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10:47pm 12-11-2014
Is a very poor standard
9:15pm 12-11-2014
are actually better
8:17pm 12-10-2014
don't think Belmont
are like carlton they do stuff that's more complicated than carlton
11:33am 12-10-2014
Treeza (Oz)
Morning All
Well, what a sensation last season was had by all, I'm sure most would agree. You girls in the UK have pipped us to the post with Christmas Comps as we've only just finished our Champs (2 weeks ago) and are bustin our buts to put on our "show" this weekend. Have a squizzy at our youtube site for our dancing, not bad...........your comments would be greatly appreciated girls - ta muchly
9:47am 12-10-2014
To Dancer
Yes, they combined a few years ago, and agreeably decided to split. There are a lot of similarities in most teams dancing and armworks (as happened years ago and continues.....mimicry is the best form of flattery). We all go to comps and love seeing sommat different and take it on board. There are only so many movements/armworks that any team can do, imagination is worth it's weight in gold xoxoxo
9:39pm 12-09-2014
We're Belmont and Carlton the same troupe at one point? Just watched Belmont seniors on YouTube and saw Carlton when they won before champs....very similar styles and artworks??? Just wondering x
8:46pm 12-09-2014
the troupes that are not friendly
5:39pm 12-09-2014
Remember lending a girl from another troupe to help if you was short on a Sunday?
4:12pm 12-09-2014
to elmo
is it your org thats not friendly or the troupes that dance there?
3:42pm 12-09-2014
is the best org to be in fun friendly and competitive in a friendly manner wish they would let few more join our org is not friendly
3:12pm 12-09-2014
Was a fantastic Christmas Comp, all for the little kids, such a friendly fab org! All dancers got a pressie off Santa! Games at lunch time and prizes for best dressed line in each section! Brill day, loved watching and made to feel very welcome, well done everyone x
2:10pm 12-09-2014
Was lovely sunday really enjoyed it was sat there thinkin this Is what its about things for the kids everyone getting on wish it was like that at my org shame thay don't let many troupes in
9:57am 12-09-2014
dancing was like it used to be friendly chatty and helping each other out now it's sit in your own corner talk to no one and don't offer to help, everythings kept secret and poaching dancers arguing who had what arm work first who copied routine and that music was ours not yours such a shame to stressful these days
12:38am 12-09-2014
The link for Morris banter site please can't get it up can some one putt on that you just click on it xx
7:11pm 12-08-2014
pak reski
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