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6:06pm 07-11-2016
everyone wanted to impress mill yesterday. especially as they were judging.
4:45pm 07-11-2016
Shifted in the air yesterday at Tru, don't no what it was but things are starting to feel very exciting
4:42pm 07-11-2016
I think
It's fantastic that you get these dark horses appearing, it's keeps the troupe currently at the top fighting even more, no time to take it easy, everybody wants that win and I agree, having Monaco at Tru has made already good lines fight even more. Champs results are not already written, it could be anybody's. Yesterday for me was the best day I've had this season, nearly everybody was out and everybody has just upped there game all of a sudden, fantastic!! Can't wait till next week.
4:05pm 07-11-2016
to years ago
Unfortunately aces and Carlton have disbanded Belmont in blackburn darwen in darwen and trinity in darwen hope this helps
4:02pm 07-11-2016
Heard Carlton have joined plattbridge
3:55pm 07-11-2016
tru will be the organisation to be with next year
3:54pm 07-11-2016
Are hagfold
Taking on any new dancers?
3:52pm 07-11-2016
Excellent day yesterday at tir prince well done to all good atmosphere and fab dances
3:50pm 07-11-2016
Cheshire morris
Seniors Luton 1st well deserved
3:24pm 07-11-2016
8 lines I've seen troupes win with an 8 line even with points deducted if you work hard u can make those points up and this has been proven by a lot of 8 lines in the past and present
3:18pm 07-11-2016
with 12:28 all orgs who have this 2 points lost for a 8 line should change their rules and maybe we would see different results to what there is now in some orgs
3:12pm 07-11-2016
To years ago
thank you for the info
2:14pm 07-11-2016
I have to
Agree I wish are org would change the rule to an 8 line things would be so much different in sections if they did. I don't agree with any less in the older sections but a nice 8 line could be just as good as the ten line limit . Have to also agree with all them saying Golborne juniors have improved and so has cru juniors and tinys . I was one who was skeptical of the new troupes joining but I do believe monaco especially, have made the above troupes fight even harder and the difference to them is tremendous. Monaco Seniors were did that dance come from? don't no what you did or have done but keep it up!, I had you 1st yestersay just, but 1point is nothing not when it's behind marrionettes who are just thriving this season but monaco Seniors are getting better every week yesterday I was sat with my mouth open at the dance you pulled of well done. Tru yesterday felt like a family again was so nice to have millennium back home miss you guys so much .looking forward to champs, I tell you this a few dark. Horses coming up in the background champs isn't a done deal by a long shot..
1:52pm 07-11-2016
Are now just as good as Marrionettes,, it's going to just come down to the dance on the day with these two, points are so close it can be literally anything that could sway it. I think jun1 is a brill section, all very good and I'm not taking anything away from bel, they are very good and there junior1 leader is fantastic! I think lower Kersal are going to the ones Liberty need to watch out for, defo improved a shed load since start of season!
1:14pm 07-11-2016
Yes needs addressing this loosing points drop the numbers
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