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11:32pm 03-01-2015
I dont no y this room was created it was supposed to be for troupes to chat to each other and support each other
11:30pm 03-01-2015
monaco were very eratic with shoddy footwork different but not for me
11:29pm 03-01-2015
Who ever it is puttin messages on here from wrexham royals stop now or there will be consequences
11:19pm 03-01-2015
to anyone
why whats wrong with krystalaires?
10:55pm 03-01-2015
To anyone
I did not see them but are the krystalaires still going? Not heard nothing of them in years?
10:52pm 03-01-2015
Who seen the girl and trainer from krystalaires today watching at our org hope thire not joining!
10:32pm 03-01-2015
annemarie Golborne
Wonderful comp today. Well done all. And great to see a familiar face back on the arena. Hope to see more of you this year. Xx
10:17pm 03-01-2015
Fab comp today a lot of new lines with potential! Very high standard across all the divisions Monaco was a nice watch been a while since I have seen such a big line of Vicaria have a 8 every week they need to go in division 2 as a line in div 1 can not afford to lose 2points before they start
9:42pm 03-01-2015
Is actually dancing at TRU then what troupes ?
9:39pm 03-01-2015
quite a few who danced today wont be there for the rest of the season when there own orgs start up again
9:24pm 03-01-2015
Enjoyed all the dancing today going to be a good season little ones through to snr were fab for first time out but i did enjoy watching hf juniors.
9:21pm 03-01-2015
I enjoyed
everyone today and everyone knows theres improvements to be made. Loved seeing Monaco, not seen them for ages since the senior challenge and thought their troupes where great.
Sundays are goin to be exciting x
Good luck to everyone no matter what Org your goin to x
9:07pm 03-01-2015
Can't anyone be positive about their fellow dancers?
9:00pm 03-01-2015
Seen Darwin for a long time what the heck is going on with them
8:58pm 03-01-2015
Where good beautiful dresses
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