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6:06pm 10-24-2016
Won fair and square, Gol entry and exit was not good, spacings and low legs, and there was not a lot of effort in there dance considering it was a championships dance. I'm a fan of liberty and I think they absolutely deserved that win they have come on loads from when they first joined us till now. And marionettes were the best team I have seen in a long time, they blew my mind with that dance, they had a standing ovation after it. Wow wow wow.
6:00pm 10-24-2016
Fab dance
from marr and who every says it wasn't are just full of jealousy
5:52pm 10-24-2016
To 2:06pm
Crusaders are based in Preston
5:52pm 10-24-2016
Errors yesterday that was missed by the judges and cost troupes a 1st place from Dinkies lines to the seniors.
5:28pm 10-24-2016
To 9.52
It was a tie between Marr & Bel tots for 1st
5:24pm 10-24-2016
To 4.15
golborne had errors aswell and Liberty over all had a better stronger dance, so even if a girl did stop on exit they obviously still had more than enough points to win, stop being a hater, wondered how long it would take to start
5:14pm 10-24-2016
Thought mar had a top dance and they truly deserved the win! Just about topped belmont although I enjoyed Belmont more the atmosphere they brought to the room was refreshing! Exceptional dances from both teams!
5:11pm 10-24-2016
troupes round Preston are

Coppull Carlton Belmont

Depending which side of Preston there's Broadway pemberton
5:07pm 10-24-2016
Oh behave
Bet you've spectated no where and just want to start an argument and the site manage is more than happy to let you by posting your comment.
5:01pm 10-24-2016
Enjoyed watching everyone at TRU champs. Senior 1 results we're spot on. Marionettes had a fab dance and fully deserved to win. Can't say the same for senior 2, how does a line that had a girl stop a full arm before everyone else win?? but hey ho you can't chance the results, enjoyed both junior sections, great dancing all weekend. Wel done to top table and all at TRU
4:52pm 10-24-2016
Dancing at tru from babies through to seniors, points were so close and every troupe should be proud of their girls
4:49pm 10-24-2016
Ashame how one girl from bel jun line fell over they would've won hands down if that didn't happen
4:44pm 10-24-2016
No I think that the senior results were spot on, Marr just had that edge over Belmont who struggled with a few spacings and slightly dodgy exit. The junior section tho I could not split, I'm not surprised it was only a point between 1st and 2nd!!!
4:37pm 10-24-2016
Dance spectator
I watched every section over the weekend and the dancing was incredible. Every troupe gave it their all. Thought Viscaria Dinkies had the win but I did enjoy Liberty's dance. Tinies and Juniors and seniors were spot on and a huge well done goes out to Monaco. You've come to TRU this season and really shown what a good troupe you are. Marrionettes totally deserved their first place and troupe of the year. What an incredible dance. Well done girls. Belmont, I thought you had it in the bag until Marrionettes danced so well done on your dance too, it was the best youve been all season.

Thanks for TRU top table. You make it happen.
4:15pm 10-24-2016
Golborne should have won senior 2, best dance this season, Liberty arm errors and girl stopped on exit and started again everyone in room saw it. Top table must want them to stay.
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