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2:30pm 11-24-2016
Know of any orgs that are holding a christmas comp and allow vsiting troupes?
7:18am 11-24-2016
Is 2 pounds each whether your a dancer or not. Can get a little costly everywhere, especially if there is a few of you. I know rooms are dear, but sometimes it would be nice if we could dance somewhere lest costly. Again though, we have that many troops we can't accommodate smaller venues. Bit of a grey area really. I personally can afford it but for those that struggle I can see 2 pounds each hard.
10:38pm 11-23-2016
way should dancers have to pay they pay enough in subs and bus fare non dancers should pay and parents but no way should the line girls have to pay what about big familys you are going to lose girls if you start doing that
10:00pm 11-23-2016
Question ?
What does every troupe pay at different org s? We pay line fees , raffle and a pound per spectator, everything else is sorted for us .
9:58pm 11-23-2016
Kick out
Millennium, marganettes, arriva premiere, Speke balmoral
8:18pm 11-23-2016
£10 line money
Would be so much better than the £2 a week we pay per head dancers and specs we have mums with 3-4 kids
1:55pm 11-23-2016
To agree
Those complaining about paying line money probably havnt hosted a comp themselves. You have to hire a hall, pay for judges etc most halls are between 300 - 500 so that money is usually paid by entry fees raffles etc. troupes are not going to host competiton put all the hard work in and loose money on an event. If anyone can do it without paying line money let me know would be interested to find out how you could do it without this
8:09pm 11-22-2016
We pay £1 spectator, £3 line fees and dancers are free. There's no way we could pay £10 a line!
6:55pm 11-22-2016
Dance step
What troups dance the kick out now ?
6:50pm 11-22-2016
Dancers free?
Why shouldn't you pay to dance. £1 a dancer isn't bad at all. Associations need to pay for everything from halls to trophies. The money has to come from somewhere. You don't and shouldn't get anything for free And you shouldn't begrudge paying it for doing something you love
11:20am 11-22-2016
To £10 a line
Only ever paid for speckies £1 dancers free entrance @lmdo as a team we couldn't afford £10 a line .that's mad
8:44pm 11-21-2016
To below
Sonia will have as many double dancers as needed as she needs them herself .she done it last year .just be very careful there
3:25pm 11-21-2016
£10 per line
Is cheaper than £2 per girl entrance fee
10:08pm 11-20-2016
2pm start
6:20pm 11-20-2016
Have gone To lmdo its on the other site
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