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7:28pm 07-17-2016
Ett spec
Good day at Ett today , and how great was it toosee the two sets of girls from experience and trinity actually hugging each other and wishing each other luck before the cup dance . Well done ladies you should all be proud and we'll done too all who danced in that heat . Lovely day
7:27pm 07-17-2016
really enjoyed tanhouse tinies improving by the weeks. Well done everyone who danced in that heat.
7:03pm 07-17-2016
and belmont not danced again feel sorry for marionettes not enough troupes at tru been a bad season for them up to yet
6:56pm 07-17-2016
Knock out
Today was xsp and trin xsp won, sem finals are ap v pb and vogue v xsp good luck to all four teams
6:52pm 07-17-2016
Hf vogue joint 1st juniors plat .dia junior pb hq joint 1st gold trin junior 1st hf plat sen 1st hq dia sen 1st hf gold sen i think not sure on rest sorry
6:50pm 07-17-2016
Crusaders juniors are powering ahead now. Belmont best up their game!
5:50pm 07-17-2016
Good day today, good venue, exceptions are made to allow lines to dance of section due to work commitments etc. It's no major issue its not like it every week
5:48pm 07-17-2016
Imagine this...
Dancers having a life out of dancing!!!
5:44pm 07-17-2016
Day at TRU ;so gutted monaco and Belmont Seniors didn't dance it's not the same .. and a bit fed up of marrionettes dancing out of section why are they aloud to do this so often? never used to be aloud! or has it? I don't seem to remember the same troupe doing it so often before ?? Still Tracey does a amazing job hate holidays with all the short lines and troupes missing.. does any other org have that problem with holidays ?..
5:41pm 07-17-2016
Seniors in Viscaria do kick put other lines do down step.
4:00pm 07-17-2016
Any TRU or Etacco
11:37am 07-17-2016
TRU are at Sutton Leisure Centre, St Helens today
10:18am 07-17-2016
Time I went to watch tru there weren't many troupe out
9:18am 07-17-2016
who is it in the knockout at etaco today plese
7:47am 07-17-2016
100 % no walking should be allowed, if your not well enough to dance why are you there? It looks silly and shouldn't be competing! Also no pumps!! That is a joke it's part of the uniform, they walk around in shoes all day and there wear no pumps! They should loose points for costume each time doctors note or not it's part of the uniform.
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