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8:00pm 07-09-2017
A load of politics I think
6:44pm 07-09-2017
I think
Sun has got to judges at Etacco
6:32pm 07-09-2017
Advice needed plz
My girls have been doing really well foe a dew season's winning toty, loty, moty etc but this year's the same lot of girls seem really lack lustre. It's 1 excuse after another why they can't come to dance outs and then moan when their line doesnt dance. Getting them to work at practice is like pulling teeth, I'm running out of ideas how to motivate them. I'm not a screaming shouting principal and really dont want to start now. Any suggestions?
11:19pm 07-07-2017
I don't
Believe Shirley is on fb, I'll try dig out her email address.
9:17pm 07-05-2017
Is shirley
On Facebook or anyone I contact I'm not with Etacoo x
1:20pm 07-05-2017
Josie Crosby
If you want to judge see Shirley at any comp ,
9:43pm 07-04-2017
P.b seniors so entertaining well deserved win and orcadia well done hf always have spacing issues and t/r they think they're better than they
Loved Sunday outside
8:31pm 07-04-2017
I'm 25
Been judging for about 8 years. I'd love to come to etacco and do a few who do I speak to
7:04pm 07-04-2017
Some people need to get a grip let pb have worked hard if you got a problem with a judge then go speak to Shirley Afew people slag pb for not winning and then when they do still call them let them have there glory for god sake some jealous girls out there
6:08pm 07-04-2017
Think it was only senior results
11:26am 07-04-2017
Fab day
on Sunday at Ett. the weather was glorious. Think a few feathers have been ruffled with the Senior results according to FB. Good to see the top spot could be anyone's. Looking forward to the EOS Champs already.
10:40am 07-04-2017
At ettaco is very one sided. There is at least two judges not seeing past things and it's not fair. I watched certain judges blatantly walking off lines, missing errors and scoring other teams higher than others. Tut tut
9:35pm 07-03-2017
Chinese whispers make me laugh.don't be so dramatic
9:15pm 07-03-2017
Is looking for girls.
8:22pm 07-03-2017
Id love to judge at
Ett how do I go about it
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