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11:09pm 10-24-2014
Nemdco didn't like our org why should the come !!
10:28pm 10-24-2014
should they be refused they have paid for a chalet
10:25pm 10-24-2014
Do you?
10:04pm 10-24-2014
Just heard some new springs girls are coming champs tbh I think they should be refused.
9:46pm 10-24-2014
What do you know?
8:34pm 10-24-2014
to jealous
you know nothing now run along and try and cause trouble at your own org
8:30pm 10-24-2014
to tmda no they dont let you go when your nothing but trouble causers and bullys its obvious who you are stop being vile and concentrate on your own troupe and your own low standard org you know the one where no one likes you haha
7:53pm 10-24-2014
Of nemdco if you knew what I know they wouldn't have troupes
7:25pm 10-24-2014
Bad org, they hold "open" senior comps but then pick and choose what troupes can go, I'd ur gonna be any competition to their regular troupes then u can't go or if any regular troupes don't like you then u can't go! Pathetic low standard org
4:53pm 10-24-2014
any good going tmda champs.
4:44pm 10-24-2014
Are we
4:17pm 10-24-2014
I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole , out and out cheats
8:07pm 10-23-2014
What's the probs
Nemdco is fantastic and the best and amazing ???
4:34pm 10-23-2014
To the posts below! Not sure where your getting your inside info from but its Nemdcos champs next weekend and the troupes fancy dress is always a secret so nice one for that! Well that's if its true :-(
4:22pm 10-23-2014
Dress three troupes are minions
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