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7:48am 04-19-2015
A new
Trumpet and a new cupboard for all our trophys. We have B.I.G lines!
11:56pm 04-18-2015
Are all troublemakers they are calling bel everyone k ows well boar off gobbers not dobbers pmfsl
11:41pm 04-18-2015
Your own girls go round saying your a bag of crap now who's the mongers
11:27pm 04-18-2015
To who
You by the sound of it your the one that keeps bringing them up JEALOUS springs to mind because you never win nothing go and learn to dance your pathetic
11:08pm 04-18-2015
deary me looks like Krystalaires are going to be needing a new trumpet before the weekend is out
10:40pm 04-18-2015
Would actually want to be a belmonger!?
10:33pm 04-18-2015
Our the best there
10:18pm 04-18-2015
I love Ndto the best org all the best dancer we are the best yayayaayauayya
8:38pm 04-18-2015
I bet
You wouldn't mind being a belmonger but you can not dance so you have no chance
7:54pm 04-18-2015
it was bel moving to Ntdo then marr moving next season now darwen moving to ettacco is this somebody saying this cause they dont know what else to say
7:44pm 04-18-2015
To haha
next time at baby practise better check make sure nobodies having sly drink
7:23pm 04-18-2015
At it again
6:48pm 04-18-2015
All this bel crap is borin fink u need 2 change the subject nw
6:28pm 04-18-2015
Juns are good enough for jun 1 that's why.
6:27pm 04-18-2015
Maybe they think they have a chance in jun 1? Will make they work that bit harder to improve, good on them
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