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10:12pm 10-20-2014
Why do people say harlies hate mill, mill hate harlies I'm sure I see there girls talking every Sunday ??? Personally I think other troupes are trying to stir tut tut
9:19pm 10-20-2014
that sounds amazing like the thought of all girls getting something how lovely
8:50pm 10-20-2014
To have been there yesterday, they put a show on and made every single dancer in that room feel special wether they were winners or not, best champs ever just wow x
8:47pm 10-20-2014
NWDA do the best at including all troupes, been with three orgs up to now and they are in my book the nicest, thoughtful and inclusive of orgs I have expieranced, I'm not a dancer and as a supporter they even make you feel welcome and just as much a part of it all, well done Monaco on a great and moving performance and well done NWDA for great year x
8:01pm 10-20-2014
I have never seen a champs like nwda. Minnie Mouse to get the younger ones into the arena marched on with them. Then they all got presents and was allowed to play after thier results while the bigger lines came in so they didn't have to sit for hours Presents for every single dancer given out by top table personalised 10 minute vid of every line of every troupe throughout out the season personalised marching in music. They made every troupe banners balloons it was just simply amazing everything about it. So proud to be part of it. Best champs I've ever been too !!! Xx
7:38pm 10-20-2014
Division 3 should pack in
7:38pm 10-20-2014
Monaco putting vids on would love to see them xx
7:33pm 10-20-2014
Monaco should put there senior vid on, love watching them girls there amazing at what they do, well done girls
7:02pm 10-20-2014
i agree
Not much of a comp in the dinky sec needs to be more exciting
6:44pm 10-20-2014
They will be more than 2 lines in plat dinky Shirley must see it her self that it is hardly a competition
5:47pm 10-20-2014
think 2nd div troupes should step up not just at ett but all orgs
5:29pm 10-20-2014
Three senior sections seems ok, I don't agree with it personally but it seems to work at the org. Platinum standard is very high but morris is a competiton so all lines should be aiming for that standard surely? It's not about taking troupes out who haven't been placed like Margs they want to be on that stage and the winners of 20 lines like Orc. Diamond lines like broadway and haydock should be competing in the plat section and striving for the proper 1st place imo
5:15pm 10-20-2014
Heard clowns
5:09pm 10-20-2014
seniors need a 3rd division i think they need to forget it.
4:59pm 10-20-2014
sounds like great competition at ett with all these troupes x
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