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2:42pm 08-15-2016
Good day at et yesterday . Loved Hf h yestersay well done on your win well deserved. Love val tinies yesterday well done on your win too .
11:14am 08-15-2016
New troupe
At Cheshire yesterday were amazing.
9:51am 08-15-2016
Well done Olympia juniors loved watching yous yesterday yous so deserved that win
9:37am 08-15-2016
To morris mum
There is a few troupes closer to you than crystal jets there is all star angels and harmony sparkles both Rhyl troupes then there is funky stars in Abergele and Penryn stars in Colwyn bay then going the opposite way you have hollywell debonairs in greenfield and Bagillt stars just up the road from there so plenty of troupes to look at
8:07am 08-15-2016
That's abit strange, if troupes only kept there original girls, they would have 50 year olds in there senior lines. They have a lot of new girls and I think there brill. And loved Monaco seniors today just wow.
7:47am 08-15-2016
A massive improvement with hagfold team f in diamond. They looked like they had a spark yesterday. A much stronger dance and we'll done to that lille girl you were fab. Pontins is going to be very close in both senior sections.
7:31am 08-15-2016
The 3 dancers who danced from Deja vu. Lovely.
7:28am 08-15-2016
Never realised until half way through the dance I was watching Liberty Where have all the original lib girls gone?
7:26am 08-15-2016
amazing is Morris today. All troupes heating up the electric it's so fantastic. Champs are all going to be so close and anybodieseverywhere. Wow! Can't wait
10:29pm 08-14-2016
i mean
They arnt as good as them yet but they could be If they moved up and carried on improving with hard work like they already look like they are doing
10:19pm 08-14-2016
Vogue juniors were awesome today as were Valencia dinkies and tinies couldn't decide between orcadia and h/f seniors.roll on pontins going to be close in all sections.woooh
10:15pm 08-14-2016
morris mum
if you go onto facebook and look in search box for local dance troupe there is a good few nr rhyl or have a look on morris buy and sell
9:47pm 08-14-2016
Hagfolds f line had a much better dance today. How lovely was that little leader. Diamond section and platinum very close now , going to be electric at pontins, could be anyone's. Well done everyone else.
9:35pm 08-14-2016
To come on 7.24
Meeting will be nov regarding new org but will advertise it panel sorted some troupes aswell will keep you posted
9:28pm 08-14-2016
If illusion have gone to cheshire and zeph dont have seniors anymore how many sen 1 are at nwda???
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