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8:16am 02-28-2014
Y not
Haven't any of  u got the guts to put your names when slagging Kingston off  we all no who these are leaving all this shit but just be big enough to leave your name you've got a big enough mouth or better  still say it to people's faces
7:46am 02-28-2014
last time you
commented was over a year ago LAIR..Didn't you comment not so long ago

about your mother....HONEST...laughable ,to be a good lair jade you got to have a good memeroy .so stop all this bitching and for godsake move the heck on.
1:13am 02-28-2014
to u are
Wat if Sonia does like a drink an wat lots if us do so grow the Fuk up u bike crettin of a person.say wat u want  do it lets see it we waitin for the wonderful story yet again bout Sonia who I may had us a lovely woman that as put up wiv a lot of shit.good luck girl take no notice of this
12:58am 02-28-2014
sonia serenity
what a load of crap is on here.stop it all now enough is enough .let s all just look fwd to the season ahead .I do not believe any of the stuff that is written on here about serenity or Kingston
12:46am 02-28-2014
Do u mean vegas been quiet never heard them mentioned on here
12:42am 02-28-2014
U are
All vile people from serenity you slag people of talkin about drugs look a bit closer to home Sonia's daughters take drugs and there's kids there the mother her self
Sonia well she loves her drink and likes keepin it in the family I tell u all if you want to talk shit carry on Cous more stuff to come out
12:36am 02-28-2014
jade Kingston leader
Just a quik msg 2 the spineless monster who is writing these horrible an made up vile lies.....!! Nobody knows who actually comment but I'm sure every1 will agree that every 1 has their suspicions of as 2 who they think it is!an I'm sure every1 who knows me will agree that o I am  honest an will say it how it an like now will put my name 2 like the last time I last commented was nearly a year ago wen I wz getting slated yet agen 4 dancing wil pregnant!an now yet agen I seem 2 b the star on this site an just 4 winning MEBA's queens day,myself my mum Kingston av took so much abuse an NOT retaliated but now its personal as sum1 is making up these VILE an AWFUL LIES an its a disgrace!! Sum1 has got a real problem with me an Kingston but is obviously a spineless coward doin it on ere an not big enuf 2 tell me their problem! This is it I won't b commenting agen no matter wot is put! Grow up will ya!!
12:35am 02-28-2014
What's what people do in their personal life whether its good or bad got damn all to do with anyone!! As long as its not on your doorstep keep your nose out and your mouth shut, so judgemental and too busy talking about what others do it makes me laugh, get on with your own life and stay out of others it's pathetic
11:47pm 02-27-2014
y say serenity
R causin the trouble it cud be anyone just tryin to stir shit between the to troupes.ah wel never mind.I just gunna say Kingston snr leader is a hypocrit.she guna on ere slating others wen she's the biggest snorter ever and er bf was a very big dealer in drugs wiv two small kids there y do u think they lost there house which I must say is in a terrible state FACT
11:39pm 02-27-2014
for god s sake
stop all this shit on here , kids bleeding well read all this ... who gives a shit about serenity or Kingston , site manager yet again u allow all this to go on . how do u sleep at night . monitor the bloody site and stop all this . ur a disgrace for allowing this ...
11:17pm 02-27-2014
Its not gunna stop tho is it  unless serenity or Kingston fold  . Im my opinion tho serenity is causing all the trouble
11:09pm 02-27-2014
whens there 1st comp please anyone,and were
11:09pm 02-27-2014
This is getting pathetic, ppl have to realise that dancin is just a hobby, all yhis bitchynes needs to stop,
11:06pm 02-27-2014
What a jealouse lot Kingston must be pissing on some body's party cos they can stop slating them of
10:57pm 02-27-2014
Where abouts they from do you know
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