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5:32pm 02-11-2016
Stop slagging TMDO
''all stars left tmdo and in TMDA you have pregnant 16 year old leaders stepping it and most the seniors both orgs are absolute rubbish''
That rubbish but still beat you!!!
3:44pm 02-11-2016
Apparently you can step it out there
2:50pm 02-11-2016
She was a harlie girl and her kids she danced for harlies since she was little and then got kicked out done a season with bel and has now gone to mill because its closer to her home its known knowledge weirdo!
12:20pm 02-11-2016
To blah
How the heck do you know she is a harlies girl stop sticking your fingers in the pies jealousy gets you know where bye bye saddo
10:32am 02-11-2016
i heard
hf now a 12 line with all young girls in
10:05am 02-11-2016
Re girls
All stars leader actually stopped at champs on purpose as she is pregnant as for comparing them to Tudor that was not what I was suggesting I think it's disgusting the girl in Tudor stopped in most comps one including champs she would have been back dancing if it had been my line tmdo has just got worse over the years glad I don't dance for them shocking standard
9:32am 02-11-2016
I know
A troupe that dances a girl who is disabled and steps it out but you can't tell her not to dance as you can get done for discrimination so I would say that if they are stepping it out its for a reason
8:51am 02-11-2016
Not many
seniors are young teams anymore

Only really Valencia Broadway coppull haydock

All others have been together a long time
8:44am 02-11-2016
Short memories
The girls that left belmont and went to mill got hell on here not nice is it belmont when the girls leave you but its ok when its the other way round? So leave darwen alone
8:23am 02-11-2016
If you cant
Dance shouldn't be doing it end off!! Imagine going in a street dancing or gymnastic competition and just moving your arms about just shows the standard of orgs who allow it!
12:44am 02-11-2016
Re: Girls
The leader of all stars has never stopped in her life, she missed the change over a very unfortunate mess up so don't think you can compare that to Tudor in any way also all stars left tmdo and in TMDA you have pregnant 16 year old leaders stepping it and most the seniors both orgs are absolute rubbish
12:40am 02-11-2016
blah stop trying to turn this on mill anyway she was a harlie girl
11:53pm 02-10-2016
of the girls who left Bel to go to Mill posted about them leaving and it was all over here so it's not only Bel who know
11:00pm 02-10-2016
How would you know that Mill have some Bel girls if you aren't from Bel? No-one has been out yet!
10:29pm 02-10-2016
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