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11:36pm 10-19-2014
Bullying?? Dont be soft think theyve got bigger and far more bigger bullies to attend to and lock up rather than dealing with girls bickering over who has won and who should of won cum on jeeezzzz think about it
11:29pm 10-19-2014
you people know the goverment are passing a bill to stop all this bullying on these sites you could get a two year prison sentance
11:27pm 10-19-2014
don't like mill because all their troupes win not just senior's they still had 3 1st placing's today not many troupes can say that at nemdco tbh were happy with just a placing in any section
11:23pm 10-19-2014
to all
ask them on fb
11:20pm 10-19-2014
has never danced for Liberty or Alliance She danced for Embassy her Mums troupe and and when they finished she took her daughter to Marganettes
11:19pm 10-19-2014
oh dear
i'm sure bel girls were foul mouthed last week now it's mill go practise harder i say
11:18pm 10-19-2014
hate mill because they have never beat them haha
11:15pm 10-19-2014
Has been around a lot liberty then alliance stars. Didn't she dance for embassy n the marganettes years back.
11:11pm 10-19-2014
Scrubbers doleys.
11:10pm 10-19-2014
is just a load of foul mouthed, pot smoking, commoners.
11:08pm 10-19-2014
funny comments on ere.
11:05pm 10-19-2014
Now we no its harlies being bitter naming karen and viscaria and alliance fgs what more do u want you got there winning girls tut tut karens been around judging for years and viscaria are gunna be fab next season so there u go.xxxxxxxxxxxx
11:04pm 10-19-2014
you read on mills fbs is they're either going the bingo, going on holiday or getting pissed, do any of them actually work for a living.
11:01pm 10-19-2014
Loves mill everyone knows
10:59pm 10-19-2014
Are joining manecco with Belmont
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