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7:05pm 06-27-2015
This is not
Any thing nasty or sarcastic , i just wondering as im a huge fan . What's happened to belmont ? I never see them in the placings any more
7:01pm 06-27-2015
what about the little ones do they not matter then just juniors and seniors.
6:24pm 06-27-2015
Juniors townsend seniors ashton and townsend
5:11pm 06-27-2015
10:33pm 06-26-2015
10:07pm 06-26-2015
ellergreen in norris green
9:15pm 06-26-2015
Any1 know were rema comp at tomorrow
8:23pm 06-26-2015
Haha tanhouse defo need to get back in the real world with their "outstanding" dancers. Like to know who theu are. Wonder how long itll be before they move orgs again coz their seniors get slated even though everyone knows they have gone downhill every season for years
7:50pm 06-26-2015
I only
named marr and mill as an example because in sen 1 and 2 they are the overall winners every week
6:08pm 06-26-2015
I certainly
Would not rule Ann bel out of it
6:07pm 06-26-2015
To some
Marr and mill are not the only good ones st tru what about the rest of division 1 and also mill and golbourne in division 2
1:32pm 06-26-2015
Me laugh how many adults come on here saying" leave it to the kids" stinks of hypocrisy, just admit most dancers are friends it's the adults who cause the trouble and come on here bigging there teams up
12:29pm 06-26-2015
really good teams at Tru marr and mill being 2 of them
11:09am 06-26-2015
Don't be angry because you allllllll know its true gang of weirdos leave it to the kids.
11:09am 06-26-2015
Morning All
Every team has outstanding dancers their is no doubt, are some better than others, each to their own opinion!. It would be good to see some positive feedback about all the teams that we either dance for or against at any organisation. To keep Morris Dancing healthy and encourage others to join we need a high level of sportsmanship first and foremost, encouragement to the less experienced and accolades to those teams who do well. It's really not hard to say Well Done to any team on a great days dancing. Cheers and have a great weekends dancing
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