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9:34am 08-22-2016
What do
People think about ett resuls yesterday i though some spot on some wrong
7:28am 08-22-2016
I agree manecco best champs ever no other like um xx
12:39am 08-22-2016
Sarah i
Agree fab org manecco the best i miss them hope they get morris back there champs are the best xxxxxx
12:01am 08-22-2016
I so hope
Manecco get some morris back coz i miss um xxx
10:16pm 08-21-2016
New org
Details revealed october for everything.waiting on camp for champs and if ok it will be fab as great camp
9:55pm 08-21-2016
Wait get back to manecco next year lovely org
9:31pm 08-21-2016
Orgs will be taking on around now for next season
9:12pm 08-21-2016
r taking on next year
8:59pm 08-21-2016
Manecco are taking on morris they have facebook page fantastic organisation
7:47pm 08-21-2016
Can anyone
Tell me which orgs are taking on next season please and how I get hold of them xx
7:42pm 08-21-2016
New org. Re
Can I have any details please looking for a new start
7:24pm 08-21-2016
New Org
This new org starting is going to be what people need. Nice new org with a brilliant standard of dancing and good standard of judging. Roll on October!
7:09pm 08-21-2016
Well done all troups today I enjoyed hag fold seniors H vogue seniors and juniors
6:29pm 08-21-2016
Where results at Ett please xx
6:22pm 08-21-2016
Results including leaders and mascots all sections
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