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5:44pm 09-25-2014
I do not think anyone from val would say that someone doesn't like them
12:22pm 09-25-2014
Speke Balmoral
are renown for Black N Yellow. The name itself carries a lifetime of memories, I am so proud to dance against these fantastic dancers years (if not eons ago), thank you to all at Speke and keep up both your renowned name and dancers. What goes around, comes around
10:12am 09-25-2014
Speke still going but not that good now. Don't have many like lots of troupes now days as girls r not that interested in morris like they used to be. They r a bit old fashioned compared to some but yeah back in the day agree they were fab
9:17am 09-25-2014
deserve all them troupe of the years imo they are easily the best troupe at etaco
7:34am 09-25-2014
Whoz got toty
At ett ? Must be hf tiny jun n maybe sen?
7:16am 09-25-2014
Probably is val, I've heard them sing ooo aahh valencia before. I do think hf or orc can do it tho
12:12am 09-25-2014
Heard val say oooo ahahah valencia
11:37pm 09-24-2014
all the juns r
friends none of them are that confident so no it's not val
11:30pm 09-24-2014
Stirring it for val no one would go on here to predict from any of the junior troupes dancing at etacco
11:23pm 09-24-2014
Jla. Val
Juniors is ours that stage is ours bring it on ooo aaaa Valencia.
11:14pm 09-24-2014
Yes good luck
to all a lot of sections to close to call. Jun val nice and neat hf steady and good have to be faves but orc great champs routine last year then girl off the floor can they get the win or ap surprise early season champs winners with a stunner what will they do. Seniors carlton last weeks winners orc determined and on form hf will go all out ap mixed year but capable pb late bloomers maybe. Most interesting eos for a few years this one.
10:02pm 09-24-2014
Less than a week to go till eatacco Pontins championships! Good luck to all troupes dancing that weekend may the best team win
5:49pm 09-24-2014
Love the competition this year think nouveox have gave a few lines a good run for their money especially senior 2 section nouveox are so entertaining I always have to watch them and think one of their girl has got doty in novice and baby section
1:00pm 09-24-2014
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12:58pm 09-24-2014
recherche femme pour maryage
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