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9:44am 04-23-2015
Bit of summert dodgy going on there
9:43am 04-23-2015
To below
I agree don't get me wrong nice to see dinatones with a full line this season , but there all on the hevty side and half way through the stamina goes deportment and lines , so how did they get that 1St , it's also really bad allowing kate to judge her partner, so hope this dosnt ever happen !!!!!!!!...!!!....!!
9:12am 04-23-2015
Wouldn't of won spring champs if it wasn't for you know who dancing I was shocked with them results
9:08am 04-23-2015
I dance with newda and know for sure the support isn't there. Could probably count on 1 hand the amount of people clap around the arena. The atmosphere is shocking. Half don't even clap for their own lines.
9:07am 04-23-2015
Who do you mean?
9:02am 04-23-2015
To see judging book then u will b able to see 'if' dinatones were favoured
8:26am 04-23-2015
To went
I wouldn't say newda r chatty bunch and friendly just look around arena people supporting no one but themselves newda has gone downhill
8:18am 04-23-2015
On who's going to be judging the senior 2 section. Dinatones will win.
7:37am 04-23-2015
I agree I think it will be them fighting it out just a shame nouv only have 8
12:24am 04-23-2015
Looking forward to Sunday at Ndto, everyone is fighting for the win definatly all improved from last yr! Love watching nouv sen2, also Dinatones sen2 they have improved so much!
10:02pm 04-22-2015
To see newda last week .some lovely troupes there and lovely dancers very friendly and chatty bunch keep it up girls
9:47pm 04-22-2015
But it's ok
If you don't name individuals just aim your comments at them and call the in a subversive way, when you know nothing about anything they have ever written? Thats ok?
9:42pm 04-22-2015
u start getting really personal and naming individuals with horrible public comments but hide your name yourself, it stops being about morris and becomes a bigger issue of cyberbullying by a cowardly vile troll
9:41pm 04-22-2015
Really !!!
Then why on earth even read let alone comment!!! and bother getting through a filter as well!!!
9:41pm 04-22-2015
Who dances at the new Cheshire morris org?.?.?.?
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