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9:50pm 10-03-2015
I enjoyed Carlton x
9:19pm 10-03-2015
Had a lovely dance
8:36pm 10-03-2015
troupes ETTICO
are all designated areas to sit.but some troupes tend to encroach on other troupes space.those no room for others and dislike when asked to move.
8:24pm 10-03-2015
Ap had 3 girls not
stop n hf had one their exit was bad as well
8:03pm 10-03-2015
Who had good dances ettaco seniors today then?
8:02pm 10-03-2015
I reckon
It's between arriva hag Carlton
7:53pm 10-03-2015
to message at 9.44, wat do you mean pontins, a massive crust no were to sit, and ppl sat in their challets, dont beleive that
7:47pm 10-03-2015
Junior & senior are in the running at ett today
7:28pm 10-03-2015
I think
The junior underdogs might have just won it I thought one team really shone let's see what tomorrow brings
7:18pm 10-03-2015
The verdict on today's etacco dances? Any underdogs have a good dance?
7:07pm 10-03-2015
it was hf and harlequins. harlequins are a lovely line, but some of the girls in the line are really young, look as though they were maybe 7 yrs old?? No where near the standard of HF and Val, and their points have been way behind them all year. I like it when there is a surprise about who wins champs, but obvs one of the judges tried to do it by making up their results. But it fell back on them. Dancing hf and h right next to each other showed that it should be hf first, val second
7:01pm 10-03-2015
To ett
Near the same standard as who ???????????
6:59pm 10-03-2015
I had
Hf tiny on their own
6:43pm 10-03-2015
tiny teams
Harlequins and Hagfold well done to them both
6:14pm 10-03-2015
Who's tinys
Had a dance off
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