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7:39am 06-27-2016
Oh come on
Marr were far from shocking! How can you even say that! Bel and Mon have a lot of variation in arm levels when arms are up, and lines of 3,4 etc are not straight. I can see this so I'm sure judges can to. Marr are all together, arm levels the same, hold they position in life lines. It was only 2 points difference, if me as an arm chair judge can see where the 2 points came from then I think the judges are doing a fab job, bear in mind there running around the arena and writing! Get a clip board and judge instead of being brave on here!!
7:09am 06-27-2016
I agree
The troupes that left guild have all improved 100% and are enjoying there new org .Some times when you have been at a org for so long it's the uncertainty of moving it's a bit frightening but if your not happy or unsettled make that move we did and best thing we ever done so happy and stress free now
7:01am 06-27-2016
to@guild yes i agree
we made right decision and left very happy now were we are,3 troupes not worth paying bus fare for
6:43am 06-27-2016
Sen 1 TRU Dancer
Agreed with results. All of Sen 1 had arm errors, us included! Judges decision is final!
6:24am 06-27-2016
It's obvious why every one left guild the reason being begins with a B_____T the spoilt the org
12:03am 06-27-2016
Think Golbourne judge needs to quit - simple as, TRU next year will have two troupes, guess which ?
11:58pm 06-26-2016
To 11.40
I don't think you dance at TRU more likely a troupe that's left
11:40pm 06-26-2016
Bel are on here saying how they should have won and not Marr and blaming the judges last season it was down to 1 judge why they only came 3rd not because they wernt good enough but because this judge was under marking them now she has left there blaming other judges get a grip Bel you will never be as good as Marr stop blaming others for it maybe you should leave us next year and go to a lower org were you can win 1st every week
11:28pm 06-26-2016
To 7 11
I agree surely not big girls what's Diane thinking
11:13pm 06-26-2016
Just seen some results from tmdo today. Fix all the way. Dz any line shouldnt have gotten placed. HC league 2 1st place oh please. Looks like dz league 1 got beat today aswell. HA thats what they get
11:12pm 06-26-2016
I thought Penryn had a big hall so why didn't they use that
10:58pm 06-26-2016
makes you wonder why they all left thou
10:57pm 06-26-2016
Marr was shocking today mon n bel 20x betta
10:56pm 06-26-2016
Penryn stars comp
10:54pm 06-26-2016
Marr obv
Had less errors then the other seniors. I'm not a judge so wouldn't know.
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