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2:44pm 02-26-2014
everobes hating on Denton and All stars too not just tudor
2:43pm 02-26-2014
I do not think all stars are jealous of tudor and vice versa. They're two completely different troupes with a different style. Tudor are more traditional and old school while all stars are more upto date and want to try new things. Doesn't make anyone boring. Just entertaining in different ways. It.isn't fair to drag other troupes into this. Yes girls have gone to all stars from tudor but maybe that's the dancers personal choice
2:37pm 02-26-2014
U say we have poor foot work and are boring.....
Allstars are in A2, Tudors A1 and we beat Denton on Sunday. I think that speaks for itself. Jealousy is a bad trait!!!
2:36pm 02-26-2014
Tudor are a friendly troupe and always have been. The girls that dance in that troupe shouldn't be slated because of their trainer. Jean is a lovely woman.
2:27pm 02-26-2014
I'm sure I only seen 3 girls in allstars seniors that came from Tudor and one has left so there is only 2 in there line .  And I pretty sure they had to do a lot of practice to get there footwork and arm placements similar to the origanal ALLSTAR dancers.  Love watching these girls at comps and find them so friendly as well as there trainers.
Please stop all this hate crime it doesn't give you a good name
2:09pm 02-26-2014
Can everyone stop slating each other and just dance its a hobby . Lea lea your beautiful dont let anyone put you down just ignore them and carry on what your doing . Your a great dancer and you have got your new troupe so when people call you names just smile and think they are jealous for a reason whoever is doing this has a very sad life and one day they will say something to the wrong person and will get what they deserve . Onwards and upwards from now on
2:01pm 02-26-2014
Why's everyone hating on Tudors?
1:56pm 02-26-2014
No i did it off the pages that was slagging tudor off
1:53pm 02-26-2014
The programme does it but i dont know how i just put the website information in at it shows the ip addresses of each page u click on
1:53pm 02-26-2014
If its true, then there is only 1 troupe in the SK5 area that would slag tmdo off so it makes a lot of sense x
1:49pm 02-26-2014
How did u get the ip addresses off this site?
1:47pm 02-26-2014
Hicdateinteligence paid 14.99 for it and i dont know about mobile devices only computers i think and it doesnt show the full postcode just the area
1:43pm 02-26-2014
Mmmmm again
How have u tracked down the IP address when it's not shown on this site and the only way to get ip addresses is if the site manager gives them to u???
1:41pm 02-26-2014
What about mobile devices????
1:39pm 02-26-2014
Yessss just found a programme on my computer to track i.p address . Uve all been found out ! Clearly most off them messages were sent from SK5 are now own up and apologise !!
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