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6:20pm 02-03-2016
The person asking for medals and trophies we get ours from Kath Hamer or J & D Trophies both value for money both on Facebook.
5:01pm 02-03-2016
Is good for new troupes or small troupes, its great for troupes to learn and establish themselves, some troupes will never be able to compete against the great troupes, but the likes of ELMO, are what's needed in the morris world not every troupe are great
4:46pm 02-03-2016
is a fab org they do so much for all the dancers right through! Lovely they are
4:41pm 02-03-2016
A fantastic org can't wait for the rest of the season
4:28pm 02-03-2016
Obv someone
Trying to cause trouble for ELMO jealousy springs to mind! Oh if your gonna start then please try to remember all troupes that dance at ELMO! You missed Solitaires, Jupiter, ajays and farnworth aces! Oh and troupes have moved up and all lines are still being assessed so you Obv don't dance there do you
3:45pm 02-03-2016
To maybe
totally agree there will be a few troupes when season starts that have some lovely dancers but lose girls so their standards drop and not as good to what they usually are so dont be to harsh with your comments when season starts so to all the lines who have lost girls good luck and hope you can pick yourselves back up Annbraize is one of the examples of last year hoping they do well this season they deserve it
2:49pm 02-03-2016
Your doing something right Belmont to get talked about as much as you have. Hope your ignoring the tit for tat from these pathetic school girls. Elmo is a good org, well run and very friendly. Cant wait to see all the new dances this season.
2:08pm 02-03-2016
Wudnt surprise me if Fiona run this site coz lyk u sed every time bel get slagged off it gets deleted Elmo is a friendly org good luck 2 them
2:03pm 02-03-2016
who is trying to be bitchy already,,
told you elmo is a good org
Jupiter, a-jays an (farnworth)
see you sunday
1:53pm 02-03-2016
And the person who wrote the elmo troupes obviously isn't there now as they missed Jupiter and the other 2 new troupes don't rise to it elmo just ignore it
1:39pm 02-03-2016
tropues don't move up because they might not have enough dancer!
dosnt mean they don't have lovely dancers that go out every week try there hardest an yes lose on because they haven't enough girls
1:33pm 02-03-2016
it comes across as number1 but as is said below names and especially professions should not be allowed to be revealed and in defence if your are of a certain profession are you not allowed to have a drink and celebrate so teachers,doctors,social workers nurses etc should not be allowed to let their hair down and get a bit rat arsed now and again wonder how many got a bit worse off drink at end of champs and had a good time
12:52pm 02-03-2016
the way it is wrote it says no1 from bel and who's the no1 at bel F---a you should have put no one... go back to school
12:46pm 02-03-2016
like saying bel dont take in other troupes dancers they put someones name and her profession on here for all to see to slander her which is absolutely disgraceful but as soon as their principles name is put on here its gets wiped clean will leave you to judge
12:33pm 02-03-2016
Reason the1st 2nd &3rd places are the same is coz troupes refuse to move up.
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