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7:41pm 08-14-2017
Woman with sticks?
6:20pm 08-14-2017
Had haydock tinies to win Sunday they were much better than hf what's happened to Val not seen them a couple of weeks
4:57pm 08-14-2017
set of bitches the lot of you
2:46pm 08-14-2017
are shocking wendy was galloping away at the side of her gold tinies yesterday keeping them in time . they have several girls around the arena holding lines and spacings . they should be made to sit in their designated seating area . or the team should be disqualified
2:38pm 08-14-2017
Everyone's noticed someone standing on centre line it's an inside joke haha it's out now hf.
1:23pm 08-14-2017
On earth did orcadia stars come 2nd yesterday? They all stopped wrong?
12:04pm 08-14-2017
Don't think it's HF, but trouble makers
11:25am 08-14-2017
On Sunday I had hf baby's, hf dinkys, haydock tiny, hf Jnr, and Broadway snr. Hf were lucky to win tiny and snr but sometimes that happens
10:42am 08-14-2017
I still can't believe they get away with someone holding the centre every week
10:58pm 08-13-2017
Hope Shirley
Gets to see this site, HF commenting constantly about one of her judges. Shocking
10:32pm 08-13-2017
Who is the cheating judge at ett
9:57pm 08-13-2017
not just
the blonde who's hf isn't the other judge with glasses hf too . looks pretty cushy on pics with the senior girls
9:14pm 08-13-2017
Come back when your Babies through to seniors don't need someone stood on the centre line to win your trophies
9:11pm 08-13-2017
Are the champs of etacco simply the best can't wait for pontins
9:09pm 08-13-2017
Blah blah hf really did not think snrs deserved the win today but well done
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