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7:39am 01-19-2015
How sad are you calling a kid bet you won't say to mums face!!! People like you spoiling dancing for KIDS. Bet you'd be first cryin if someone put this about your kid..
12:55am 01-19-2015
Why did alliance leave NDTO in the first place? Or did they get kicked out because of that gobby trainer and her older daughter. Think their something them two ! ! ! ! !
12:54am 01-19-2015
SO WHAT! It doesn't matter if alliance are dancing for starlites!! No trouble is being caused not doing anything to you. Looking forward to the new season and NDTO im sure will love to see the calibration off the two troupes!
12:22am 01-19-2015
Who cares what colour there having won't make em dance any better
12:00am 01-19-2015
Was just a convo re. New dresses, your troupe not getting new or Sumat ??
11:04pm 01-18-2015
What's it gotta do with judges who a troupe has as tini and junior leader?
10:55pm 01-18-2015
That Escarda will probz have summert say always does
10:55pm 01-18-2015
Are the judges Kate and Jenny going to allow starlites to dance noing them two sisters (Tini and junior leaders) are dancing for them?! I can see a storm brewing
10:53pm 01-18-2015
Morris season 2015
Who can't wait for the start of this dance season! Can't wait to see everyone's fabulous routines and armworks! No matter what org you are at you know everyone is going to bring it!!!!.
10:11pm 01-18-2015
Cares what dresses your having if they got flashes on them or not
9:12pm 01-18-2015
Whats a matter you hay why ur looking so sad, its a nice a place, gotta have respect id shadup of ya face sing it girls
9:03pm 01-18-2015
Shut up your trap bet your an SMD gal. 'SMD' sly mouthed dancers
8:54pm 01-18-2015
Be quiet who rattled your cage whats up with you!!!
8:31pm 01-18-2015
'Love being a SMD gal' HHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHAHHA don't no why up everyone's arse and are all stuck up each other's massive asses
7:28pm 01-18-2015
They are made proper and not like your lamp shade ones
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