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10:51pm 07-30-2015
Any troupes in fazakerley?
10:40pm 07-30-2015
as ETACCO then
10:35pm 07-30-2015
All Tru
Teams are average teams
10:34pm 07-30-2015
Would love
Belmont at Etacco, another great team joins the best org
10:33pm 07-30-2015
dont think
T.r.u be goin on still next year how can you have an organisation with only an handful of troupes and even them troupes look bored there now..marionettes Belmont millennium annbraize Darwen golbourne viscaria and Blackpool crusaders what competition is that
10:30pm 07-30-2015
i agree
They b good at ettacco,
10:26pm 07-30-2015
why wouldn't
they go ett? they bin before and they'd be good there
10:24pm 07-30-2015
if thats true
Belmont goin tmda next season then they are goin down in my estimation ..and surely fionas girls wont b happy dancing there bloody p...take easy wins..but then again glory hunters and will spit dummy out there if they don't win..
9:26pm 07-30-2015
Belmont are going tmda all season next year can't go ett or ndto so stuck really
6:48pm 07-30-2015
No offence but
you don't see the likes of orcadia coming on this site and asking for opinions and there is a reason for that. work on your cards like the rest of us and I am sure you will be fine. one other thing tho for me the teams that are sucessful have very dedicated dancers and trainers and will always push to be the best that means taking bad dancers out and everyone not just a handful wanting the 1st. they do see the competition not just a day out with friends. that suits some dancers but not others. it's a mentality thing as well as what's on the cards.
5:52pm 07-30-2015
To tan house senior
Why don't you just work on your cards that's what there for !!
5:34pm 07-30-2015
Tan house senior
Was not looking to get compliments was just thinking what people thought of us because it's only are girls and are mums watching us and telling us what they think and yes they tell us we were good but they would so i put it up just to see what other people think as it is you lot who watch it sorry for asking I know not to again but thanks to the ones who said nice things and even the ones who gave constructive criticism and we will try and work on the things people have mentioned
5:16pm 07-30-2015
The same troupes at tru will be there next season heard a few are moving on
4:27pm 07-30-2015
and hurtful are you comments.if you must how about constructive criticism.
2:03pm 07-30-2015
getting ridiculous
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