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7:42pm 09-13-2017
Babies HF Dinky HF /VAL
But good luck to everyone there's always a shock result
1:31pm 09-13-2017
Senior 1 could be anyones
Senior 2 harlies
Juniors 1 Val
Junior 2 Pemberton
Junior 3 Broadway
Tinies 1 Val
Tiny 2 Harlies
Tiny 3 Trinity
Dinkie 1 HF
Dinky 2 Darwen or Orcadia
Baby HF
12:49pm 09-13-2017
If a
Trainer can not even make up a half decent routine then they should not be training kids at all. How can people not have a problem with a troupe using another troupes routines no matter if the are old ones or not. Make your own up
11:36am 09-13-2017
Et champs

Not sure on babies/dinkies

Diamond tinies- think it will be close between Aviva premier and harlies
Platinum tinies- either HF or Haydock. HF are much neater but haydock more entertaining
Diamond juniors- feel like margannettes might swoop 1st from pemberton but will be close
Platinum juniors- think it will be close between val and HF but I prefer HF
Diamond seniors-marganettes have come a long way but think harlies might still take 1st
Platinum seniors- feel like HF may win but if AP dance like they did in dance off then maybe them.

Just my predictions anything could happen on the day
7:20pm 09-12-2017
Predictions..orc senior.orc stars.Val Jnr.val/hf tinies. Val/hf dinkies hf babies.but depends what happens on the day
4:36pm 09-12-2017
Any predictions
For Et Champs yet, not long off
11:11am 09-12-2017
Ap best troupe they have had out should take pontins will be close with broadway
Not liking orc
Pb had 2 new girls in let them down.
Hf did deserve win yesterday.
9:22pm 09-11-2017
quiet ?? guess who won
9:21pm 09-11-2017
Nwda was one of the best orgs I have ever been at. And yes entertainment value was one of the big things towards the end but Morris needs to be brought into the 21st century, I watch troupes now and they are so boring and play it safe. I personally think they should have a judge just watching for entertainment value and giving points out of ten. Some senior lines do what dinkies do and win. Go for it harlies if you are doing over and above,would love to watch but not in your org xx
2:13pm 09-11-2017
Ap snr dance like they did yesterday in dance off with Broadway they will will pontins for sure, all etacco results was way I had them except for snr I also had orc
12:57pm 09-11-2017
With pb, they still have some weaker dancers in there. They really could get it right if they put out their best dancers
9:27am 09-11-2017
had it between hf and broadway theyve both upped their game and training hard
i love orc they start off brilliant and just stay at the same pace they need the push what the others are giving
lovely to see AP in the dance off give it there all not seen them like that all year , welcome back girls brilliant dance was so close too with broadway
i did think broadways dance off was better than the comp dance more push etc but the points reflected different
hope haydock get their bite back too not had a good couple of weeks
9:33pm 09-10-2017
Thought orcadia should have won today.hf spacing was really bad.loved ap in the dance off.Valencia Jnrs deserved the win today as did tinies.can't wait for pontins going to be close in all sections woowoo
8:12pm 09-10-2017
Loved orc
seniors today really thought they had it
9:31am 09-09-2017
10th sep
Hi just seeing if anyone knows the postcode for tru comp tomorrow?
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