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10:17am 10-18-2016
Predictions is who has the best dance on the day will win, doesn't matter who has been winning all season and who hasn't! That's toty. Champions comes down to the dance on the day and ANYTHING can happen.
10:09am 10-18-2016
All these predictions for TRU we all know it's what happens on the day
Yeah Sen 1 could be anyone's! Sen 2 just the same I feel they
All could win! Liberty wouldn't be my favourites either!

It's going to be a good Comp in all Sections
10:00am 10-18-2016
Think thats
Abit unfair to say Liberty are only doing well because Gol are having a bad season, Gol have plain safe routines and lib are using the whole dance floor with hard to do arms and still winning, so I do think that's the case at all. Agree there not section1 standard and agree Ann should drop down to section2 then we will see who really is the best
9:51am 10-18-2016
Judges can only judge in sections they have no teams in.
9:19am 10-18-2016
Anyone from newda moving orgs?
6:57am 10-18-2016
Can the opposing team judge another team in there section please
6:52am 10-18-2016
Ppl in time will see whos staying at each org or leaving wateva choice they decide its there own choice please stop all this speculating of whos doing what only time will tell
6:28am 10-18-2016
Why all this talk about changing divisions liberty are okay but not s1 standard and no where near, the only reason they are doing so well is because gol have had a bad season and they haven't stepped up. Annbraize want think about going to d2 to give a bit of excitement to the section
11:00pm 10-17-2016
fantastic week end all results spot on cant wait for next season
10:18pm 10-17-2016
To 3.46pm
I'm not from crusaders actually. I'm from another troupe at TRU. It's called supporting all troupes in the organisation thank you!!
9:55pm 10-17-2016
Results spot on , just my opinion and we defo weren't one of the best lol . Had a disaster of a dance tbf . But whole weekend was brilliant and finale the best ever . Trophies were as big as the tots lol . Loved loved loved every second of it
9:19pm 10-17-2016
I'm confused
etts champs was 2 weeks ago at pontins .blackpool was just a normal competition
9:03pm 10-17-2016
Let's just see
What happens at the start of the season. Too much scare mongering and gossip this early on ... !!
8:50pm 10-17-2016
Of troupe leaving etacco then? Looks like tru will be the place to be after all!
8:30pm 10-17-2016
Vogue going to tru
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