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11:27am 02-28-2014
Just to let you all no Tracey and myself have just had a conversation and we have decided that we are taking this to the police as it's slander to our children and ourselves.serenity and Kingston do not have a problem with eachother as we all speak so why anyone is trying to cause trouble between both troupes is beyond us I personally would like to wish Kingston all the very best for this season I'm sure you will do meba proud
11:25am 02-28-2014
Who is in newda senior section 1 this year
11:20am 02-28-2014
site manager
do something .... monitor the site .u are allowing all this to carry on . this site is your responsibility.
11:09am 02-28-2014
stop all this
its just pure lies about everything , drugs and everything else the police have been informed an are taking it seriously as its slander .. there are children in these troupes and its bullying . be warned you will be found out
10:16am 02-28-2014
Such a pity to see what I considered a hobbie turn into such a bitch fest! At least have the guts to say something to someone not run your mouths behind a computer screen and act like a keyboard warrior, such childish behaviour from supposed to be 'grown ups'.  Bringing peoples personal business into something is such a low thing to do! What if people were spreading something about you? What would you do! at the end of the day your all as bad as each other for this. Being grown up about it? Pffft!!
10:07am 02-28-2014
Jade kingston
Just to let you all know ,jade from Kingston don't come on here with yr lies you do snort coke yr massive on it ,we have seen you doing it and before you ask we are not from serenity ,where're an old troupe ,you should be ashamed of yrself with two small children !!!!!
9:59am 02-28-2014
know serenity or Kingston just as I don't know a lot of troupes in the morris world but would like to say as the morris season is up and runnin and most orgs will be out over the next few weeks eeeeekk scary lol good luck to everyone hope we all have a fantastic season win lose or draw its all about enjoying what we are doing each week and if we place fantastic if we don't we move on and try harder next week good luck everyone going to new orgs including us looking forward to meeting new troupes and making new friends, have fun peeps
9:57am 02-28-2014
Want to look closer to home you all make me laugh Sonia daughter takes coke and everythink else she can get here fuckin hands on plus there's m cat that goes round that troup wot about Chelsea senior girl wot got in her mouth every day plus there's her mum that takes drugs and works in a fuckin school with kids come on don't slate until you look at your fuckin selfs
9:56am 02-28-2014
Sad isit
Omg can't get over how much Sonia is slaterd on here ,she is a lovely girl ,doesn't say a bad word about anyone get a life you evil bitches ..
9:51am 02-28-2014
Jade from Kingston is the biggest coke head going .####
9:42am 02-28-2014
Omgfg nice to see that the bitching in the Morris world hasn't changed I been off the scene for years now but reading all this is like going back in time pathetic
9:30am 02-28-2014
I say they both get kicked out of NEWDA and if not then NEWDA not much of an organisation as this has gone to far now and they are a disgrace! They should be ashamed and NEWDA should be ashamed having them in their org! Put them out and be done with this
9:29am 02-28-2014
to i tell you.
You keep goin on bawt sonias daughters hey wat bawt Tracy Kingston daughter jade there snr leader.she the biggest coke head goin her nd is a big big dealer y do you think they lost there home with two young children they are a disgrace .an jade givin young girls the white stuff even now she got one in her line now fek off and leave Sonia an er troupe alone I bet she so glad she from u lot.good luck Sonia fir the season no doubt ya lines will be gud xxxxxxxxx
9:25am 02-28-2014
GOT TO SAY .......
this whole Kingston and Serenity dispute is spoiling it for everyone at NEWDA. We shouldnt have to deal with the backlash of arguments. the only thing you have both done is put yourselfs in the spot light by coming on here and replying to eachother.
9:13am 02-28-2014
This site is vile,  should b closed down, itd all gettin personal, if anyones sillu enough to take drugs than thats there problem, y plaster it all over here!?
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