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9:02pm 12-04-2016
Section 2 is low standard but section 1 seniors are similar to etacco diamond
7:44pm 12-04-2016
On NIMOS Christmas comp, personally I loved it
6:56pm 12-04-2016
On Wednesdays in Sankey area.
11:07am 12-04-2016
No it's below standard it's ok if u are just starting out
12:35am 12-03-2016
Warrington troupe
5:26pm 12-02-2016
Harlies warrington
Practise thursdays 5pm at orford park cabin88
5:24pm 12-02-2016
Harlequins practise thursdays 5 pm at orford park. Cafe cabin
9:57pm 12-01-2016
I have a question
Is LMDO a top organisation ?
7:10pm 12-01-2016
a few troupes in Warrington depends what area your after.
3:22pm 12-01-2016
What's the differenc
Can any one tell me the difference in pontins chalets in Wales ,
Which one would you pay for????
10:31am 12-01-2016
Me it is cheaper to dance at tru than etacco
4:00am 12-01-2016
To new troupe
Don't know about Warrington, but there's 1 in Runcorn that train on a Thursday, try have a girls from Runcorn Widnes and Warrington
11:06pm 11-30-2016
£10 a line is pathetic if you have a lot of lines its going to cost a bomb, our dancers don't have to pay £1 only non dancers pay.
7:07pm 11-30-2016
Is jmtdo the same org as tmdo
8:52pm 11-29-2016
can't see
what there is to complain about tru charge £10 per line but the dancers don't pay entry fee work it out if you have 12 and a leader and mascot and you pay £1 each entry fee thats £14 so to me that means it works out cheaper plus if i'm not mistaken i think babies dinkies not sure about tinies they only pay£5 per line
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