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12:51am 11-22-2014
What teams are in ett this season
11:43pm 11-21-2014
I had
The pleasure of dancing for mossbrook some fab memories
11:28pm 11-21-2014
x dancer
I remember cameo to
11:23pm 11-21-2014
x dancer
I remember team like carmen. walten park
poolstock.hindly moss brook many moons ago soz about spelling
11:02pm 11-21-2014
Have always been the best morris ever sue was the best ever trainer also Mary from sapp
10:50pm 11-21-2014
have to be
10:02pm 11-21-2014
At first sc went cold watching them
9:35pm 11-21-2014
The Marganettes from IOM days
9:21pm 11-21-2014
8:25pm 11-21-2014
Or bel
8:00pm 11-21-2014
Good question
arriva premier or orcadia just once
7:37pm 11-21-2014
Not including the team you already dance for, which other troupe would you like to dance for just once
5:32pm 11-21-2014
Hi sue
You do a great job, I don't dance anymore but enjoyed the weekend so much. I watched every line and think this weekend each section was a tough one to call, well done to you for putting it all together and making it fun for all! Thankyou and good look for next season! Haters will hate leave them to it!
1:17pm 11-21-2014
had a lovely routine and for first deason they did ace.what out for them this year. they have great potential and with a good few months practise i reckon they could challenge the others. luton nice but don't wow me, sharonetes nice and find some parts very emtertaining but other bits not and lyndale neat, beautiful feet but no WOW.
11:29am 11-21-2014
Hi Sue
Tad of advice - dont take on these comments, it's not worth it. You do a fantastic job with TMDA, keep up your great work and good luck for next seasons dancing 2015, with 20 troupes it's gonna keep you well busy and that's what it's all about. Participating, keeping in touch with friends, dancing especially. Keep up the great work and after 60+yrs you deserve a medal......xoxoxoxoxo hehe
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