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12:25am 06-25-2016
if the org is being charged for the hall and thats why we have to pay double the price of holiday makers why are holiday makers allowed in the hall last year a lot of dancers and supporters couldnt get a seat cause holiday makers mingled with us
11:58pm 06-24-2016
to you with yr cus
they are going as holiday makers you are going as part of an organised group event where there are more costs involved it is not rocket science love come on think outside the box and realise the bigger picture...this senseless mentality that causes problems
11:42pm 06-24-2016
The price
Pontins charge the orgs is different to the price you can get it for off pontins!! Mindless idiots
11:36pm 06-24-2016
Tbh orgs
Are on a good screw along with pontins . For example i can get a chalet through pontins for 160 but im paying 260 through the org which is 100 extra. So if 10 troupes booked 10 chalets each thats an extra 10,000 . My troupe has booked 25 chalets alone so are getting 2500 extra off me. Its a lot of money
11:23pm 06-24-2016
Don't need
To hire 8 door men! And yes out org door have door men
9:38pm 06-24-2016
to 7,22
im sure this lady isent the only ones family who doesn't go to weekly sundays outings,half my troupe pay the org for pontins the other book them selves with families cousins nans aunts etc..,and we all share the cost out as its cheaper this way from £69 to over 300 with the org is a big difference,no wristbands in r org
8:23pm 06-24-2016
As a judge - yes I get a free place - but I don't get a free chalet. My kids come with me for the weekend and I pay the same amount for them as you all helps pay for the prize money, trophies, balloons and decorations for the hall that you all love so much. And yes I would be willing to pay for my place as well, but it does make up for the fact we can't get drunk and enjoy the weekend like the rest of you - it's bloody hard work!
8:00pm 06-24-2016
I know our org hired pontins Prestatyn for a day comp last year and the cost for the main hall was £400 just from 9 till 5 I was at reception when the treasurer was paying for the room so yes champs are very expensive and troupes deal with pontins direct so the set the prices not the org
7:32pm 06-24-2016
Chalets, ,chalets chalets
7:24pm 06-24-2016
You're right you can go in any hall for the pontins entertainment as this is only on after morris . If you don't like paying extra at eos for champs get your trainers to suggest upping line monies throughout the year so they cover it that way !! Either way pontins want hire money for the hall and insurance money etc
7:22pm 06-24-2016
does your
cousin go every week and contribute to the org by buying raffles ect, or just turn up at weekends for the entertainment
6:41pm 06-24-2016
u nasty bit of stuff wer I come from chally is for short? I no the proper spelling,isent everythink cut short on here when writing? no my cousin has 2 boys and goes every year,she says the entertainment in pontins is for all who pay for a CHALLY ,at the end of the day we don't pay for wristbands what for? 2 big rooms in pontins for entertainment and u can go in either
5:44pm 06-24-2016
Isn't it funny how the majority of troupes struggle all season to pay for the coach due to lack of support but come eos everyone suddenly wants to support their neice cousins sisters ect.i don't agree with none regulars attending eos and the majority of bother is caused not by dancers but out sides
5:09pm 06-24-2016
Your organisation has every right to stop your family and other camp users from entering the hall between 7am until the end of each day (usually 6pm ) as they ,your organisation, as hired the hall between those times . And so that is the main reason it is more for dancers , the cost is spread over all or do you think the top table should just pay everything themselves ? What would you be saying if you went in the hall on Saturday morning and all holiday makers and your family are sat filling the hall and no morris could get in . You included ?
5:02pm 06-24-2016
Forget that your org has to hire the hall for 2 days for the champs
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