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2:35pm 07-15-2017
Lower orgs ? How disrepectful are you ? This is the worse sight for arguing and negativity I've danced at the so called higher orgs very unfriendly and no atmosphere couldnt wait to get back to as you say lower org nothing to do with placing's just wanted better for our kids
1:14pm 07-14-2017
The green site is mostly lower orgs screaming at each other
2:40am 07-14-2017
What's the difference in the blue chat to the green ??
7:15am 07-13-2017
Talk about bias
on this site atm. Lots of negative posts being allowed on about a good few troops but there's one troupe that aren't being mentioned in a negative way, being overlooked maybe? Publish that ay
11:44pm 07-12-2017
Who use to dance for val her lace came undone.
9:51pm 07-12-2017
Some proper
bitter 'uns at Etacco. not sin any first places in any sections going back this year because you don't agree with the judges. no one handing winning trophies or medals over are the. so the judges are suddenly wrong when you lose?
7:07pm 07-12-2017
Comp on Sunday my opinion only
In tiny I had hf, val, then haydock, haydock look sharp but cant keep a straight line and arms are really erratic.
In jnrs I had val, hf then pb, hf held lines better than pb and look so much neater and stronger
In snrs I had hf, orc, then between haydock and ap for third , I do agree that ap danced better than usual but I seen few arm mistakes and orc had lace undone they were good but not that good to take the win . Hf are being overlooked
11:43am 07-12-2017
Who danced crap and had a lace undone.
10:54am 07-12-2017
Rose Tinted Glasses
Makes the losing troupes try harder. But name calling on FB is a different matter. Silly silly woman in pink
9:22am 07-12-2017
diane taylor
Who had lace undone ?
8:47am 07-12-2017
I thought AP were better on Sunday HF i liked as well PB not as good this week ORC i saw lace and saw someone move wrong not as this week it is very close if you do a arm error are a lace undone sorry you shouldn't come in like i say it is a very good comp Haydock and Brodway doing good as well could be anyone on the day xx
11:15pm 07-11-2017
Nice saying so much about val, some people are only saying well done to them they have done good coming out so late and winning
10:23pm 07-11-2017
Not seen
Any val girl's going on and if it is them it's no more than any other troupe, ap are the ones either talking about themselves or someone else, is also seen hf orc and pb all snrs being talked about and yet you choose to pick up on kids
10:09pm 07-11-2017
Who doesn't like Valencia .always been green with envy
6:11pm 07-11-2017
Agree with below
Quite lot People Sunday had AP sens to win they really did up their game I myself really enjoyed them as did lot of other spectators around arena was not shocked they won at all.also like hf sens close sec to me .
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