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11:26pm 09-21-2014
I watched
All today and credits wer its due. Dancing is hard and each troupe is equally fighting it out in there own way. All have the odd girl that is diff or stands out. I dnt think there is a troupe out there that is perfect. All nit picking now. Go to bed. Think a few people are tired and grumpy!!!!!
11:26pm 09-21-2014
5 bad dancers in val seniors, no way of hiding half the troupe. Dno why they aren't in diamond, they'd probably get placed then
11:24pm 09-21-2014
Snrs section is getting to be a joke carlton won
11:23pm 09-21-2014
Am I
The only one who thinks there might be a dance off in plat jnrs?
11:21pm 09-21-2014
To Carlton
What about hf jnrs
11:18pm 09-21-2014
To Carlton
HF jnrs what??
11:17pm 09-21-2014
HF jnrs.?
11:14pm 09-21-2014
Not sure if true but I seen the original leader in troupe!
11:12pm 09-21-2014
5 bad dancers
they ain't been out for ages give them a break the new leader does nothing for them what happened to the other girl?
11:10pm 09-21-2014
What do you mean
Val got 5, ?
11:09pm 09-21-2014
Think the rubbish
results today will make the other teams work twice as hard for pontins it's been a good thing. Many more judges on at the eos bet today's result won't be repeated.
11:07pm 09-21-2014
Val seniors?? Didn't like them today but haven't been out for a few weeks
11:05pm 09-21-2014
Got 5 could name about 12. good to see they have cut down but still think they have choose wrong ones to take out
11:04pm 09-21-2014
Carlton have so why not?
11:04pm 09-21-2014
Val got 5? That's like half the troupe
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