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10:59am 10-26-2016
Senior music was mint!! What was it anybody know?
9:41am 10-26-2016
Loved Marr!!! Loved belmonts dresses and music also very very classy
6:49am 10-26-2016
Reckon viscaria are back next season, they were all there at the weekend.
Agree Belmont jnr 1 will be a string line next year
10:54pm 10-25-2016
Are staying at ndto was talking to them sunday as we joining them ☺
10:48pm 10-25-2016
Who got
The Teamwork Respect and Unity awards at TRU champs?
9:14pm 10-25-2016
what the results will be next year when mill return
7:35pm 10-25-2016
Lower kersal
Most improved, yes agree with that, never really a contender for the champs though I don't think, lib were still 1 and half points clear winning even with there exit so think that shows they had the stronger dance. Agree going to miss Golborne, shame because I feel they never really had any fight in them this year. Belmont junior 1 defo going to be the ones to watch next season! Hope Ann go to senior 2 cuz that will shake things up abit, can't wait to see what Monaco and Liberty senior lines bring next year! They will get better I thinks, can't wait to see marionettes again and can't wait to see millennium again back where they belong
7:01pm 10-25-2016
I hope
Ann, gol, lib, plus a few new troupes go in sec 2 and make for a great competition in both sen sections next year!
7:01pm 10-25-2016
Orgs taking in troupes this year. Liverpool manchester areas plz
6:46pm 10-25-2016
D2 seniors
What will next year bring? Will annbraize go down? Liberty go up? Will Goldburne have a seniors? Will Viscaria be dancing next year? Lower Kersal and Belmont have Inproved so much this year. Could be a close competition in d2 if they are all in it.

Looking forward to it already
6:24pm 10-25-2016
4:38pm 10-25-2016
Ann girls danced it's just these 3 top troupes are awesome and I can truely say they going to take some beating brilliant org standard so high
4:26pm 10-25-2016
Agree with 11:28
Marionettes were outstanding and Monaco are the ones to watch next season i think they will be more adjusted and relaxed next year and there is going to be a great competition between them and marr cant wait to watch it roll on 2017
11:28am 10-25-2016
Belmonts and libertys new dresses, so stunning. I think marionettes seniors were outstanding and felt bad for Monaco having to dance after them, they looked so nervous and who wouldn't having to dance after that performance. Monaco should be proud though, they have come so far and can only get stronger. Think Liberty deserved there section 2 win, even with there error on exit they were still by far the stronger line on the day. Will miss Gol seniors though, hope there are more section 1&2 lines out next season. Felt bad for lib juniors with the music stopping, very well held together though, Lib dinkys were fab and so were Ann baby's. So many lovely dancers in this org, in dotd and doty.
10:33am 10-25-2016
We have some tru champs dances on YouTube plz girls
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