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11:47pm 02-27-2014
y say serenity
R causin the trouble it cud be anyone just tryin to stir shit between the to troupes.ah wel never mind.I just gunna say Kingston snr leader is a hypocrit.she guna on ere slating others wen she's the biggest snorter ever and er bf was a very big dealer in drugs wiv two small kids there y do u think they lost there house which I must say is in a terrible state FACT
11:39pm 02-27-2014
for god s sake
stop all this shit on here , kids bleeding well read all this ... who gives a shit about serenity or Kingston , site manager yet again u allow all this to go on . how do u sleep at night . monitor the bloody site and stop all this . ur a disgrace for allowing this ...
11:17pm 02-27-2014
Its not gunna stop tho is it  unless serenity or Kingston fold  . Im my opinion tho serenity is causing all the trouble
11:09pm 02-27-2014
whens there 1st comp please anyone,and were
11:09pm 02-27-2014
This is getting pathetic, ppl have to realise that dancin is just a hobby, all yhis bitchynes needs to stop,
11:06pm 02-27-2014
What a jealouse lot Kingston must be pissing on some body's party cos they can stop slating them of
10:57pm 02-27-2014
Where abouts they from do you know
10:55pm 02-27-2014
heard of a troupe called rhythmix?
10:55pm 02-27-2014
What's funny
I havnt put a name your just assuming where on about the trainer of the new team . u obviously think so highly of her too haha
Try biting to my comments more rather than the chocolate Nd crisp your pounds will soon drop off
10:51pm 02-27-2014
Kingston was never really slated on this site until most iv the girls went to the new troupe serenity its obvious  serenity are doing the slating on here kingston are a lovely bunch ov girls who havent got a bad thing to say abouy anyone, I wish them all the luck in there new org iys a shame they didnt stay wiv under maud,good luck girls u will all b missed
10:42pm 02-27-2014
Vegas have been quiet on here lately wonder what they have up there sleeve
10:41pm 02-27-2014
Hahaha u make me laugh, the trainers daughters both do drugs a matter ov a fact one ov the daughters boyfriend sells wiv a little un there now whos the  crackhead!!
10:28pm 02-27-2014
Pack of horrible bitches you lot on here!! Karma will come around and get all you name calling pathetic people!! So enjoy your next dance out, break an ankle or better still your neck
10:26pm 02-27-2014
to and why have
Hey girl she may be fat as you say but I'm sure she rather be fat than a prawn crachhead.least her kids get looked after and she has a home of her own .they called you big nose well it's a wonder you got one after wat goes up it
9:51pm 02-27-2014
Who is da fat wotsit wana now! What's er name
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