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11:09am 07-26-2016
many lines in each section are there at Etacco because they say its always a long day for them
10:08am 07-26-2016
How does doty toty work ?,
10:06am 07-26-2016
Could anyone plz say how many troupes are dancing at Cheshire
10:12pm 07-25-2016
I was
Very apprehensive should we say that monaco joined TRU and I'm one who now says I hope they stay lovely troupe and a great addition to are org;' pluss very entertaining lines . Hope millennium come home and maybe a couple more next season and tru will be an organisation to be reckoned with.
8:48pm 07-25-2016
Katie (Deevine)
Thankyou to the people who have said nice things about us but can u please get your facts right before commenting. Who ever is writing these messages is deffo not dancing with us as u would know that my tiny 1 are lucky to even clip a 3rd let alone win. Our babies juniors and seniors have had wins which we are so happy about as the standard is amazing but that's about it. We have moved orgs and had to make so many changes which we are still doing to suit new rules etc. who ever is saying we are over taking Lyndale is wrong, all their younger lines are amazing and there tiny 1 deserve to win every week so can u please stop with the messages as it looks bad on us, if u was at newda u would see that every single line is to a high standard and all dance fab week in and week out, everyone dancers there best but most of all all get along with each other which is so nice to see. Troupes dancing against each other on the dance floor for 5 mins but friends rest of the time. Good luck everyone for rest of the season xx
8:16pm 07-25-2016
Can you say that when lyndale jnr line come 1st yesterday and last week there tiny come 1st every week tots 1st every week dinky 1st most weeks snrs placed every week they were short in line last week and this week but still placed stop trying to course trouble these both troupes are all good friends
7:16pm 07-25-2016
Have league 1seniors, juniors and tinies (not sure about the rest) and all their league 1 lines are winning! They are definitely the top troupe at newda now they have well over taken Lyndale. Good luck to them I hope they carry on proving all the haters wrong.
7:06pm 07-25-2016
Mons dance
Looked amazing yesterday really taken to their style its so entertaining love them. Agreed bel are lovely to watch lots of smiling and really sharp arms, marr are a force to reckon with id be thrilled if we had beat them, annebraize have really tried to do some new stuff with arms very effective, stamina lets them down but it could be anyones on the day. Sen 2 fab standard too love it, Keep it up girls and remember respect good competition its what makes us love our hobby.
6:15pm 07-25-2016
Number of lines at tru

Senior 1 have 4 lines
Senior 2 have 4 lines
Junior 1 have 3 lines
Junior 2 have 5 lines
Tinies 1 have 2 lines
Tinies 2 have 6 lines
Dinkies 1 have 3 lines
Dinkies 2 have 4 lines
Babies have 3 lines
Tots have 7 lines
6:02pm 07-25-2016
at Robin Park on 7th August
5:45pm 07-25-2016
def are not the top troupe at newda, most of their lines r in league 2 and they've split their bigger league one lines so only best 4 are in them the rest in l2, but yes their snr1 are good and jnrs too, sounds like they're just talking about them on here today
5:12pm 07-25-2016
Ettecco dancing 7th August?
5:01pm 07-25-2016
1 have mart bel mon Ann
4:27pm 07-25-2016
I was at first senior challenge to.I've got my first place medal to prove it.l love ittt
4:02pm 07-25-2016
Senior 1 have 3 lines
Senior 2 have 4 lines
Junior 1 have 3 lines
Junior 2 have 4 lines
Tinies 1 have 3 lines
Tinies 2 have 6 lines
Dinkies 1 have 3 lines
Dinkies 2 have 3 lines
Babies have 2 lines
Tots have 6 lines

There or there about depending on traffic troupes that attend that day
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