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2:30pm 10-21-2014
toty,loty,moty and overall predictions???
2:24pm 10-21-2014
Hi Sorry
your point, your opinion. I'm a size 10/12 and I'm 60 - argghhhh, I took my hat of to PB chickens as I remember and good on them and go for it, it's fun and it's exercise and being with friends is what its all about (and there is no reason/excuse not to dance if your over what 40 say!). Now we have some sensible and lovely conversation happening even if your giving us OAP's grief xoxoxoxox
2:12pm 10-21-2014
I cant agree on league 3 for snrs to enjoy dancing, why not just enjoy dancing at a practice night, some of them are women that walk it they are mostly to big to dance, Shirley has to be cruel to be kind and stop league 3 or gold whatever its called, its a joke , and most of the shall we call them xxxxx ladies get laughed at. my opinion only , leave the dancing to the people that can dance
2:09pm 10-21-2014
time to go back to bed.......we can do without your silly comments. Log off your school computer and do us all a favour I FOR ONE like the Darwen dancers and I'm from BLACKBURN for GS. Move on and Move over
2:09pm 10-21-2014
Long till nem champs looking forward to a great weekend seeing done great dancing from all troupes.. Let's show each other lots of support
2:06pm 10-21-2014
Darwen talking about the selfs yaaaaawn
2:06pm 10-21-2014
thanks hahaha
I thought it was me you were talking about!!!! hehehehe although I am a real "Senior", got my pass to prove it Lovin the conversation at the moment, it's ace and I reckon I'd struggle at L3 now although I do a fantastic foot tap and I dance for the whole 5 mins then melt down kicks in - awhhhh. Can we keep up the great chat/banter, makes a fab change
1:59pm 10-21-2014
Senior 2 Leader
at nem champs, just a question? Reckon it might be Darwen (lovely leader) and fabulous personality. And before you go off at me NO I dont dance any more and have'nt for ages, great leader and has been for years (baby rest excluded), great to see you back at the front Sabrina
1:56pm 10-21-2014
sorry my reply was to Maybe
i am sure L3/diamond are happy to be low league and "winning" champs - dont think they would appreciate being called has beens or ex dancers keeping fit lol
1:34pm 10-21-2014
To "I dont think ett
Reckon your comment below about:
"with proper novice dancers who are never going to improve, they are true diamond!!!!!! " your comment is so not encouraging, it's not teamship, it's quite offensive. ALL novice dancers strive to improve and as experienced dancers we would all like to think that all Novices are encouraged. Why would you say that these "novice" girls will never improve??? You are beyond me with your comment
1:11pm 10-21-2014
To hahahahahah
Why not? Is'nt that why Et have L3 for Seniors. To enjoy and not to take it too serious? Surely these ladies have been there and done that!! It's not about medals/trophies in L3 surely. I would be gutted if it was........
1:07pm 10-21-2014
I Agree
there is always room for Tots in any organisation, these beautiful bubs are inbetween babies and long before dinkies, they really are tots and maybe all orgs need to look at these lovely little dancers.
Enough of S1/2/3 - with any org, let's give grace to the kids be them Babes, Tots, Dinkies or Tinies they are all still just little ones and they are all amazing dancers.
1:04pm 10-21-2014
Not sure L3 Diamond at Ett would agree you
11:56am 10-21-2014
also think ett should split the babies up, and actually have a tots section, or atleast split them into 2 section
11:46am 10-21-2014
3 Divs is a bit much for the dancers (would have thought 2 would suffice) but then again I dont know of the demand. To have 2 divs with babes, tots, tinies, juns would perhaps be acceptable as most teams have novices, as for Seniors then why not, maybe (just maybe) the L3/Div3 Senior dancers do it just for fun, exercise and to keep up Morris,
think it's not such a bad idea on the proviso the dancers are not in either S1, S2 or Juniors. It's not about Plat/Diamond for the L3 dancers as they've probably been thier done that at some point, it's about dancing. Your thoughts
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