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9:41am 08-28-2015
you can argue every point yes less girls to error but lose marks before you have started lines easier to hold maybe but your eyes can keep check on a smaller number much easier to see the errors. If they win they deserved to simple as that.
9:40am 08-28-2015
rules state you must have 10 in a line or 6 babies - and think this should be adhered to. Maybe during holiday times dance short BUT for gods sake the way forward is not with 8;s and 4;s - HR have more than 4 they never ever dance the same line - to be honest it takes the piss
9:31am 08-28-2015
a line of 8 beat a full line then its because they were awarded the most points so therefore they had the better dance you cant argue with that
9:07am 08-28-2015
I think
it will be close with Broadway and coppull
AP and HF
Orc Stars and HF ems
8:20am 08-28-2015
You mention won't put videos on any more because of all the nasty comments they would Prob get , but if you post your video, you have to take the good with the bad. . It's a catch 22 !is it worth it ? If is was constructive criticism not nasty as well as positive . Im sure a lot would post more videos , it's a shame really ...
7:29am 08-28-2015
if your coming on here expecting decent adults thinking about how kids feel you are in the wrong place. Shameful that just because your anonymous you think it is ok to treat kids that way. Next time you look in the mirror remember how embarrassing you are.
6:56am 08-28-2015
thing is
orc had ten and they were really good sos it must be heartbreaking for them it's so shade you being nasty
12:36am 08-28-2015
I think
Ap seniors plat haydock royals dio hf gold
Juniors plat val dio pem
11:44pm 08-27-2015
Maybe but
A line of 8 is also easier to judge, mistakes are easier to spot and it's easier to get round a small line to check spacing and diagonals.
11:17pm 08-27-2015
a line
of 8 girls its easier to hold diagnals an straight lines, there is mainly just 2 girls to keep on line, its harder for line of 3 to keep a line.
10:47pm 08-27-2015
so two points
off straight away for less to make mistakes and it evens itself out. Sounds like there is a few running scared of this line and being nasty about it I hope they win by so many points it's a record. Karma karma karma remember
10:35pm 08-27-2015
a 4 beating a 6 then also maybe hard word lining up and losing the 2 straight away but less in the line less mistakes . Losing 2 points because your 2 short doesn't make up for a troop with a more complicated routine and losing to that 4 or an 8. No I'm not the person who wrote the id be mortified but I can see where they are coming from.
10:20pm 08-27-2015
mortified ?
you nasty cow. Marr had a short lineup and won jun and it was well deserved do you know how hard it is to line up knowing you lost points. gonna throw my heart into karma on you that whoever you are you lose and lose big
10:02pm 08-27-2015
Val,HF,BS either to win, PB for diamond
10:00pm 08-27-2015
Id like to see Valencia juniors win plat" PB juniors to win diamond and Ajs juniors to win gold
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