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10:53pm 03-03-2015
Every one knows how 2 faced Sonia is .wont be long till troupe has finished boom all gone mark my words
10:26pm 03-03-2015
I have never
In all my years dancing known anything like this after the 1st dance of the season! Makes me not want to dance, I for one will be staying away from this site in future
10:08pm 03-03-2015
Intitled in an opinion say am saying what I feel every judge has fav troop too so if want good results just be nice
9:38pm 03-03-2015
opinions are
just that and this is a chat site
9:38pm 03-03-2015
Is TRU a open comp on Sunday? I am sure each and every keyboard warrior will discuss your abilities with you on Sunday! If the don't want you to judge them they won't turn up!! There has never been an issue with you judging before and no regular troupes complaining about results
9:27pm 03-03-2015
I agree
well said Sian.
9:24pm 03-03-2015
Well said
9:22pm 03-03-2015
sian golborne
Thanks to the people that have commented on peoples opinions that as a sen 2 dancer how dare i judge. I dont really care about your comments. If you have issues with what is put on your cards that i have wrote i dont mind discussing it face to face x
8:00pm 03-03-2015
Hf have got
tons a girls and don't do much different and monaco are doing some nice stuff but not reinventing the wheel. if all that mattered was the fiddly bits we'd all be at monaco.
7:56pm 03-03-2015
Also have judges related to or involved with troupes as do most orgs
7:09pm 03-03-2015
julie meba
7:08pm 03-03-2015
7:08pm 03-03-2015
bi nnhnm
6:58pm 03-03-2015
people will just take things further than they need to go, theres no need
6:45pm 03-03-2015
It's hard to get the girls these days, but look at Monaco stepping out the box and doing something diff, they got loads of girls. Maybe morris is to boring these days?
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