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4:52pm 11-19-2014
To ignorant
I never said there was no need for a senior leader. And I never said they don't get judged in out org. I said if leaders are stepping they will not get judged! Read it back
4:51pm 11-19-2014
are you not doing what dave from tmda politely asked you to do and stop the chat
4:32pm 11-19-2014
that's my point!!!!!
If u didn't think it was right then y bring it up now months down the line that's my point! Your trying to stir the pot and add fuel to the fire when its already dying out. If like u said it has been brought to the judge and the top table then they must of dealt with it cos u said the troupe ur talking about are still there. If ur not with the org y get involved in there business.
4:07pm 11-19-2014
These recording and slagging off did happen and the judge dave was told about it by one of the troupes that also saw it happen it was told to the top table! I am not telling any rubbish just stating what I saw I don't know if this issue has been brought to the attention of the troupe or others as i am not part of the org, so that why not saying the name of troupe in question. Just as an outsider I didn't think it was right. That is all I was saying
4:00pm 11-19-2014
if for any reason you need to step it do it at back your still taking part there nothing wrong in doing it at back and let the leader do her job and take your place till your ready if u are the leader then dont you have a deputy leader that can do it from the line if your going to be short or at front if you still have your full line thats what deputy leaders are for
3:34pm 11-19-2014
To Bored Now
Then WTF (wed, thurs, fri)..........hahaha get it! are you involved in this conversation if you believe there is no need for a Senior Leader? If Senior Leaders dont get judged (in your org maybe) then W?TF do you have them? Surely all your Senior Dancers dont need leaders in that case?
3:21pm 11-19-2014
To Stepping
Tottaly agree, dancing is a hobby and if anyone cant "dance" for whatever reason then your right, it's none of my business. It's interesting what you say about "Orgs" allowing stepping - they may, they may not, it's down to the rules, but I'm certainly not a sad person, nor a keyboard warrior as you have the audacity to call me and yes I'm up to saying what I have to say to each and everyones face, I dont have a problem with that, do you?
3:18pm 11-19-2014
Bored now
The leaders stepping and the leaders dancing aren't in competition because the leaders stepping don't get judged so what does all this matter anyway
3:13pm 11-19-2014
To Stepping
100% agree. When it comes down to it nothing would be said to anyone's face, leave a name next time
3:11pm 11-19-2014
no excuse not to
That's just an excuse not to name and shame u said they are disrespectful and rude but yet don't give them a chance to defend themselves. Maybe if u went to the troupe principle or trainers and informed them when it happened they would of reprimanded the girls involved especially since u said it happened every time u went I would of thought u would of spoken up about it before now. Seems to me like ur trying to cause problems where there is none. As for not naming them cos u don't want your own girls involved how would they be involved if ur not from the org only a spectator your girls aren't involved.
3:10pm 11-19-2014
Dancing is a hobby!! If someone can't dance for some reason that's none of your business!!! If the org doesn't want stepping it they would ban it but they haven't so get over it you SAD person. You probs wouldn't say anything to anyone's face you keyboard warrior
3:09pm 11-19-2014
Ex Senior Leader
Thank You Below.
It's not easy to lead a Senior 1 Troupe in any organisation, your mind, eyes are contastantly on the go!!!! The only buzz you get at the end of the day is "if" your team gets a place, and believe me, it's a huge BUZZ, because you know you've done something right (maybe)!!! and it's worth it on the day.
3:00pm 11-19-2014
To Ex Senior Leader
100% agree!!
2:59pm 11-19-2014
Ex Senior Leader
It's not about Illness, it's about competition, its about Leadership and how the person at the front leads (irregardless) of any disability. A leader is just that, there to Lead
2:47pm 11-19-2014
To ex senior leader
Oh wow why should they be embarrassed? For not letting an illness get in the way of their hobby?
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