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1:07am 08-31-2015
Some more questions
Who in your org has
Best dresses?
Best routine?
Best mascot?
Best music?
Best footwork?
Let's keep this nice
1:01am 08-31-2015
mine for nwda
MOST IMPROVED - NR royals seniors
MOST ENTERTAINING - monaco seniors
MOST FIGHT - zeph seniors
LOST THE SPARK - LWP seniors and monaco juniors
BEST LEADER - NS seniors
12:30am 08-31-2015
MOST IMPROVED - LWP juniors ( only lately)
MOST ENTERTAINING - Liberty babies (Armworks wow )
MOST CONSISTENT - Monaco seniors ( change routine every week)
MOST FIGHT - Zeph juniors
LOST THE SPARK - lwp seniors ( not the same line )
BEST LEADER - olympia seniors ( leads for the line not her self )
10:24pm 08-30-2015
Yeah I agree
If cop pull we're going to write on here they would have done by now
10:10pm 08-30-2015
A lot of what is written is done so looking for a reaction, which isn't going to happen seeing as the idiots that write it can't even spell!
Give it up, you're boring now
9:54pm 08-30-2015
writes the rubbish on here wants to learn how to spell
9:34pm 08-30-2015
Big bows, do you mean on dresses??
9:21pm 08-30-2015
I think
Vogue have nieces dresses they get done for dress lengths can u believe it
9:13pm 08-30-2015
If Coppell get hammered for dress lengths
8:27pm 08-30-2015
Is with the big bows lol some bigger than others
8:14pm 08-30-2015
dresses are everyone's faves?
7:03pm 08-30-2015
A few troupes with awful dresses coppul young troupes trinity with them silver belts and Tanhouse cheap material should they all lose points?
6:40pm 08-30-2015
yep agree wiv most of that, Olympia tinies r luvly to watch. I wud give zeph seniors most improved aswell as most entertainin coz they had a shakey start but r brill now. Most consistent wud be newspring and best leader hm not sure there is a few gud ones.
5:28pm 08-30-2015
Cop pill
Dresses all different must loose points
5:10pm 08-30-2015
Mine for NWDA
Most improved - Olympia tinies
Most entertaining - zephyr seniors
Most consistent - Lwp seniors
Best leader - ns senior 1
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