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1:32pm 10-29-2014
Does anyone
Else find tom cafferkey annoying ?? He's is always licking butt on Facebook too every troupe that is sad enouh to add him wow ? all I hear and all we see all season at Elmo is his lick butt status ! So annoying .
11:04am 10-29-2014
2 sleeps to go, Friday should be a fab night as it's halloween too, who's doing what on Friday night??? Any new dresses or tunes for this weekend
3:49pm 10-28-2014
New site
8:58pm 10-27-2014
Won't be ns on here so don't take the bite.
7:12pm 10-27-2014
Troupes are at nem plz
6:41pm 10-27-2014
Bothered whether you come back or not ns
2:44pm 10-27-2014
Nenita Sanchez
Nenita Sanchez
1:29pm 10-27-2014
lovin below
the monday thingy, boomtown

Who sang
All we need is music, sweet music,
There'll be music everywhere
There'll be swingin' swayin', and records playin,
Dancin' in the street - Reckon we need this as the Nem theme tune, it's magic and reckon ALL the girls will be swingin n swayin, oooohhhhh bring on the champs xoxoxoxoxoxox
12:51pm 10-27-2014
Monday Update
What a fab weekend all, talk about practise!!!!!!
the littlies loved dancing all weekend, it was all about fun, they were still learing how to bop, bop/ boppin the blues and so funny to watch them, we are trying to teach them how to bop/jive!!!! yeah like right, it's harder than dancing, at least they know right arm, left arm, it's like keystone cops with 2 left feet, but, all laughable. The tinies n juniors fared far better, at least they all got the beat and boppin around the clock. (Dead give away) Seniors are rockin to crocodile rock (prob Friday night) As Sophie Ellis Baxter said: "its muder on the dancer floor" and boy we can murder a tune no doubt......
11:26am 10-27-2014
Counting Down to
NEMDCO Champs yeah and Halloween, it will be sensational!!!!! Less than 11,000 mins to go - like who's counting? (mmmawhhhh), some sure BIG entertainment on the cards for fancy dress if below is anything to go by, imagine? When the girls turn up on Friday it's Halloweeeeeeen, how good is that going to be, I carnt imagine, reckon the kids will be awestruck on Friday night alone. Go Nemdco and paint faces on Friday with the littlies, make it a night to remember for the kids, candle lit pumkins, witches in britches, broom sticks and harry potter on DVD (again)....haha, lovin it. Only Nemdco could pull this one off at halloween and good on you. Any troupes dressin up on Friday Night? How many been to Pendle Hill 31.10?
10:24am 10-27-2014
Went the agm?
9:15pm 10-26-2014
Busy balls
Is thinking of going there,
8:51pm 10-26-2014
It's called Cheshire Morris, it was there agm today
8:49pm 10-26-2014
New org?
8:14pm 10-26-2014
New springs
We won't be back at nemdco we love it at nwda great champs great results bring on 2015.
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