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2:59pm 04-07-2017
The song
The song you maybe referring to could be REBEKA BROWN believe in dreams?
1:00pm 04-07-2017
Each troupe as there own Seated areas
12:54pm 04-07-2017
Currently trying out seating areas
11:37am 04-07-2017
chat is getting boring. after 3 assessment comps the committee decided where each line would go. this had nothing to do with trainers & troupes. solitAires moved into l2 from inters & have come in 1st place the laSt 2 comps. zirconia were moved from l1 to inters & have placed 2nd & 1st on the last 2 comps. Nothing was said when they were placed 2nd. these 2 troupes were moved after competing for over a year & not being in the placings at any time . did they moan .... no they just got on with it & tried their best . all sections were assessed so if you would like to take your concerns to top table they are very approachable. obviously someone has a real problem with Zirconia inter seniors .hmmmmm I wonder who. as for it not being fair them being moved down, it wasn't fair how they were moved up into l1 but they didn't moan . my troupe even said how much they improved. as for the other troupes having short lines. Milnrow if I'm not mistaken have a 10 & juliettes have had a 10 & an 8. let's keep this season friendly.
11:01am 04-07-2017
Cheadle Hulme
Can anyone tell me what troupes are in the Cheadle Hulme area? Thanks
9:52am 04-07-2017
Sets seats up for each troupe.
4:27am 04-07-2017
Do you have seated area for each troupe or do you sit just anywhere
2:10am 04-07-2017
Zirconia have been moved down by the committee they can only dance where they've been put and if I'm not mistaken both juliettes and Milnrow have both been put down sections in the past ? So it's ok for them and not anyone else , great competition in all senior sections with different lines winning could be anyone's on the day looking forward to spring champs
9:49pm 04-06-2017
2nd Orc 3rd Haydock
2:32pm 04-06-2017
i know that hagfold won senior plat at etacco on sunday but who came 2nd and 3rd please x
10:51am 04-06-2017
Should of stayed in lg1 don't think it's fair they come down and start winning again. Not fair on juliettes and milnrow who don't have big lines and was doing well. Just my opinion
8:09pm 04-05-2017
It cerline dion the singer ,
5:57pm 04-05-2017
Anyone know the full results for JTMDA please Thank you
4:33pm 04-05-2017
Is it agnis?
4:05pm 04-05-2017
to hiya,
Yeah the are, thought they were fab for their first competition at ett, they danced nice and were entertaining to watch! Well done girls!
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