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9:06am 09-26-2016
Thoughts on yesterday
8:55am 09-26-2016
To 6.49
Val babies danced in the Tots section and won. They were a lovely little line
8:55am 09-26-2016
think mill are that naive to believe it was someone from their org who wrote those comments about the visiting troupes yesterday
8:53am 09-26-2016
Val mum's saying there dinkies were disqualified because baby leader danced in line they didn't know this rule as they are allowed to in etacco shame really they were lovely
8:51am 09-26-2016
just say to the person saying on yesterdays post that another person couldn't spell the word troupe well this is the correct way if you spell it troop then you are wrong that is the american way we brits are taught to spell it the traditional way -TROUPE- which was the way it was spelt
8:28am 09-26-2016
Hey it's only
Hey ETACCO we have 4 more sleeps till its PARTY TIME.

Good luck to every dancer who is going this weekend
Don't forget your bedding
7:09am 09-26-2016
Elmo results
Please ????
7:01am 09-26-2016
It was
good yesterday having all the visiting troupes at tru lovely to watch Mill just sad to read the comments did we have any spectators from the org that they are with because surely you had to be there to see what was going on to say those things or is someone blaming others to cover up
6:49am 09-26-2016
Dinky section I had Val and Monaco liberty's had far to much going on armworks are not for that step makes them look very messy Loved their baby line standard was amazing also liked Val babies had them in 2nd shocked Ann's beat them
6:42am 09-26-2016
Thought they had a lovely dance. Senior 1 was too close to call. People get very defensive about millennium on here. The 'visiting troupes' person didn't say she didn't like mill just they were sat around the arena. I was sat opposite them and I thought the same. Sometimes you just can't voice your opinion on here without being called a hater.
5:40am 09-26-2016
Enjoyed TRU
Lovely to see different troupes at TRU yesterday.Loved Val tinies and Mill seniors.Lovely day with some great dancing but didnt agree with senior results.Marr had a lovely dance too,back on form.Going to be a very close one at EOS Champs.Missed Belmont,really enjoy watching them.
5:28am 09-26-2016
To me
Bel weren't out yesterday. I personally enjoyed seeing other troops at TRU, it was nice to see some different routines, arms etc.
11:46pm 09-25-2016
Hello thinking of taking my daughter dancing has anyone danced with or dances with glenshields please I'm also 35 and would like to get back into it. What am I letting myself in for lol
10:35pm 09-25-2016
to see mon are the ones to beat at tru these days. Well done girls! next challenge etacco surely!? onwards and upwards!
10:27pm 09-25-2016
Whats diff between sec 1@2 in jnrs ford gems sec 1 in cheshire
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