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10:10pm 04-24-2017
I agree if you not happy go and leave us alone we are all happy we not bad losers
10:06pm 04-24-2017
Seniors was spot on results
10:03pm 04-24-2017
At the end of the day it's a competition and people can given an opinion there is no needed to be nasty about any troupe.
9:57pm 04-24-2017
Agree footwork very good but it's a dinky dance at best . They need to up there game with the armworks and formations other wise they will have a load of trophies and no admiration and respect. Come on up your game
9:49pm 04-24-2017
To below
Luton should take all this season they are fab dancers spot on good luck girls
9:45pm 04-24-2017
I think lots of orgs need updating but it's easier to win if you stick to basic , it happens in them all to be fair ,don't know illusion but you can't blame them for writing this lots of troupes in different orgs think the same thing
9:42pm 04-24-2017
Had kingston in the placings yesterday whats going on.with results lyndale not there best deevine nice but boring illusion entertaining but scruffy kingston got my vote thou come on judges wake up
9:39pm 04-24-2017
Morris needs troupes who are willing to take chances with something different so good luck to all those who are trying to be a bit more interesting and judges maybe think about degree of difficulty when marking entertainment
9:38pm 04-24-2017
Oh have Val been out? Can't you tell straight on these sites biggie the selfs up as usual. Val will get better but do will everyone else. Here we go again Val Val Val no they wasn't that good hagf were best winners
9:35pm 04-24-2017
Need to get off here coz you've just give yourselves away , not a good start really is it with your negativity of a 1970s org, if you don't like it then go somewhere else, your right footwork isn't everything but it is a massive part of what we all do and needs to actually be of a relatively decent standard, your routines and armworks are nice but your actual positional timing deportment and general arena awareness is nil existent so think you need to concentrate on your own troupe before slating others and the org which u believe is in the 70s! I'm afraid I think you've a long way to go to reach the standard of the others in that section and honestly think you believe your a lot better than you actually are , not making a good impression on yourselves really are you!!!
9:28pm 04-24-2017
To be fair think illusion Kingston and lyndale have brilliant routines and have moved with the times but think the judged are not using the point system for entertainment value right looks to me that basic troupes are getting the same points for doing boring as the good troupes are for doing difficult ones so might as well take entertainment of the cards and all do the same routines
8:39pm 04-24-2017
Val snrs
Very young line will only get better
8:08pm 04-24-2017
I personally think illusion have come to an org which is stuck in the 1970's and a fresh different troupe has upset the apple cart to say the least. Morris dancing should be entertaining and I think same old same should loose points. Yeah their footwork might not be as good as some troupes but so what are you looking at their feet the whole time their dancing. Just my opinion keep trying girls. Enjoyed Kingston also.
7:02pm 04-24-2017
All baby
Lines are soooo cute. Don't know how anyone could say one baby troupe stands out. All are Morris future ❤️ Also do think HF deserved all your wins well done ladies
6:57pm 04-24-2017
Val Seniors was way better than AP Seniors
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