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9:48pm 11-14-2016
You seen what the lyndale girls have got for camel how lovely was that bet she is made up with that I no I would be lovely girls she has got
9:09pm 11-14-2016
Millennium did not tie with Dinatones in the Snr 2 section Mill were 3rd Ithink
8:30pm 11-14-2016
Nouveux left ndto?
7:46pm 11-14-2016
Is everybody getting on with there new troupes and routines
7:30pm 11-14-2016
A few hav left ett i heard
5:59pm 11-14-2016
Chorley are
Still with Elmo there trainer on the committee
5:27pm 11-14-2016
Tru have a few joined who defo won't be there all year.
4:23pm 11-14-2016
because the principles of these troupes were at TRU's AGM meeting dosn't mean they are joining lets wait until 3 weeks into all troupes 2017 season to see which org these troupes settle with
2:16pm 11-14-2016
Can anybody
Help we looking for a new org for next season but not sure who is taking on . Could anyone point us in the right direction on who is still taking troupes on thanks xx
1:30pm 11-14-2016
Out of newda are moving, and what orgs are they supposed to be going?
12:19pm 11-14-2016
to ndto
been trying to get in for 3 yrs.compleatly ignorned when I tex,so who do I no there,plenty of teams,still doesn't work for us?elmo who do I no there,unfortunatly no one,so again nothing down for us there,think we will be giving tracy a tex from tru, also anyone no who lynne the judges org is from ex newda and who to contact?
10:55am 11-14-2016
of the troupes listed who are going to tru will prob just be going to open comps like last year
9:47pm 11-13-2016
Vogue going to tru they are doing really well at etacco love there tinies and jnrs
9:36pm 11-13-2016
Just want everyone on here to know Sonia org is up and running so stop slating her of . She has done this for herself not just to earn money
9:34pm 11-13-2016
Mic mum
TMDA results anyone!
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