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10:32am 06-29-2015
Well that's your opinion obviously not the judges opinion!!
Thought AP entry and exit was horrendous
10:21am 06-29-2015
thanks for the
list Ap but we'll stick to the judging cards
9:30am 06-29-2015
Seniors were awful yesterday.sorry but they wernt worthy of a place never mind a win? Big spaces on entry bad t & r arm mistakes rushed exit and girls still marching when others stopped just a bad dance for them. Hf boring and their exit was shocking girls too close with arms over girls shoulders and again didn't all stop together some stamina issues from a few dancers. Carl big spacing error on entry and terrible stop but my opinion being that I thought their dance was better than orc and hf. AP clear winners due to other troupes mistakes as ap did have slow marchers on entry but lovely dance. I would have thought they would have won on their own?
9:01am 06-29-2015
crickettes r
getting it once again on other site why? ther a cracking bunch of girls,
7:52am 06-29-2015
sour grapes
holidays innit lots of lines dance short put your strongest 8 out if your that bothered and lose the 2 points then see how you go. also it's easier for the eye to watch 8 girls and pick up all their mistakes. massive sen lines got away with loads for years. how do you think it feels lining up short and knowing everyone else has an advantage as well it's hard to motivate girls so good on them.
7:14am 06-29-2015
losing 2 points because you have 2 missing is not good enough it should be 2 for girls missing, 2 for formations and 2 overall as the whole routine is not as difficult as a full line
7:12am 06-29-2015
there are suppose be rules on how many are in a troop line as standard. What is the point of having this when troops are dropping there lines down gosh in a bit a 6 will be beating a 10. Obviously having a 6 stronger dancers and possible less mistakes but it's a joke if this carries on, personally if it's suppose be a 8 then it's and 8 no less if it's a 10 then a 10 no less and if they have back girls then they have go in to make the numbers up just have to work harder improving them to troop standard . I just don't think it's fair.
6:15am 06-29-2015
The trouble makers from nwda.
5:17am 06-29-2015
theres a lot of great troupes out there but there's none more united than Marr they all stick together always look like they have fun on a Sunday Mums,Dads,Grandmas and Grandpops all united even there Bus Driver is Treated like an important part of the Troupe (unusual) also high standard dancing too Hi 5 Marr
1:47am 06-29-2015
everyone has been quiet tonight, orc and ap tying, orc made huge mistakes and got away with it again. Judges need changing, they are dancing an 8 everyone else more.
1:39am 06-29-2015
give over
HF are an amazing troupe
1:16am 06-29-2015
Cause no one wants u
1:15am 06-29-2015
Such a nicer atmosphere without trouble makers. Wonder if they found anywhere yet ha ha ha ha ha ha keep
11:58pm 06-28-2015
To Doris
I think that's a very stupid comment. Clearly HF are not diamond standard. Stop trying to cause trouble.
11:36pm 06-28-2015
To doris
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