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3:38pm 10-06-2015
No swapping numbers at champ's what you draw is what you dance
3:37pm 10-06-2015
Not allowed to swop places at champs what ever number your picked to dance that's when u dance is not like normal Sunday's
3:36pm 10-06-2015
Monaco, zeph or lwp will take that 1st place. Don't think lib will come in and if there's no tie I don't think newsprings will either.
3:35pm 10-06-2015
cannot change your draw at a championships like being a late number don't think they though it would go on till 7 you draw your number you deal with it pot luck
3:32pm 10-06-2015
Favourites at nwda elmo other orgs? Favourite troupes/dancers/leaders/mascots
3:30pm 10-06-2015
I am sure
You could have found someone to swap if you'd ask nicely? People usually like a later number so it probably would have been no issue. Shame the world wasn't ordered to your liking that day
3:26pm 10-06-2015
for what didn't say we had a bad dance or any thing would of like to of danced sooner
3:18pm 10-06-2015
Boo hoo
is that your excuse? lol. go join another org if it's so bad. Cranks indeed
3:15pm 10-06-2015
we was
one of the last troupe to dance on Saturday it was 7 when we danced how are suppoed to motivate yourselfs when you have been sat there from 8.30 that mornimg
3:07pm 10-06-2015
there any teams joining etacco????
3:05pm 10-06-2015
there is a solution to etacco ,diamond move yourself up to plat dont be so soft and gold will then become diamond problem solved no more complaining just 2 sections
2:51pm 10-06-2015
Re Elmo
Don't rush Rutland out they had a head piece come of on Sunday. 3 points that is and they was 1 point behind 1st
2:47pm 10-06-2015
Just think
When the gold troupes are on. You can always go for a comfort break if they are that boring but then again you wouldn't be able to slag them down then because you wouldn't have watched them to be able to say what they had or hadn't done!!
2:44pm 10-06-2015
Well said
below so boring with all these gold troupes you want to fall asleep watching them
2:34pm 10-06-2015
Champs far to many troupes there very long day on the Saturday !! 5 hours sitting in a roasting hot hall was not good either for parade !! To many gold troupes aswell zzzz
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