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8:16pm 02-14-2016
Angry mum
She's not jumping from troupe to troupe she has been very honest with Trinity and she wants to look at the other so l will ask once again to please leave my daughter alone she is 15 for god sake and doesn't need to be the highlight of this site
8:11pm 02-14-2016
Messing troupes
Why's is she Jumping from troupe to troupe? That's just wrong all together, she should decide now what she wants to do not mess everyone around
8:07pm 02-14-2016
hope now the young girl has commented everything will lay off her and let her move to were she's most happy
8:03pm 02-14-2016
Many troupes has tru got???
8:02pm 02-14-2016
Seriously would give us the secret of how to keep girls happy she obviously knows how it's done
7:58pm 02-14-2016
Forward to the next competition already for tmdo
7:54pm 02-14-2016
Megan Townsend
To let let you all know, yes I'm not dancing for Darwen at the moment but that doesn't mean that I won't be going back. I have looked at Trinity and I am also look at Crusaders. I have my own personal reason to looking at other troupe and I don't want or need my name being brought up on one of these stupid and childish chat sites. Your all most likely older women looking for a reason to start an argument and I don't want to be the main source of the arguing. So do me a favour and carry on with your life, without talking about mine
7:53pm 02-14-2016
I agree, good competition. Some troupes have come on so much.
7:51pm 02-14-2016
Good competition at tmdo today results pretty much spot on
7:48pm 02-14-2016
Believe a young girl is being slated for choosing to dance else where its a bloody hobby and its her choice
7:44pm 02-14-2016
is the org not respectful to them?
7:33pm 02-14-2016
I was talking about the org not this kid thanks don't believe in talking about kids but clearly others do
7:25pm 02-14-2016
Results today???
7:23pm 02-14-2016
I think you need to learn what the word means be for you come on here slating a young girl if she wishes to dance with a other troupe that is up to her she has her own mind and can make her own dissision you lot are supposed to be her friends but come on here stabbing her in the back with friends like you who needs enemies get a grip and leave her alone no wonder she left
6:59pm 02-14-2016
says it all
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