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10:24am 10-06-2015
if a new troupe wants to come to et to see the standard they need to reach thats okay but my beef is why have a section were they are being rewarded when other troupes are working really hard to achieve diamond standard without winning any thing all season and as said below to many troupes at et its dangerous if there is an emergency so cut out the gold section
10:11am 10-06-2015
Needs to sort ettaco out there is far to many troupes on that hall it's a fire hazard and sorry to say but some troupes are not upto standard
10:03am 10-06-2015
Juniors won simply because they do baby arm works and a tiny routine and that music god I was near asleep!! HF seniors awful do they not no how to get on a line they really thought thy had won aswell in my eyes val juniors should have won for entertainment value Orc juniors have hard routine to but things never change e should all be like HF and do easy routines
9:50am 10-06-2015
the new troupes dont go to high standard org they wouldnt no what to aim for no reason for them to go to easy org its not the right way to aim high stop making them feel unwanted
9:45am 10-06-2015
keep saying a troupe has to start somewhere we all understand a new troupe needs to learn so that is why there is lower standard orgs but to be at an high standard org like et they are being carried along by the fact they dont have to be that good to win trophies and medals
9:28am 10-06-2015
did trinity beat farnworth just dont seem possible
9:25am 10-06-2015
To win seniors at TRU champs
9:01am 10-06-2015
Them results were a fix always hf who won when they where nowhere near half as good as farnworth
8:19am 10-06-2015
no wonder
it closed down it was shocking, Denton zodiacs and TMDO showed their true colours some people already knew they were like that but think every body knows tut tut "fish wives" came to mind, as if TMDO don't have a bad enough reputation their own troupe showed them all up really badly. good luck to them anyway they going to need it xx
7:47am 10-06-2015
Can see that has been closed down after getting very personal
7:10am 10-06-2015
I feel sorry for you
let's have your medical history on here and a photo. Then we can point out what is different about you and put you in a box marked 'people like them'.
Again site manager please remove the comment it is directly about individuals.
6:27am 10-06-2015
Shocked you don't like PB dresses I think they're gorgeous! Really lovely!
2:08am 10-06-2015
Morris mummy
Maybe ladies everyone needs to get a bit of the ajays dinkies sportsmen ship ! And to the people saying there shouldn't be a gold section everybody has to start somewhere don't they? I mean take for instance ajays sapphire seniors , them ladies are actually ladies that danced as a child but stopped and trying to get back in to it , or there ladies that have gone away and have had kids and don't have the fitness anymore to be in the main lines , people can call them but them ladies have bloody passion and try there best ? Shouldn't they be given the opportunity to dance and show people how far they have come x I personally enjoyed all of your troops dances so well done from me x
11:54pm 10-05-2015
have style val dresses are classy would like to know what dresses you like, keep up with changing face of dresses
11:42pm 10-05-2015
sure val will be upset that you didn't like there dresses, if I'm honest I never realised orc had new dresses hf jnrs are not nice to dark, vals are different please remember this is the troupe you all copied from, i liked pb dresses but again another troupe in blue not sure on black bit that reminded me of spiders webs on Halloween costumes
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