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2:48pm 10-11-2017
PB seniors
Not been on top since Mrs Haigh trained them. Loved all babies actually thought AP had that also but all are winners.
1:26pm 10-11-2017
To to be honest
You obviously from hf and didn't you see hf girl go wrong? Come n all troupes had things wrong and ap danced the best on the day, stop going on and accept it. Well done Ap juniors and seniors and all the other troupes who won and danced over the weekend lovely champs
12:42pm 10-11-2017
Only 2 troupes
In the mix for dance off HF & AP. Both did themselves proud. Shame about PB lace but wasn’t in the mix anyway,
12:34pm 10-11-2017
Ap the new HfF when it comes to website bashing
11:23am 10-11-2017
Just a quick question to TRU make troupes dance off x
11:14am 10-11-2017
Hf still going on about results ap won snrs and Jnr so there think Val jnr knew they wouldn't come in shame about music being to low and slow.not like them but things happen on the day
10:47am 10-11-2017
2nd? I’m a val fan but that was the worst dance of the season for them I think the fact the leader really struggled didn’t help. AP Juns and sens well deserved winners imo
10:39am 10-11-2017
Betty Etty
Dance off was always going to be tough on whoever didnt get it, its harsh way to loose but absolutely well done to AP seniors loved your dance and support.
AP juniors, loved every second of your dance after such a hard season. the smile on your mascot lit up the room and everyone could feel the love and emotion from your supporters. The dance was not perfect but it was good enough to get the win, so enjoy it girls YOU DESERVE IT..
8:30am 10-11-2017
Pb seniors
On top again? Since when we're they last on top? Without lace undone was still not a winning dance. Dance off was electric stop trying to take it away from Ap they deserved their wins. Hf always spitting their dummies out
8:12am 10-11-2017
To be honest
I think junior results was a fix I had hf 1st val
2nd ap 3rd not val to have 4th place by how many points? I didn’t think pb would be in top 4 3 it’s all a sham I am confused why ap juniors have wrote on all pics can we fix it ? And thought it was v strange that they thought they’d won before they’d even danced I give credit when deserved but I do not agreee with them win inning juniors and think aloe of troupes will go other orgs next season Hf juniors Tory will
Done how many years now I had them to win all sections but I think some people had there rose colour glasses on roll on next season
10:54pm 10-10-2017
It's just hf having a go at everyone because weekend never went there way well done to all winners and look forward to next season
9:55pm 10-10-2017
Ett have a lot of
troupes. Why would no one be left??? Stupid statement!
9:08pm 10-10-2017
Was a great weekend and felt the dance off could of been anyone's ,all the little dancers brilliant. Love hf dinkies , great footwork,and platt bridge babies and hf too. Good luck next year
8:22pm 10-10-2017
Agree ap juniors have improved but not winning dance thought hf had it unlucky val not your best dance will there be any troupes at ett next year
7:31pm 10-10-2017
AP juniors were the best on the day. HF made a big error that I’m sure cost them the win and all the others didn’t dance their best at all I think it’s a bit unfair to AP to call it a fix. Senior dance off was harsh for either troupe to lose, both had a lovely dance. Well done to all the winners
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