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2:09pm 12-16-2016
Who's with
NEWDA in 2017?
10:25pm 12-15-2016
all the orbs that are going no one can ever beat Maud's Newda fantastic to dance with roll on next season my girls can't wait
8:00pm 12-15-2016
re maggie
hi Maggie yes theres 2 new ones sonias org and nwmca both on fb
5:51pm 12-15-2016
@ maggie
Sonia wynn on FB taking teams on hun situated in wales
8:22am 12-15-2016
Is there any new orgs in wales
7:33pm 12-12-2016
In flintshire penyffordd
1:19pm 12-12-2016
to if an org
are we talking about Cheshire org,forget it your troupe wont get a penny hun
9:55pm 12-11-2016
There any Xmas comps this year?
3:09pm 12-11-2016
Which troupes are going where 2017? Any change or not
12:52pm 12-11-2016
Infinity morris dancers are based in flint lovely friendly troupe
1:55am 12-11-2016
Can you say LMDO snr 1 are good you might be best to go to watch at tru or etacco im sure you will soon change your mind LMDO is a very poor standard of morris dancing
9:55pm 12-10-2016
Depends where in Flintshire
9:51pm 12-10-2016
There's a troupe in mold dynamix ,Buckley sharonettes,depends where in Flintshire u are there's also infinity in mold ,bagillt
9:27am 12-10-2016
What is the ages of dinky sections please
1:19pm 12-09-2016
If an org
Folds shouldn't the money ect be split between the troupes? Or is this not the case ? . The books and bank accounts should be available to see where and what your moneys was spent on ??......
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