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5:15pm 10-20-2014
Heard clowns
5:09pm 10-20-2014
seniors need a 3rd division i think they need to forget it.
4:59pm 10-20-2014
sounds like great competition at ett with all these troupes x
4:51pm 10-20-2014
My opinions
In my own opinion I really do think some platt troupes need to be moved down. For example the troupes that have not been placed through tout the season, there's one or too I think marg and someone else. Sorry if this causes arguments but it is my own opinion and I strongly agree with this after being a ex dancer
4:33pm 10-20-2014
their tribute was amazing
4:30pm 10-20-2014
like monaco pulled it out at champs well done
4:26pm 10-20-2014
seems soooo jealous of mill you look pathetic people are always watching everything they do on a sunday and now you are all on here having a go at them stop stalking them for gods sake! it makes your bitterness worse I love the fact that them girls have a good time no matter what and the love they have for each other shows all the time great bunch of girls who know how to dance and have fun at the same time cant wait to see what fancy dress they come up with next always a comedy theme with that lot good luck to everyone and just enjoy not hate
4:22pm 10-20-2014
thankyou for the info x
4:21pm 10-20-2014
Just 3 for sen and i think dinkies which i didnt see the point in last year, they have 3 sections if they think its needed. I personally like the 3 sections, there are still 10 lines not being placed in the top 3 so i think its nice to have 3, its always close competition and not the same troupes winning all the time although some will tell me im wrong but just my opinion
4:17pm 10-20-2014
it just 3 for seniors?or 3 in all sections as in babies dinkies so on?? x
4:13pm 10-20-2014
why not just have lge 1 & 2?3 is abit much
4:11pm 10-20-2014
with 20
Snr lines etacco need 3 sections but to be fair if a snr line dancing in gold with just 8 girls mostly 30 plus then they need to hang pumps up
4:05pm 10-20-2014
To does
Ett s had 3 sections yes
4:04pm 10-20-2014
You say
that it couldn't be Mill that were writing things because they were out drinking. Most phones these days have the ability to go on the net whilst you are out !
3:18pm 10-20-2014
et still have 3 senior sections?
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