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3:34pm 07-07-2015
i dont
Know any of the people you talk about, but if orgs are that unfair why do troupes stay there I'm just looking for a change its personal reasons I'm changing orgs
3:03pm 07-07-2015
Hasn't danced for Monaco for over , 5 years long time Id say so no not associated to Monaco . Pam independent , linda and Tracey with Zeph , LWP girls , jordan independent , not sure on Duane he seems to not bother with any troupe , but a lot of rumours surrounding him , but others that good set of judges and the ones associated to troupes don't jusge the troupes connected , other than Tracey who is actually stil with Zeph But they must trust her judging as I feel
It's a very fair org ..
2:20pm 07-07-2015
to you can tell th..
the person further down was asking how to contact two specific orgs and was replied too. How could you go to an org that doesn't need troupes?
1:52pm 07-07-2015
Crap dance not a good dance. Bloody phone
1:48pm 07-07-2015
This is the reason I quit dancing. Arguments over who should have won and who is paying which judge. Then slagging each other off. Its pathetic. Just except the fact you had a good dance that day, you didnt win. Get over it and move on. Ffs. If half you troupes put as much effort into your dancing as you do slagging each other off you may come first!! Like a playground.
1:38pm 07-07-2015
You can tell th orgs
who need troupes I would go to one that doesn't me self
1:16pm 07-07-2015
Also have a Facebook page
12:54pm 07-07-2015
To Can
TRU have a facebook page you can contact them on or email tracy on Not sure about Elmo sorry
12:44pm 07-07-2015
best dancers in newd
I love some of lyndale put so much effort in. Serenity have a few, some got abit of attitude. Mersey stars senior and junior leaders and there mascot is so cute. Larchwood lovely dancers
12:13pm 07-07-2015
Is not connected to zeph
12:09pm 07-07-2015
Used to dance for monaco
12:05pm 07-07-2015
Oh didn't
Know pam was connected to zephyr how? And how is Kerry connected to Monaco? She doesn't dance for them or anything don't get it
11:40am 07-07-2015
Re Etacco
because ppl always complain and are never happy but it's the minority
11:23am 07-07-2015
Tracey and pam are connected to zephyr and Kerry is connected to Monaco soooo you get your facts right
11:05am 07-07-2015
Someone put contact detail for Elmo and Tru please
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