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12:23pm 02-27-2017
Vogue Sen was in diamond at ett weren't they? Anyway loving mill and vogue's dresses. Looking forwards for all the other teams be dancing at tru, gonna be a great season!
12:03pm 02-27-2017
All vogue lines at ett well done on your wins about time too will miss you at ett this season
12:01pm 02-27-2017
Vogue sen
Have never been a sec 1 team so dont know where you are getting your info from
11:18am 02-27-2017
seniors were diamond (b) sec last yr at ett dint think they have been a (a,)troupe for yrs so why is that naughty if they are asked to move up to the a sec im sure kath will do so
10:32am 02-27-2017
Did Olympia get on at tru? What section?
9:46am 02-27-2017
Troupes are dancing at nimo on Sunday??
12:30am 02-27-2017
I think belmont will be knocked out of the placings in juniors once monacco are out. They only tied with vogue today becaise vogue had a girl change over wrong.
11:58pm 02-26-2017
Done to all troupes at tru today dont think some troups at the best today but can see them better in time my favs mill sen 1 lovely vouge2 sen lovely cru jun lovely vouge jun shame about change over all babies loved you all
11:27pm 02-26-2017
millieniums dresses lovely day well done to all the girls that danced first ne is out of the way. Hope the girl from New springs and the one from golborne juniors are ok
10:05pm 02-26-2017
Wonder what
Mon and bel seniors will be like, that section will be on fire, think section 2 will be aswell
9:38pm 02-26-2017
Why did
Vogue dance they're senior 1 in the 2 section today??? A bit naughty that winning by something like 12 points just a bit embarrassing to themselves really also a few more should take the plung and step up or be told they're up
9:10pm 02-26-2017
Babies mum
Well Done to all lines today can't believe the season is here already, it's crazy to think in a few mouths time we will All be posting comments about championship
8:08pm 02-26-2017
Tru was really good today, few tropes missing still but should be good season
7:39pm 02-26-2017
Tru results
7:38pm 02-26-2017
will be up there with Mill and Marr when they are out
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