Please be NICE.

I will have to delete any messages containing foul language.


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3:25pm 03-26-2015
It only gets wiped when Kingston start getting talked about
2:37pm 03-26-2015
at last nice clean site
1:42pm 03-26-2015
well done site manager! Says site manager to site manager
1:19pm 03-26-2015
Well done only took u days to clear
1:03pm 03-26-2015
Wait to see some ndto troops on Sunday. Top org top troops.
12:51pm 03-26-2015
thank you
But now it's all gone finally . We all have opinions and this is the only response to you as it seems your trying to start it off again , enjoy your season
12:48pm 03-26-2015
site manager
Well done clearing it off
12:47pm 03-26-2015
Thank you
are you insane the manager let it run for weeks. disgusting. sitting thinking you have all the power in the world. just as sad a they are.
12:38pm 03-26-2015
site manager
Thank you for clearing all the slanderous rubbish ,, can we ask that you keep all the nasty folk off from now on ,, good luck too all orgs,troupes and dancers for your coming seasons
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