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12:55am 05-24-2016
Kingston r shocking
Not good at all to ova top fw goode and very cocky we hate jade
12:46am 05-24-2016
Get a grip
So, the Tots line that sat there all last year and never hardly got a mention, yes that was them last season, should now go up coz they are too good? Really! Why? Would u be able to explain to them little ones? Why should they?
11:42pm 05-23-2016
Get gone then why wait till champs if your that unhappy you know where the door is. Poor losers that's what it is. What's wrong got beat yesterday did you. Careful what you say coz your giving yaselves away here we all know who was unhappy with results yesterday but sorry you were beat fair and square now take it in the chin and move on
11:35pm 05-23-2016
Got to let know nags ton win it don't matter if the dance is scruffy or not Tracay judges for maud roll on end of season lets move on like a few troupes there enough is enough we not lining anyone's pockets no more
11:15pm 05-23-2016
To hi 10.52
If it is Carmel am glad she has come on here all her young lines are fabulous tots dinkys 1 and 2 tiny and jnr come first most weeks snr inters and snr 1 placed every week
11:08pm 05-23-2016
Are you for real
Put tots in baby 2...they literally are babies at the age of 4. What do you think that will achieve? Someone has already said over lyndale tots, they are the biggest line of 6 then leader. All of them little ones clearly listen to their trainer, so much they all run right over as soon as they finish, thats love on both parts, trainer and little dancers. Not everything is about senior sections.
11:01pm 05-23-2016
Don't know
If it is Carmel but if it is I wouldn't blame her as your obviously digging at hers for being so good . It's not her fault her tots are good so why shud they be penalised and moved up. Get in your practice room and train them harder you never know they might stand s better chance !!! Unbelievable
10:57pm 05-23-2016
Tots are young ones there all the same age group so put some work in and train them properly some are lucky if the get five minutes in practice but older lines get hours spent on them all pay subs so all should get proper training
10:53pm 05-23-2016
carmel on here again.
10:51pm 05-23-2016
don't need to give awards the trainers can do that and im sure most do, anyone can put there best 4 girls in a line and have a troupe in every section to win but some are like us and don't its not all about winning, was you on the arena yesterday when Runcorn tots went on ? I was and the trainer clearly told the judge not to judge them so how can they be moaning about them ? concentrate on your own and stop good stiring .
10:50pm 05-23-2016
Should them tots move up to the baby section just because there good what a stupid thing to say most of them tots are still tots next season so if a tiny line win every week you saying they should move up to jnrs stop talking CRAP
10:49pm 05-23-2016
The troupe always moaning about the little ones there is always going to be some that are better than others
10:47pm 05-23-2016
Moan that's all they do
10:33pm 05-23-2016
Aren't you regarding newda. They can't all win and someone has to take the placing a. You need to work harder with the little ones to get them better. That's why your not a judge and others are because you can't give them all same points and all placing sit don't work that way. Come on geta grip
10:30pm 05-23-2016
How would giving them all a medal help them get any better it's still a compitition I love the tots and baby section to be truthfull some troupes don't spend enough time on these little ones because it's all about your snrs baby pay subs as well and these tots are your future snrs give me the baby's any day just as important
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