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7:55am 11-17-2016
Tmda results
A six beat a ten in senior A that's all I know of
1:43am 11-17-2016
other site
12:11am 11-17-2016
Thank you and well done on all results
10:39pm 11-16-2016
Think you'll find it's everyone being nosey. Everyone wants to know who's with who at the beginning of every season. Let's just enjoy our weekends off and have a good Christmas and New Year
10:21pm 11-16-2016
Of 4s and 6s should not be allowed! Especially in the senior section that's just ridiculous, how would a judge be able to check lines and spacings on a line of 4? They should loose it on entertainment value alone
8:48pm 11-16-2016
Find it a joke juniors and seniors dancing with just 4 in the line! How can that be judged the same as say a 8/10+ line.
2:02pm 11-16-2016
to tmda
what other site
12:40pm 11-16-2016
How many dancers ? There was 4s and 6s won throughout beating 10s and 12s
12:37pm 11-16-2016
Very true
About tru! Don't understand why they feel they need to tell everyone how many troupes they have? Other orgs don't bother to announce it?
9:39am 11-16-2016
Many dancers were in the winning lines at tmda?
8:43am 11-16-2016
Tmda results
Bedford 3rd
Euphoria 2nd
Ringway 1st
L Ringway
M Euphoria

Pendleton 3rd
Bedford 2nd
Euphoria 1st
L: Euphoria and Pendleton
M: Euphoria

Ringway and Gravity 3rd
Euphoria 2nd
Pendleton 1st
L: Pendleton
M: Euphoria

Bedford and Euphoria 3rd
ringway 2nd
Pendleton 1st
L Pendleton
M Pendleton

Ringway 3rd
Bedford 2nd
Gravity 1st
L: Valejets
M: Bedford

Senior 1:
3rd Heavenly stars
2nd Highfield Youths
1st Euphoria
L: Pendleton
Mendleton, Ratcliffe,  Euphoria

Senior A:
3rd Heywood Leg
2nd Pendleton
1st Ringway
L Ringway
M Gravity
10:17pm 11-15-2016
Every year without fail are tru on here talking about the number of troupes they have. I don't get it?
10:13pm 11-15-2016
Heard some glory hunters went to h fold.tut tut shame on you where's the loyalty
7:28pm 11-15-2016
What other site?
7:12pm 11-15-2016
What were results at champs please
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