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4:55pm 08-28-2016
On an
Average Sunday I spend with myself and 2 girls 40 pounds a week. That includes bus fare, entrance, food and keeping them occupied. I am finding it getting very costly especially when it's far away comps. Then pontins well !!! Can top upto 400 pounds for one weekend with everything.
3:48pm 08-28-2016
Tru predicts
Baby's annbraize
Dinks 1 Monaco dinks 2 bel
Tiny Monaco mid tiny annbraize
Jun2 golborne jun1 crusaders
Sen2 lower K sen1 marr
3:44pm 08-28-2016
Who is
dancin at tru nxt wk
12:36pm 08-28-2016
Tru predictions
Babies - liberty
Baby tots - marrionettes
Mid dinkies - Belmont
Dinkies -.liberty but loveing monaco new routine last dance so really could be anyone's
Mid tiny - ambraize
Tiny - monaco
Junior two - monaco
Junior one - crusaders
Seniors two - kersal
Seniors one - hardest section to predict very close so all depends on who is judging and who messes up . I have a feeling will be a tie for the first year ever at TRU Would be boss too see a three way tie but Belmont not danced out alot this season so I belive marionettes and monaco could possible tie but it's 100% anyone of the three .
9:48am 08-28-2016
Champs predictions guys?
9:42am 08-28-2016
Babies hf dinky val tiny val jun hf voug snr hf pb will win most diamond section orc stars gold snr but will be close with hf could be dance off's here's to a fab weekend
8:25am 08-28-2016
Pay £40 for costume, £5 for pumps, £5 for kit bags, £25 for jackets, £3 for subs
7:50am 08-28-2016
Not long till champs now who do you all think will win from babies to sen from gold to plat
10:16pm 08-27-2016
Don't we do same
10:15pm 08-27-2016
Morris dancing is cheaper than any other dancing
10:12pm 08-27-2016
To question
We charge excally the same I think that's a fare price we charge for nothing else like you
10:01pm 08-27-2016
jtmda troupes
Hope Carr
Speke Balmoral
Lymm Adivas
Vale Jets and Farnworth Carousels have guest danced. Small but friendly org with good atmosphere
8:39pm 08-27-2016
our subs
are £3 and we pay £1 bus and our uniforms and socks are provided. We dont get any grants or anything
7:59pm 08-27-2016
Are quite a few senior 2 lines in different organisations that could quite easily dance in section 1
7:59pm 08-27-2016
Vogue junior's and harleqin tinie are up there with the best at etacco.cent wait to see pb next season with Carlton joining them.
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