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7:30pm 04-24-2015
The link on for new site, cant get on it
3:56pm 04-24-2015
My troupe danced a few years back with newda but it's not the same atmosphere as years ago I went to visit on Sunday at Wales and pontins and didn't like the look of it. Where do lmdo dance is it merseyside area? Cheers
3:19pm 04-24-2015
take no notice below
were you a troupe that got asked to leave? look for carol ganley/marg cave on face book and inbox either x
2:20pm 04-24-2015
I wouldn't dance a dog there love it's the worst org around!
2:12pm 04-24-2015
Can anyone give me detail about lmdo I am setting up a new troupe in Liverpool and would like to try here
8:55pm 04-23-2015
Nitty norah
Hey nobbly knees, stop banging on about you have paid your holiday. Pay mine if you want too.xx you are putting us all to shame.
8:26pm 04-23-2015
morrischat2015 will not give out any IP ADRESSES it looks like this site and other chat sites are given out ip ADRESSES
7:42pm 04-23-2015
Specifically asked Morris dancers on (they asked a few troupes) only to slate them for entertainment you could see that from the clip I thought no matter how good the team would be they'd have got grief
7:34pm 04-23-2015
Dinatones the ones that went on got to dance?
7:18pm 04-23-2015
Org has fav anyone guess whos is whos
6:39pm 04-23-2015
No one
Compared them to Belmont, so don't even go there!
5:07pm 04-23-2015
You think all is fair and square at NDTO When Belmont were being slatted 2 weeks ago? Are they up to the standard of belmont, think not? Drop the keyboard warrior nonsense, been there years ago. Dont either critisise other troupes or throw stones, look in your own back yard first.
Raise your own standards then we might meet on the same playing field, game on then
4:46pm 04-23-2015
Been champions in the past when they last had a full line together haven't they? a couple of years ago they were consistently well placed in league 2 now their lines back together and they're doing well why is it a conspiracy theory ?
4:32pm 04-23-2015
struggled last year as they didn't have enough girls, half the season they danced 6. They've managed to get a full line together this season, one of the few lines who have. Maybe they've always had the potential to do well but they haven't had the girls to show it. People who are saying it's fixed are obviously narrow minded and are just using it as an excuse because they beat you. Results are fair and square at NDTO so maybe just pick up your game and compete better on the dance floor
4:19pm 04-23-2015
I'm really suprised people think that top table is dumb enough to skew results to dinatones favour when everybody knows about the relationship in question. It was only a matter of time either now or if it was years from now if that team win this will be the reaction which is hardly fair.
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