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10:00pm 06-14-2017
Know wen manecco champs are please
8:50pm 06-14-2017
Probs have less judges as its holiday season. What does everybody think of tru senior 2 section? I think vogue will win champs, I think soon they will start storming ahead points wise, I think Olympia are improving and liberty are poor, how they win most weeks with there footwork is beyond me! Some of the girls deportment is shocking and there so flat footed! Vogue are 10000000% better!
9:27pm 06-13-2017
whos holding the
charity come and for what charity?? and is it registered ??
1:14pm 06-13-2017
What a fantastic day we had kids enjoying themselves and the adults too there were no sour faces and can you tell when certain troupes are not there
10:20am 06-13-2017
I agree with the comment about only having 2 judges on a top sec just not enough i think they need at least 3
7:21pm 06-12-2017
Comp on 17 th gullivers great day out open comp
11:07am 06-12-2017
Yesterday results where perfect in babie and dinkie section Monaco tinies amazing as always don't agree with junior results 2 judges on a top section they need more u I think an Belmont an vogue much higher standards than crusaders, senior sections yes to Belmont seniors amaze as always
9:58pm 06-11-2017
Great results today for all teams. Definitely well deserved.
8:15pm 06-11-2017
Results please all orgs all sections
6:10pm 06-11-2017
Senior results please
8:34pm 06-07-2017
What Orgs are about n where are they based please x
9:59pm 06-04-2017
To 7:28
Elmo had a few troupes missing today.
9:50pm 06-04-2017
Now then. Let's have a look. Whose being mentioned the most on this front page? Belmont, Mill, Marr, Bel again. And whose doing the writing then about Tru being the best org and much better than ett. God, you lot and your rampant insecurities
9:46pm 06-04-2017
ELMO aren't running low on troupes. A lot of the troupes had dancers on holiday etc (half term) so loads of lines couldn't dance.
7:20pm 06-04-2017
Good troupes in bolton please?
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