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1:35pm 09-30-2014
Ann J mum
They work hard bless them. Proud of how far they have come x
1:32pm 09-30-2014
totally agree....
...with you. Not nice coming on here ranting about young teens (or even younger!) take no notice! Enjoyed Ann Juns all year been nice to see them getting better - cute as!
1:21pm 09-30-2014
Ann junior mum
Think you are all pathetic trying to demean these girls they work hard and have done for years. Just because they are finally having their name mentioned. Think you should get a life and stop attacking a strong fighting line cause nothing is going to bring them down. Fight on the the arena not a website
1:16pm 09-30-2014
Champs predictions anyone?
12:01pm 09-30-2014
Ann juniors are fab
12:00pm 09-30-2014
Who has baby
arms and routine - Ann Juniors ??? - Leave them girls alone ! x
10:16am 09-30-2014
Is it anyone's champs this weekend an are you allowed spec? Thanks
11:45pm 09-29-2014
carnt wait
For ndto champs goodluck to alltroupes have a ball
11:09pm 09-29-2014
Baby arms and routine
10:54pm 09-29-2014
The under dog?
10:33pm 09-29-2014
It when the under dog wins xx bring it on I say xxx
9:57pm 09-29-2014
Ann juniors
have come along so well recently, keep it up girls
9:48pm 09-29-2014
Is fixed at ndto, it's just sour grapes!
9:24pm 09-29-2014
Hf orc ap for me so close can't wait
9:22pm 09-29-2014
I don't think
anyone has it in the bag and anything could happen 1thing in orcs favour is that they r quick at e&e but who knows I think hf will have a belter meself. personal opinion but I don't like carlton the routine and arms are to junior for that section
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