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4:30pm 05-18-2015
No one
Can touch Monaco seniors
3:58pm 05-18-2015
Is a massive part of dancing, its what its all based on. Some girls have brilliant footwork and some who dont make up for it with better stronger arms. Lwp and liberty for me have good arms but weak footwork, monaco zephyr and new springs have got both, im really surprised LWP are coming in placings ahead of new springs, but hey im not a judge! Zephyr definitely seem like they are holding back i think they could be amazing and could top monaco any day soon. Its only 6 dances in! Got 18 more untill champs so anything can happen yet. How exciting to think that these lines are only gona get better and better. Wow.
3:42pm 05-18-2015
It's not just based
On footwork, but footwork alone is a massive pluss if all are of the same standard almost . If you have somone who isn't good ,then tney loose U on deportment , lines and footwork so that's a lot off points of somone who isn't as good
As the rest in the line!! just my view this Mind .
3:23pm 05-18-2015
It's amazing
If it all comes down to footwork in the morris dancing world then the same troupes would win in all orgs, so errors lines and spacings don't count?? If troupes are better just based on footwork alone it would be some competition throughout all orgs
3:21pm 05-18-2015
All the jun lines have had change and the standard is amazing why point out faults? None of the juns or send have perfect t&r. Sad you.
2:56pm 05-18-2015
hf juniors
Had girls slightly off with timing. Girls slow as did orc seniors
2:52pm 05-18-2015
I agree
there HF the better juniors on the day think that was the best dance I have seen them do this season seems like they have had a lot of changes recently but yesterday was a good strong team.
2:47pm 05-18-2015
I am from zephyr e and I think all senior 1 r fab an lwp r a fab troupe certainly not boring every one dances to there best ability and I enjoy every week with nwdaxx
2:45pm 05-18-2015
Regarding NWDA
Boring ha ha ha ba are U off your head , the standard at NWDA is boss , as for
Senior one that's the only section that wakes me up . There all entertaining in there own rite . Yer it comes down to footwork LWP ans liberty there bad regarding footwork , NS Zeph and Monaco have fantastic footwork and that's why they are better in my eyes , regarding ages, I have to agree! it's riduculous how big some babies are , but NWDA is boss best around .!.
2:24pm 05-18-2015
lee stole?
and ripped people off omg im not having that,met him on FB with my team sounds a lovely man
2:24pm 05-18-2015
I am
Sorry but u can not say NWDA senior section is boring every line change things in their routines everyweek keeps everyone on their toes all all lines dance to entertain
2:14pm 05-18-2015
Senior section is pretty boring tbf. Lwp yes there routine is alot better than last year, but there footwork is shocking you cant deny that. Newsprings and liberty bore me to tears, sorry but true. Zephyr have a good routine but i dont get a feeling like there old junior line gave me. Monaco win everyweek crap dance or not boring boring boring. Senior 2 are all boring aswell! I thought nwda was supposed to be all for the entertainment???
1:38pm 05-18-2015
Agree with you love! Well said
1:15pm 05-18-2015
always big themselves up so wat if there mid tinies last year its not bout age its ability and the best team won on the day Monaco juniors had lots of mistakes so the results were fair in my eyes its the same in all sections the age is far too high 4 the younger sections esp baby and novice I mean liberty babies come on looked tiny age to me zephyr novice are huge compared to mon and ns but to be fair don't think any1 wud cheat but the size difference and age is ridicoulous really don't understand senior results sometimes lwp shud b cumin 1st but that's my opinion not a fan of ns and lib love zephyr but think they've got a long way to go
12:10pm 05-18-2015
i had
Hf jnrs to win as well yesterday, with val close second, orc did dance well with 8, I don't think hf deserved not to be placed, but last week I had val to win but hf win won, yesterday I had hf snrs because ap and orc were rushed , dint agree that ap have best routine but it is nice .
Dont pull troupes apart on here, they never judged they danced.
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