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10:07am 01-27-2015
All Orgs below
have both fantastic and sensational dancers, give credit where it's due.. As the saying below"
"Practice makes perfect -
something that you say which means if you do something many times you will learn to do it very well. You can't expect to become a brilliant dancer overnight, but practice makes perfect".
7:24am 01-27-2015
Top orgs are nemdco, ett and nwda and then u have Elmo, tmda, lmdo, tmdo which are good for beginners and then there's a few orgs inbetween
9:07pm 01-26-2015
The one
All orgs have got good and bad troupes, Sue still runs tmda and she is good at it. But she has come to her senses lets say.
8:24pm 01-26-2015
Out of curiosity what time does ett finish on a Sunday?
7:49pm 01-26-2015
To etacco they have ten divisions two in each one you can't lose
6:59pm 01-26-2015
Hi I was just wondering if anyone could list the names of the different orgs and list them from the top org for dancing to bottom for beginners thanks xx
5:53pm 01-26-2015
To many brown tongers
5:53pm 01-26-2015
To win
Or bully and black male
5:14pm 01-26-2015
Be up judges ass hehehe
1:41pm 01-26-2015
etacco dancer
Etacco first comp is 22nd march
9:53am 01-26-2015
to the one
so sue wilde gone from tmda then
2:04am 01-26-2015
The one
Not long till dancing is back, tmda is gonna be good this year! got rid of the cheats
10:49pm 01-25-2015
That's all I know
10:44pm 01-25-2015
Know ettacos first dance out &date please
9:29pm 01-25-2015
That's all I no
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