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10:50am 11-26-2015
1:01am 11-26-2015
Any body got any links about shaker making , thinking of starting to do it
12:19am 11-26-2015
i suppose
it goes the same for most troupes always being compared to what's gone least give the girls a break
11:35pm 11-25-2015
If their seniors do dance out next year (they were supposed to this year) they will always be compared to the old senior line and how they won't live up to that.
11:05pm 11-25-2015
Why or who
wants to take it away? can't see that anywhere. Strange.
10:58pm 11-25-2015
They are gone and so are many of the other top seniors lines people talk about on here. Sorry to burst your bubble but that senior line will go down in morris history as one of the all time best along with a few others. No one can take that away from them just like no one can take it away from any of the others who have that title. Who will be next I wonder?
10:40pm 11-25-2015
the were
really gud but long gone am afraid feel for any new sen line cuz even the troupe now dont stop on about them old seniors all the time.
10:36pm 11-25-2015
seniors i've ever seen
10:19pm 11-25-2015
Seniors will never top there seniors from years ago, never.
10:19pm 11-25-2015
Is the
ett comp open ?
10:15pm 11-25-2015
He he
typical Val never change always pointing and picking at everyone else never change
10:09pm 11-25-2015
So Val
are still them same but with no senior line and no wins in any section. O ok.
10:05pm 11-25-2015
val supporter
val are still the same, last year never had snrs but they have this year , all their troupes had won in dinky tiny Jnr plat section, as did hf, orc snrs won but none of there other teams there jnrs lost girls, ap snrs won there jnrs never and tiny an dinky won in th B section, and pb had all there lines in B except snrs an they never got a place all year, get facts right before you talk about troupes, I know val dont have Jnr now but have strong tiny an snr
10:02pm 11-25-2015
e.t.a.c.c.o into Google and they have a rules page its all on there
9:59pm 11-25-2015
Arent ettacco 1 year older?
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