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9:14pm 09-04-2017
Its not the girls
Its that judge from nwda training them he is trying to get them like the troupes were at nwda which was all about entertainment and not actual morris dancing iv seen him with them a lot
4:51pm 09-04-2017
Harlies but you have spoiled your routine and how you won yesterday I will never know. The judges won't know what to judge on.
2:54pm 09-04-2017
Did you get beat again ..try harder cannot wait until they move up next year .
2:48pm 09-04-2017
Which troupe
Has the same footwork?
10:21am 09-04-2017
Why what
Was belmonts and mons ??
9:50am 09-04-2017
Big Well Done
To Broadway Stars Seniors you deserved your win
9:09am 09-04-2017
They can't
Keep copying peoples routines and to do it so badly it's awful to watch they look horrendous making a mockery of Morris
9:07am 09-04-2017
Did everyone think of platinum seniors yesterday? Well done broadway well deserved, definitely have the best footwork. Enjoyed plattbridge too but a few errors and their footwork definitely isn't all the same
9:04am 09-04-2017
Tiny was spot on !! Diamond tiny spot on and gold tiny broadway wa announced in. Wrong section Haydock won gold tiny
10:08pm 09-03-2017
Results today all sections confused ?
9:49pm 09-03-2017
To below
They still won though and I enjoyed watching them. Looking forward to their competition in our plat section next year try harder girls and give them some competition. Well done today to all and et.
8:39pm 09-03-2017
The hell are harlies playing at ?? Ripping off a poor version of Belmont and Monaco and that ending today !! Please . a holy show
8:37pm 09-03-2017
Hope orcs
Senior leader is OK . sending big hugs
10:03pm 09-01-2017
independent judges
to people asing about independent judges, well i am a judge have been for over 20yrs i went to ''watch'' a comp 4yrs/5ys ago not going to say what org,were i have judged for them before, i was asked to judge 1 section that day so i did, i handed my cards in to the scrutineer at the end of the section i asked if all was ok i got yes as a reply, so i say were i had been sitting all day indetween 2 troupes, at results i was listening to the section i judged and when announced 3rd place certain points i looked in superise it should have been out off 300, as 3 judges were on section but on announcement it read 3rd place 175, i looked over to top table who were definatly trying not to look over at myself and continued witht the results, so after full results were read out i approached top table and gently asked what had happened to my cards anf got a responce which totally made me laugh, the reply was erm.... a few troupes have said cause i was sat with a certain troupe and i judged them that they didnt want my cards counted as it would show favouritism well i just laughed and walked out and went home,on driving home i was thinking did that just happen and yes it did and in my 20yrs of judgeing i was baffeled that 1, i wasnt approached before the results and told my cards wernt going to count and given the reaons why, 2 why i was asked in the 1st place as normally there is only ever 2 on that section, and 3 the person who told me at the end WAS NOT the head of the org but 1 of her judges, i did appeoach the head of the org and her responce was sorry,and that was it so some orgs DONT like independent judges upsetting ''the regular results'' so to this day yes i have visited other orgs when i have had the chance and just sat and watched i did get asked to judge but happily declined the offer,
3:34pm 09-01-2017
Is moaning continually about Val Jnr and champs.are you scared of competition.eos wouldn't be the same without them.give it a rest now.Shirley will verify if they can dance
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