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10:40pm 04-29-2016
i cant believe what have read this evening , about mascot's at the end of the da ya all grown women an slating kids hope ya proud of selves, some of little girls love being mascot for there lines , hope ya real proud of ya selves .....
9:49pm 04-29-2016
diamond are more
pathetic. one or two true learners and the rest just want a medal for showing up.
9:43pm 04-29-2016
I think
it depends on the standard of the org and what division seniors they are as to whether you'd dance your mascot in your line
9:06pm 04-29-2016
A 11 year old snr mascot who dances in the line every week she is fantastic dancer and we win or get placed every week it goes on ability not age she wins best mascot every week
8:24pm 04-29-2016
Throught they were staying at tru too???
8:22pm 04-29-2016
Are mill going to do 10 comes back at Tru? And when do vogue join?
7:31pm 04-29-2016
Section is pathetic should be called wood I would not dance if we where in that section
7:06pm 04-29-2016
To why
13 is fine my daughter was 13 in a sen line but we are talking about mascots who are 9/10 tinie age dancing in sen line sorry to young to me that all
6:59pm 04-29-2016
No one talks about the gold section at ettaco . What do you all think about this section through to seniors?
6:57pm 04-29-2016
Not we have a 13 year old in ours.
4:44pm 04-29-2016
Said kingston are folding and how do you know
4:40pm 04-29-2016
To me
Im not saying your daughter is not important my daughter danced mascot for sen but we never put her in troupe not that she couldent do it but i think you have more girls to put in your leader for one and junior girls!!!
3:52pm 04-29-2016
My daughter is a mascot, she is equally as important as the troupe girls and could easily fill in for a junior or senior line.
1:59pm 04-29-2016
I think they are ok to fill in a junior line because a few tinies dance in a junior line but i dont think they should fill in in a sen line to young for me you have got older junior girls who can fill in seniors
11:35am 04-29-2016
Are not folding at all
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