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8:46pm 04-23-2017
Fantastic day today.. loved watching the tots and babies Deevine and Comets you have some corking little lines they were a joy to watch. Well done
7:09pm 04-23-2017
Who won
At TRU??
6:31pm 04-23-2017
5:54pm 04-23-2017
Senior 1 Results were bit shocking today as I had either Illusions or Kingston for 1st but certainly in top 3 without s doubt. Deevine had a good dance. I thought top 3 should have consisted of these today.
5:09pm 04-23-2017
Senior 1 results. 1st bel 2nd marr 3rd Monaco no place mill
12:23pm 04-21-2017
Could never be another org as good as Lca
12:23pm 04-21-2017
Predictions For Ettaco Champs on Sunday……
11:34am 04-20-2017
orgs dancing out bank holiday weekend 28th and 29th?
6:53pm 04-18-2017
To 3.29
There was deffo no trouble at N.W.W.M.A my love.we all had a great first day.
4:10pm 04-18-2017
Belmont at the moment they are definitely going to be the ones to watch
9:50am 04-18-2017
To 3.29
There was no trouble Hun,it was a great day all troupes enjoyed it x
3:29pm 04-17-2017
Sonia's org
Heard there was some trouble, anybody know what it was about
12:27am 04-17-2017
3 sections in every section apart from babies. The sections are platinum (div 1) diamond (div 2) gold (div 3)
11:37pm 04-16-2017
New org
Good luck to N.W.W.M.A.hope you have a great season for your first year.ive heard you got lots good. Back up.maybe we be with you next year
10:58pm 04-15-2017
Many sections does ett have and what are they, highest to lowest?
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