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9:29am 09-19-2016
Predictions for Etacco Champs. Bearing in mind no entry and exit this year I believe
9:15am 09-19-2016
KH made up thou. Finally got a trophy.
9:04am 09-19-2016
Im sorry
but, even with a few timing issues there is no way AP were beaten in that dance off by Vogue. The lines were terrible and there was also timing out on a couple of girls plus the arm errors. The right team won. Well Done AP.
9:01am 09-19-2016
I liked Darwen jnr leader.
8:58am 09-19-2016
i was a neutral spectator yesterday at etacco and i thought vogue should have won the knockout they were by far the better team. Ap had bad dance too many bad spacings and terrible timing issues
8:55am 09-19-2016
jun1 section has some awesome dancers, my fave is bel junior leader though she's so good. Happy for bel winning yesterday although I do hope mon win champs they so deserve it. Hope Ann go into section 2 next year to spice that section up, can't help but feel like Gol have given up and doesn't really leave much comp for lib, thought lib was abit off yesterday aswell, happy for mon dinkies there so cute, bel dinkies have improved so much, so so happy for Gol jun2 they have got so much better and deserve the wins. I can't call champs this year it's scary
8:48am 09-19-2016
Mid Dinkie section getting competitive now. Gonna be a good champs between Belmont and Crusader dinkies
8:46am 09-19-2016
darwen danced at tru always thought they had some good leaders 4 of them won at champs last year
8:28am 09-19-2016
I actually
Thought the points would have been closer than 5 points with AP & Vogue knockout dance. Still close for a Platinum and Diamond Team. Well done
8:16am 09-19-2016
i think
all sections of pemberton have good leaders
8:15am 09-19-2016
Favourite leaders ?
We dance with TRU and most troupes have kept the same leaders all year.
I like Belmont jnr, Golborne senior, Marr senior, and Visc tiny leader although she has danced in the troupe mostly, her deport and how she commands the troupes is lovely.
6:37am 09-19-2016
Champs in all sections going to be so close! Well done bel seniors yous got there, mon still amazing so so close, what's happened to marr though? And who's dancing next week?
6:26am 09-19-2016
1234 new chat site hope it stays nice
6:24am 09-19-2016
Yes ap are a plat team and vogue are a dia team and vogue were never going to win but give the girls so credit they go to the final and dance well well done vogue and well do ap gold cup champions
5:48am 09-19-2016
How lovely was Olympia dresses today loved them colours they really stand out there very nice
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