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7:00pm 11-27-2014
alliance stars
They are from Warrington
4:37pm 11-27-2014
From St Luke's is about 60 He would go mad to hear that lol
3:58pm 11-27-2014
Are alliance stars and starlites from
12:00pm 11-27-2014
who even cares
About where alliance stars are dancing? They're not a troupe anymore so they can dance where they like
11:39am 11-27-2014
Treeza (Oz)
Meant to say drop me a line either on this site or: and will update you on our dancing/results xoxox
11:30am 11-27-2014
Treeza (Oz)
Hi Girls,
Our Dee, Tiana n Cassie are currently in sunny Queensland, they arrived at lunchtime our time today for our Champs xoxoxo The girls arrived about 1.30pm today ... spoke to Dee earlier who was on Champers with all the sensational mums at Versace Qld, (check it out on google) the dancing does'nt start till Sat so the Mum's have a well earned day off tomorrow, then BINGO, it all starts on Sat Morn - Youtube here we we do at all dancing champs (please either reply to my reply or inbox Dee and wish the teams good luck) it's nerve wrecking as we all know) O'My - Worlds here we come (hopefully) again Drop me a line girls and I'll fill you in
10:30am 11-27-2014
My child dance,s for a division 2 troup in etteco and when I sit and watch all division 1 troups such has Ap Hf Orc I love to watch them they are all amazing same girls each week working together as a team and it shows that is were loyalties show that is what it is all about keep it up girls can't wait to watch you next season your trainers must be so proud of you xx
8:23am 11-27-2014
........ya kno nuff to destroy sue benson carasel loads chat
6:53am 11-27-2014
jimmy cantrelles we called him,and hes still going, must be around 80 now the old bugger haha!!
10:46pm 11-26-2014
Ndto mum
Asif this gob-shite message board where no-one leaves a name would be 1st to hear?
Just giving you fatties something to talk about!
Easy, ha ha ha
10:45pm 11-26-2014
roll on
Next few months I ment really looking forward to the new seasons
10:43pm 11-26-2014
Mum must have been telling porkie pies then Why is everyone intressed in What everyone else is doing Why not wait Until the new season and see for yourselfs u carnt wait roll on ndto few months I say
10:22pm 11-26-2014
to only
A couple being 2 we all know who that would be the gobby trainers two lol
10:20pm 11-26-2014
A couple of girls turned up to starlites practise tonight from alliance stars & they did brill, fitted in well
10:01pm 11-26-2014
St Lukes
dance with ELMO
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