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5:46pm 02-19-2017
it isnt They are dancing at NDTO this year
5:17pm 02-18-2017
Is it true Preston rosettes has folded??
1:59pm 02-18-2017
Any one dancing this weekend thanks ?
10:43am 02-18-2017
how many troupes have copied belmont routine this year what a lovely routine last season girls well done loved watching you
11:51am 02-17-2017
anyone know where elmo next comp is please?
9:21pm 02-16-2017
You should lighten up's just banter
Good luck in your new org.
7:07pm 02-16-2017
For hoodies
Pure class vinyls ...... school leavers hoodies... both on Facebook
12:43pm 02-16-2017
T R U - 1 more
Sunday lay in...... excited to start the new season.
5:22pm 02-15-2017
To tanhouse
This is the message from that date
"Tanhouse have left ett as they weren't in placings so gone to second div org.good on them if they think they will win there."
No ones slating you
3:06pm 02-15-2017
Say that comment was slating tanhouse
3:39pm 02-14-2017
5.06 Tanhouse
The comment was put on at 11.08 on the 01-28-2017
5:06pm 02-13-2017
Can't see anyone slating them
7:52pm 02-11-2017
Re Tanhouse
I know a lot of Tanhouse dancers and they get slatted for being at Ett because there standards have dropped from a few years ago and now they do what a lot of people on here last season said they should do and now they are getting slatted again I for 1 hope they go and smash it this season GOOD LUCK GIRLS
6:15pm 02-10-2017
No notice vogue you are fab green eyed monsters are out just keep what you are doing you will get that first place.
12:18am 02-10-2017
get your facts right
Dancing is a hobby and of course girls will follow their friends but get your facts right vogue juniors had 2 ex Platt Bridge girls in their line last season and 1 of those has been with them for 3 years. All these girls are friends but nothing is said when others join troupes so leave vogue alone at least they didn't take them half way through season as Kath wouldn't do that as it has happened to her in past. sick of hearing that vogue juniors are ex platt bridge. People just out to cause trouble between the two troupes. People always leave and go others that's the dancing world no trainer
would turn girls away. think some people have short memories
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