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10:11pm 01-22-2017
Elmo results ?
6:57pm 01-22-2017
how did every one do at the comps today well done for being ready
9:22pm 01-18-2017
New Troupe
Crazy news about another troupe in Darwen!!! Wish them all my luck
8:20pm 01-16-2017
hi not
long before were all back out again now how you all doing with your new routines and new music
5:18pm 01-15-2017
Know any orgs still taking on?
Small troupe looking for a Sunday org preferably not Manchester or Wales based as we would struggle with transport costs
8:46pm 01-12-2017
We have finished our routine loads of practice now we gonna be amazing as usual roll on first comppp
2:46am 01-12-2017
What is
What is he first date anyone dancing out, ,...... Who is getting new. Dresses
11:57am 01-09-2017
Soon be dancing out
Oh yess
5:56pm 01-03-2017
What troupes are staying at etacco ?
12:20pm 01-01-2017
new year and lets remember some troupes have lost girls and girls have moved up to a higher section so not all troupes will be spot on and ready especially if your season didnt end till nov and starts again in feb so lets curb the nasty and vile comments and give troupes time to improve.....good luck one and all for the 2017 season
1:27pm 12-22-2016
All money left from Cheshire org is being donated to claire house we only received the commission cheque last week from champs the receipt will be posted on the Cheshire chat page once we have received it this was agreed by the majority of the troupes
8:02pm 12-18-2016
Pontins is usually first weekend of October
10:45am 12-17-2016
EOS is 6th - 8th October at Southport 2017
5:48am 12-17-2016
Pontins is 6/7and 8th oct
9:36pm 12-16-2016
Anyone know
What date Etacco EOS is 2017 at Pontins
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