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11:05pm 05-20-2015
Of troupes in Wales annbraize serenity Wrexham morris dancers calindions destiny play clockwisebx
9:41pm 05-20-2015
to 1.45am
Get some sleep love and learn to spell?
9:22pm 05-20-2015
What yo called gems stars the usual crap ?
9:19pm 05-20-2015
Why its a stupid name its a clock in the middle of our village its a individual name haha slagged off haven't even danced out yet ...
9:14pm 05-20-2015
There's loads in North Wales do you drive because looks like wherever you go you will have to travel or maybe start your own troupe up down there u wouldn't be short of girls if there ain't any near you X
6:07pm 05-20-2015
No troupes in South Wales, a few in north Wales.
Think it's just a NorthWest of England thing.
3:55pm 05-20-2015
Im looking for a troupe to join, I have moved to Cardiff and I can not find anything about about morris dancing here! Is it an english thing or are there south wales troupes? Does anybody know of any? Xx
3:40pm 05-20-2015
Just wondering
Are there any other troupes in Wales other than annbraize? If so where are they based? I have a friend in Cardiff who is wanting to join a troupe but can't seem to find one
3:14pm 05-20-2015
I can
remember etacco only having 3 plat troupes and 4 diamond but as they say quality is always better than quantity
11:59am 05-20-2015
To comments below
Obviously not a dancer from TRU or you'd be encouraging some new competition if it is So boring instead of trying to push it away..... Can probably guess who you are!
11:13am 05-20-2015
can you
Put link on please, I cant find it on google
11:00am 05-20-2015
New page
10:58am 05-20-2015
Most boring org ever
10:55am 05-20-2015
is desperate for troupes hardly any competition there these days sooo boring
10:51am 05-20-2015
From what I've read and what I know, tmdo will be an ok org again once deevine leave, I don't know them that well but if you are so hated and the atmosphere is so bad be a good principle and take your troupe somewhere else as a hobby its not fair on your girls in that atmosphere stop being selfish and staying in tmdo just to piss them off as its only your girls that are going to suffer and its a shame but that's how it goes if you piss on peoples chips to often
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