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3:53pm 09-26-2016
... Pffft
All this talk is boring ! At the end of the day of a line wins it isn't the lines fault it's what the judges seen ! Instead of posting it on here , maybe you should go to the top table if you have a problem! Every single dancer dances their hearts out every Sunday on an arena trying to prove a point and take that 1st place spot! Too many sore losers about these days! What's happened to the world of Morris! Yes Mars are good but so are Mon! How can you sit there and justify yourself saying one troupe is better than the other? Everybody has their own opinions , maybe some people should keep there opinions to themselves and no drama would be caused
3:20pm 09-26-2016
Too I understand
Well said. Too the person asking about Harllies there in two at ett so why wouldn't they be in two at TRU ?? they won yesterday with Golborne a regular league two 1st place contender At TRU . They did fantastic, would love them to come to TRU ful time there Seniors would shake up libs hold on the top spot and love there tiny line.
1:48pm 09-26-2016
did harlies go in section 2 at tru ???
12:13pm 09-26-2016
to it was
Val was in tots and they won?
11:53am 09-26-2016
Troupe around arena had girls sat on floor in front of them as for bras or knickers we see them every sunday without fail
11:51am 09-26-2016
Dancing mum
Looking forward to champs
11:05am 09-26-2016
I understand
This is a site for different opinions and I love that this is the case . I also like that this site is monetered and no names are aloud and going to personal is no longer OK. I do feel that if a line wins in any organisation that then they come on here to find there being advised shall we say that they didn't deserve it or results are worng. This is sole destroying to the line who just danced there heart out and are so happy . Just wish everyone can say well done such a body; then they can state this line danced fantastic also....dosnt take much to make view positive and the world of morris a supportive competitive competition.....
9:22am 09-26-2016
Marionettes were back on form yesterday thought they would win. Millennium not as I remember them, but maybe that's just because Monaco and Marr are so strong, think if Mill came back they would have a fight on there hands to take that top spot back, I feel they are to good for the org there at and is possibly dragging them down in standard slightly. Mon get better every week and you can see the effort they put in, really hope they stay as they do brighten up the day with there lines and music. Val dinkys were lovely and a shame they had to be taken out of placings, Monaco are a lovely dinky line but very young still, will be brilliant once there abit older, have to agree about Liberty dinkys, it's just to much. They need to simplify the routine abit, I understand they like to push the boundaries abit, but not at the expense of the dance when it looks a mess. Crusaders have come on massively and should be proud, also really enjoyed watching harlies, very simple but very nice. Lovely day.
9:15am 09-26-2016
Lorraine i have danced against glensheilds lovely bunch of girls an mums lots of fun as well
9:06am 09-26-2016
Thoughts on yesterday
8:55am 09-26-2016
To 6.49
Val babies danced in the Tots section and won. They were a lovely little line
8:55am 09-26-2016
think mill are that naive to believe it was someone from their org who wrote those comments about the visiting troupes yesterday
8:53am 09-26-2016
Val mum's saying there dinkies were disqualified because baby leader danced in line they didn't know this rule as they are allowed to in etacco shame really they were lovely
8:51am 09-26-2016
just say to the person saying on yesterdays post that another person couldn't spell the word troupe well this is the correct way if you spell it troop then you are wrong that is the american way we brits are taught to spell it the traditional way -TROUPE- which was the way it was spelt
8:28am 09-26-2016
Hey it's only
Hey ETACCO we have 4 more sleeps till its PARTY TIME.

Good luck to every dancer who is going this weekend
Don't forget your bedding
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