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8:06pm 10-23-2016
To the darwen girls with their dancers of the year!
8:05pm 10-23-2016
Belmont on your division two wins!
7:31pm 10-23-2016
well done Marr disappointed Mon didn't come 2nd
7:29pm 10-23-2016
done to marionettes! Smashed it with the double!
6:32pm 10-23-2016
Marionettes Sen 1 1st Belmont 2nd Monaco 3rd
6:12pm 10-23-2016
TRU Sen 1
3rd Mon
2nd Bel
1st Marr
5:52pm 10-23-2016
Hf or vogue? pb val hr and trin all won at blackpool could be one of them
5:49pm 10-23-2016
3rd mon 2nd mar 1st bel
5:04pm 10-23-2016
Results tru
Anyway me heard any results yet from tru champs this weekend?
5:03pm 10-23-2016
Any results from tru champs yet anyone?
4:14pm 10-23-2016
All results anyone? Suspense is killing me
4:03pm 10-23-2016
It's either
Vogue or hf making the fuss on Blackpool being a champs when it was never stated it was !! Shows who's always on these sites for one
10:38am 10-23-2016
the new
Org, where will the comps be held, Wales, Merseyside, Wigan, Manchester, need more info people
8:31pm 10-22-2016
you carnt go and watch any champs at pontins they have it sectionred off and people checking wristbands if you dont have a wristband you dont get in, even by the resturant there are some kind of boards been put up so you carnt walk thro, i tryed it last week and got nowere even the shutter by the arczdde was shut
7:18pm 10-22-2016
no one got into newda dance hall last week without a newda wrist band on and I know this as I was there and couldn't get in .
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