So before you leave any negative comments on here I urge you to look at your own troupe/org, I am sure there are faults in us all. No one is perfect, some weeks we win some we don't that's fair competition. And finally if you feel the need to put bad comments about any person or troupe at least have the guts to put your name and troupe agaist your comments. Lorraine Principal of The McGowanettes.
11:24pm 05-29-2016
Owner why dont you delete and ban ? This site is disgusting
10:41pm 05-29-2016
to 10,34
not just one girl wins that tiny line thats rubbish they dance as one them kids and a good little line that is work hard together and it pays of each week said this last time i watched at meba
10:41pm 05-29-2016
Who eva on here saying serenity doing all the slagging get a grip you all jealous again
10:40pm 05-29-2016
10:39pm 05-29-2016
If the Jun mascot is the right age why shouldn't she dance in the tiny line are you for real id love to know who all over age dancers are or is it just you good stirring put your money where your mouth is
10:38pm 05-29-2016
big girl say it to my face you f---ing dick i will knock you out
10:37pm 05-29-2016
Junior mascot is NOT over age. Don't start on kids again horrible spiteful people. She Dances with them tinies and puts as much effort as she does in juniors get a grip and go back to newda. MEBA wasn't slated until surprise surprise newda troupes were there
10:34pm 05-29-2016
meba over age dancers in every section. Callos Jun mas in that tiny line win them lil 1s. Beautiful dancer but not fair Joke !!!
10:25pm 05-29-2016
If you where half the person julie is you wouldn't need to spend your time on here slagging her off low life scum crawl back under stone you come from
10:23pm 05-29-2016
Cnwmda Hahahaha if you all danced before then why is your troupe so good sue? Making out its your daughters but infact yours! U robbed your last troupe funds so making out its your daughters. Say your all this and all that but look at them, can't even stay in step. Do your self a favour and give up you old daft boot
10:20pm 05-29-2016
you daft cunt take your face for a good you mutter
9:36pm 05-29-2016
@ 9.27
why are you saying ur me im julie go take a hike you daft bastard
9:27pm 05-29-2016
julie here
well if you not got the balls to say it to my face keep your big daft mouth shut cos all you do is talk good
8:57pm 05-29-2016
You are all wrong about wendy and the judges from cnwmda they have all danced before for troupes and know a whole lot more about dancing than you think also we know who this is and none of the troupes are leaving nxt year because we have spoke to them as for us to be of low standard have you ever been to one of our venues as for dancing in social clubs and small rooms it's obvious you haven't been to any of our venues as you would know where we dance and what venues we have. I don't come on here anymore because of all the good that people say about the org and myself well I am sorry but you are all a joke and don't know what goes on at the org unless you are a member and would see that we are a friendly org and all the troupes get on and if we have any problems we get them sorted out straight away this is the last time I will becoming on here
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