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10:18pm 10-17-2017
Are Chorley
Moving orgs next season?
10:52am 10-17-2017
Haydock starlites or fusion all a great standard
10:08am 10-17-2017
Had their best dance I have seen all season and deserved their place and St Luke’s dance was amazing definitely had the edge and more than deserved their first well done to all senior one it was everyone’s for the taking I actually had Lwp and Rutland tied for second and sarelles third imo. Shame peel green didn’t dance
3:05am 10-17-2017
Blackpool Tower
Open for all lines this year not just seniors......
2:40am 10-17-2017
Well 2.20
I don't think other teams should of been wearing Ap tshirts supporting them in the dance off
10:17pm 10-16-2017
My names not ally I was asking ally where
the new troupe in Chorley is, thanks for replying I will come along on Wednesday.
7:55pm 10-16-2017
Ally, for your daughter it will be 5-6 Wednesday at buttermere community centre in Chorley
7:06pm 10-16-2017
LWP were spot on this weekend , well done girls brill dance
5:54pm 10-16-2017
You didn't win .let it go dont blame the judges do what you tell others try harder next time. You aint what you was .
1:30pm 10-16-2017
St Helens
try haydock royals. not sure what age group you are looking for but the younger lines do really well.
4:02am 10-16-2017
Senior 1
3rd chorley crystallisers
2nd sarelles/Leigh west park/ Rutland
1st saint Luke's

Senior intermediate
3rd juliettes
2nd zirconia
1st sarelles

Senior b
3rd zirconia
2nd juliettes
1st solitaires
11:07pm 10-15-2017
Hagfold seniors were robbed no need to say anything else first result i got wrong all seas6
10:44pm 10-15-2017
Looking for a winning dance troupe in St Helens moved house and need a troupe locally x
8:48pm 10-15-2017
Full results please
7:37pm 10-15-2017
Elmo results
Anyone have senior one results for ELMO EOS??
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