Please be NICE.

I will have to delete any messages containing foul language.


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9:01pm 10-21-2014
but that
Is not fair if the site closes down I sometimes like knowing how all troupes are getting on and having decent conversations with normal ppl
8:33pm 10-21-2014
If every org
got together and refused to run comps till these sites shut dawn I think it's the only way to stop all this vile messaging
8:26pm 10-21-2014
Needs to get hold of the site owner clearly they are behaving totally irresponsibly for letting the comments over the last few weeks go on not a single one has been removed maybe if the intelligent ones amongst us didn't write on these sites it would only leave the mindless trouble making morons to leave their nasty comments which none of us would take seriously
8:18pm 10-21-2014
Ne sites 4 lmdo plz thx x
7:40pm 10-21-2014
Some truths
You have got no idea what so ever who is commenting and who dances where so that's a stupid comment in itself.
These sites are never going away, get used to it. They have been around for probably 8 years now and when one closes another ones pops up.
Everyone reads them. Trainers, seniors, the orgs and you. Until we find a better way of doing it this is it.
Ranting on at a) silly teenagers having a giggle at causing murder from their bedroom b) drunk adults with nothing better to do c) thick idiots with nothing better to do; than write 'your fat' on a website is going to do nothing to help, we all know it's going to do the reverse. So don't do it.
If your are offended by anyone's opinion other than your own (and there are a lot of you) then stay off.
6:38pm 10-21-2014
On here from nemdco troupes it's now etacco slating people
6:24pm 10-21-2014
Omg it's people like you who give Morris a bad name . Should be ashame of yourself and god forbid you have children who dance what example are you setting saying things like that that you like to laugh at people . Absolute vile person
6:22pm 10-21-2014
the ip's back on they will stop all the vile rants
6:12pm 10-21-2014
people are too fat & old to dance, it is fun watching them!!
6:04pm 10-21-2014
Over past few weeks there's been calling personal issues, dressmakers, people who aren't very good, people who aren't thin, people who are supposedly 'too fat to dance' it's scary reading it. I come back on this site every week or so in the hope there's some links to dancing champs vids or half decent convo but no, just someone else getting torn to bits. People keep going on about how Morris never used to be like this......damn right! That's because there was nowhere for these horrible comments to be aired.
6:00pm 10-21-2014
Even the organisers
At NEMDCO have said stay off these sites why on earth aren't they investigating the administrators of this site and having it closed down? What good comes from it? Ever? Someone says something nice and they get slated for blowing their own trumpets so seriously what is the point in this site? TAKE IT DOWN! If you want 'proper' innocent chat and to have decent discussions why does it have to be anonymous? Why not take those amicable conversations to Facebook where others can see who you are? So that you have to think before you type because your name is against it? Why you have to do it on here and be vile? No good will ever come from these guestbooks, it's awful. Again..... CLOSE THEM DOWN!!
5:55pm 10-21-2014
Disgusting leave them alone!
2:59pm 10-21-2014
i liked
Pb chickens, I'm talking about troupes I cant name in gold section that have 8 in a troupe an must be at least a size 26 there a joke
2:54pm 10-21-2014
And novice dancers. I made that comment and maybe I should have split out novice dancers from those who will never improve but believe me in ett sen 3 there are what look like novice dancers who will never impove at all ages and they deserve recognition in a diamond section not ppl who fancy a win. I am not bothered in the slightest about offending you because if you get offended by ppls opinions this is not the site for you.
2:37pm 10-21-2014
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