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10:50pm 06-27-2016
llay can you turn the record over now please
10:40pm 06-27-2016
Are a good troupe. It's the attitudes of the girls that dance for them that stinks! I feel for the younger girls because they all pick it up and soon as they hit junior age they start with the honking attitude Aswel
10:38pm 06-27-2016
you can dance in other troupes at our org but at TRU you have to wait until end of season
10:38pm 06-27-2016
you can dance where you want at most orgs but TRU
10:05pm 06-27-2016
I think
This has been asked before on here but im curious can you go to a troupe half way through a season?
8:54pm 06-27-2016
And to 751
Probably Lee again BORE OF TALKING goodE
8:53pm 06-27-2016
To 622
Are you insane hahahaha Lee Farnworth are a bag of goode and can't even beat mill or escarda and your saying they would Beat Belmont or even mon ???? Wtf are you on drugs man bore off Lee your still full of good we see pmsl.
8:51pm 06-27-2016
No ett full results for yesterday
8:14pm 06-27-2016
To 7:51
Think your kidding yourself there
7:51pm 06-27-2016
And ndto about same in standard these days. Ndto have mill and tru have Marr. Rest of troupes in both orgs about same in standard, only ndto have loads more. Not enough competition to keep the young ones fighting at tru really
7:42pm 06-27-2016
Seen troupes from both ntdo and tru and sorry to say but ntdo is a lower org than tru not the same standards I'm afraid
7:41pm 06-27-2016
God what is everyone's problem with bel? They come they dance and go home like everyone else. Bore off
6:57pm 06-27-2016
Why with
Some troupes is it all about tiny Jun senior it's bugs me the younger lines try just as hard and are less pass remarkable they dance their hearts out but on facebook it's all about tiny Jun n senior our tiny this our Jun that are seniors are best .try praising the little ones aswell they pay same money as the rest so deserve the same praise
6:33pm 06-27-2016
Farnworth moved from Etacco and weren't in top section. As said before D1 in some orgs are D2 in others
6:30pm 06-27-2016
I've seen troupes from other orgs and sorry but they wouldn't beat Etacco or TRU top three Sen 1 just like Farnworth haven't beat Mill. No it's not all about Sen1 but lines of 6 in juniors and lines of 4 don't do it for me soz
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