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7:45pm 07-26-2015
shame really jealous old has beens hang up the shakers ladys an leave the Green eyed monster at home! Well done today zephyr and newtonian royals as elaine and jan said all comments on here have been made around the arena thats how simple you are
7:35pm 07-26-2015
Obviously wasn't there today because if you seen them dance today you wouldn't be saying that
7:26pm 07-26-2015
To who
Zephyr obviously! So gona win champs hahaha
6:55pm 07-26-2015
was outside today?
6:53pm 07-26-2015
Was horrendous today! Felt sorry for the girls dancing outside in it.
6:50pm 07-26-2015
Tmda results?
6:47pm 07-26-2015
To don't agree
Dance harder don't moan
6:46pm 07-26-2015
Fusion arent doing very well at lmdo, maybe they'll be back.
6:45pm 07-26-2015
Don't agree
With Elmo results especially senior inter
6:41pm 07-26-2015
dance off
AP won dance off by 6 pts haydock and Broadway tie for second in dance off
6:26pm 07-26-2015
Tick tock
Wondered how long it would take for Nwda to get mentioned after today!
6:25pm 07-26-2015
Went to Annbraise show in Wales today
6:16pm 07-26-2015
who won the knockout ?
6:08pm 07-26-2015
Junior 2 3rd solitaires 2nd zirconia 1st sarelles
Junior 1 3rd saint Luke's and chorley 2nd peel green 1st Rutland

Senior 2 3rd Juliette's 2nd sarelles 1st milnrow
Senior inter 3rd solitaires 2nd zirconia/Juliette's 1st sarelles
Sen 1 3rd Rutland 2nd Jupiter 1st saint Luke's/ peel green xx
6:05pm 07-26-2015
ett spec
Junior hf sen oc
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