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8:03am 05-01-2017
To what
11:09am 04-30-2017
Sonia should get comps out of her area as serenity ain't paying buses our bus is killing us traveling to Wales every time we out 3 comps and all in the same area not fare
6:36am 04-30-2017
Some troupes are giving us entertainment and should be marked accordingly. However from a judge's perspective, you only write down the mistakes,e.g spacing out, low heels,not arriving together. It's hard to see how entertaining the troupe really is, so judges should be rotated so you get the chance to see it from a spectators position as well.
8:15pm 04-28-2017
To what
8:49pm 04-27-2017
Wonder what troupes are out this week and where? Most dancing troupes dance every other week now don't they
7:09pm 04-27-2017
Other Morris site are people writing on
10:20am 04-27-2017
Safe dances
Troupes that do safe dances should be docked moving a few girls to make the next figure is boring and not entertaining at all so they should be marked down even if they have spectacular footwork this is not the only element that makes a good troupe. I agree single spacing is smarter but troupes tend to look like there in a bunch in the centre of the arena but they need to think outside the box like some troupes are getting slated for not fair in my eyes.
7:21am 04-27-2017
Agree Very simple dinky arm works and Formations. Lovely and neat but safe and boring
9:24pm 04-26-2017
To Linda B
We used to dance with Deevine, the comment about dinky routines is spot on. Fab footwork but safe and boring.
8:38pm 04-26-2017
To Linda b
Please, that routine is simple, basic single spacing, angles,don't make me laugh, most troupes have diagonal etc, you need to watch other orgs to see an entertaining routine if you think that is one. Yes it's neat and yes it's tidy but ENTERTAINMENT VALUE 7 out of 10 and sorry but what we mean by a dinky routine is that a dinky could do it
2:52pm 04-26-2017
its been quiet on
here until val tinies come out then on both sites they spit their dummies out onr esults and here we go seniors are out and where off qwith theyre the oens too watch, i think their dated and need to up their game, bnot wht they used to be and living on a dated reputation
2:50pm 04-26-2017
a good diamond?? havent they been coming in the top 3 in plat the last few weeks? give credit where its due
10:17am 04-26-2017
Not agreeing
With below serenity and deja vu routine is far better than lutons they do it very well and is a nice routine but not as entertaining as the other two sorry
8:45am 04-26-2017
dancer1 ETT
i also don't think its fair that VAL seniors are still judged by old VAL standards
7:06am 04-26-2017
Dancer1 ETT
I'm not saying HF didn't deserve their wins, but the difference in points is getting rediculous. So biased it would almost be funny that is if I wasn't wasting so much time and energy going and dancing each week.
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