Please be NICE.

I will have to delete any messages containing foul language.


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8:33am 10-22-2014
well i am
No judge or jury, last week everyone complained about messages not being deleted, all im saying is i will monitor it closely and messages when asked will be deleted. This site has gotten out of hand but i will leave up to you its there if you want a nice chat amongst yourselves
8:17am 10-22-2014
proper morris decided to be judge and jury and that didn't work out
8:12am 10-22-2014
no not
Just in a disagreement it wont be shown but if it got like it did on here last week then i would put them on, i just dont agree with all this slander. Ppl should be able to have a nice conversation
7:18am 10-22-2014
so far my mobile
ip on any software available to the public puts me in Liverpool and Durham when I am not in any of those locations and your going to show my ip if someone who disagrees with me asks for it? so they can go on a witch hunt and accuse anyone of anything? No thanks The last monitored site was propermorris and that got taken down because the site manager decided took down what she didn't like and who made her right? It doesn't work
12:50am 10-22-2014
this one
12:43am 10-22-2014
12:09am 10-22-2014
nice monitored site
if you want a closely monitored site
i.p addresses will be shown when requested
no trouble causers thankyou, nasty messages will be deleted
11:15pm 10-21-2014
Yeah they have. Vegas rule!
9:49pm 10-21-2014
Site for lmdo as all been deleted, a troupe called stardust have been saying not very nice things
9:47pm 10-21-2014
Clean site
9:21pm 10-21-2014
know 3rd place points in sen 2 on sundayat nemdco please?
9:11pm 10-21-2014
can do that on facebook with your name then people will watch what they write
9:01pm 10-21-2014
but that
Is not fair if the site closes down I sometimes like knowing how all troupes are getting on and having decent conversations with normal ppl
8:33pm 10-21-2014
If every org
got together and refused to run comps till these sites shut dawn I think it's the only way to stop all this vile messaging
8:26pm 10-21-2014
Needs to get hold of the site owner clearly they are behaving totally irresponsibly for letting the comments over the last few weeks go on not a single one has been removed maybe if the intelligent ones amongst us didn't write on these sites it would only leave the mindless trouble making morons to leave their nasty comments which none of us would take seriously
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