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8:28pm 11-22-2015
I am sure
she's a really lovely person and the org is good but that's about the furthest reason away from why 90% of them lines are now there I know for a fact, or not there because they don't dance every week or have joined multiple orgs. Sorry but true.
8:26pm 11-22-2015
I'm sorry I was curious... let's be fair why would go anywhere near Lee. . ha ha
8:23pm 11-22-2015
people go to tru because Tracy is a lovely person and the atmosphere is good troupes talk to each other support each other. Good luck for 2016
8:22pm 11-22-2015
Yes lots of
div 2 lines joined tru fab isn't it
8:09pm 11-22-2015
to tru
fusion b ok till nettys daughter opens her big gob
8:08pm 11-22-2015
Divisions in each section will make a lot of troupes happy
8:03pm 11-22-2015
PB had joined TRU to, but they'll prob just do a few cause they joined loads of orbs and only dance at a few comps then slope back to Etacco
7:58pm 11-22-2015
To a lot
2 divisions in every line I'm talking about that's why they will be happy
7:46pm 11-22-2015
A lot
of troupes are happy
7:43pm 11-22-2015
Darwin will be happy
7:41pm 11-22-2015
sections tots, babies, mid dinkies, dinkies, tiny 1, tiny 2, junior 1, junior 2, senior 1 and senior 2
7:30pm 11-22-2015
Sections have tru got then coz mon, kersal and lib have a lot of lines??
7:23pm 11-22-2015
To Mel
It's JTMDA - Joining Together Morris Dancing Association
7:16pm 11-22-2015
why don't you
Contact Lil and ask her if your so interested
7:14pm 11-22-2015
so what's Lils organisations called????
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