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1:35pm 03-03-2015
Its someone who doesn't usually dance with them because its never been a problem before and it won't bother her at all so having a go at the wrong person
1:22pm 03-03-2015
I think
everyone in Morris dancing knows that to so why single out a really good judge that doesn't deserve the comments on here on the first comp of the season Will the influx of judges there this week be there all season ??? I don't think so She will because her troupe never misses a comp
1:10pm 03-03-2015
org has judges that dance, have relatives or friends that dance in them its so hard to find judges with no connection at all
12:14pm 03-03-2015
Is newda out best org by far
11:44am 03-03-2015
well said
To the below
10:37am 03-03-2015
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10:37am 03-03-2015
judge you are all discussing has been judging for many years now and as far as I am aware there has never been any complaints from troupes or principals There doesn't seem to be any complaints on here about the judges attached to troupes that their daughters dance in and there were two on the floor at Sundays comp That to me is a far worse situation and She doesn't judge any section that she has any connection to and by the way has more experience than some of the independent judges
9:59am 03-03-2015
had all this with one of their sen 2 dancers who judged sen 1 it's pathetic!
9:46am 03-03-2015
One girl
Does not determine if a line is a senior 1 or 2 standard it's the overall team so what your saying is a load of rubbish ! She could be a senior 1 dancer but the overall team is not good enough to be in senior 1 why should she not judge senior 1 doesn't mean she knows any less
8:41am 03-03-2015
re judges
I don't agree what your saying, just because she dances doesn't mean she's going to be a worse judge and whether she's in senior 2 or 1 doesn't mean she's got less knowledge. If she shouldn't judge then neither should the other that train a troupe or are associated with a troupe. She is a very fair judge & has been dancing since she should walk. If it wasn't for these sort of judges a couple of seasons ago when they were crying out for judges then everyone wouldn't of been able to dance. If you have a problem with the judges then why not get up out your chair & try it for yourself because it ain't easy!!!!!
8:00am 03-03-2015
7:42am 03-03-2015
all judges should be capable of judging all sections whether they have danced in league 2, league 1, trained a troupe or never even danced! The girl you're talking about is very fair and I'd love someone to say that what she's put on her cards didn't happen.... She's been dancing since she could walk-I reckon she knows what she's doing!
7:13am 03-03-2015
i just think
You shouldn't dance and judge in the same day. Even if you're not in that section your opinions are conflicted though various different things that may have happened through the day.
6:57am 03-03-2015
Must orgs thst what happens dancers judge would be great thou if there was an org who diddnt and judges that wasn't from troops but be deffo a fair org I say anyone agree imagine how fair that would be
6:38am 03-03-2015
The point I was trying to make is you either dance or judge not both. Nothing to do with the ability to judge but the conflict of dancing in a competition yourself and judging. You should be independent and not associated with a troup competing in the competition.
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