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11:48pm 04-11-2017
Actually its not called Sonia's org...and 17 troupes are registered with her.but some are dancing elsewhere. But im sure sonia happy anyway as that girl did an amazing job sunday everything was spot on
7:46pm 04-11-2017
troupes need to do something about it if they don't like the atmosphere, it's not just the org!
5:25pm 04-11-2017
really nice day sunday results spot on esp snr 1 deevine lovely dance and defo more entertaining that lyndale sorry but just my opinion love all the section its going to be a close one this season they are all upping there game .
8:58am 04-11-2017
Like bel are doing well.. they usually creep in at end of season
8:14am 04-11-2017
Re sonias org
If you was there you would know what troupes were there and if you had to leave early before results then ask your principal for its obvious you are not from n.w.w.m.a your just being nosey.
8:06am 04-11-2017
at ettacco is pretty dire, its going to be a long season ahead - judging standard poor, no atmosphere, no clapping, not much cheering. come girls and org create some noise
11:37pm 04-10-2017
Sonias org
What happened to the 19 teams.only 8 ther sunday
9:06pm 04-10-2017
I personally
Liked the pump throwing and coming 3rd. Judging at its best
7:31pm 04-10-2017
seems like the atmosphere at Sunday's comp was none existent! .. not like it should be.. sad really TBF.. quite liked copuls dresses..
7:02pm 04-10-2017
They don't just decide everything is looked at points , placings from previous year etc and as for their own troops best interest none of committee troops have been moved down if I'm not mistaken serrels seniors were moved up last year both lines I think and they havent been moved peel green are league 1 and chorley are league 1 so no nothing to do with it elmo is one of the fairest orgs which is why no one leaves brilliant easter comp yesterday all the kids received a little egg and loads won an easter egg in the bonnet parade they always put the kids first we love it there
6:33pm 04-10-2017
Not sure how moving
Zirconia seniors
Solitaires seniors
St Lukes juniors down
Would benefit the committee or have the troupes there part of best at heart?? Considering it's not the troupes there part off??
4:06pm 04-10-2017
agree senior 1 is heating up . shame another problem for kingston this week with the laces otherwise they would be up there. Was suprised Deevine beat Lyndale but im not a judge, credit when credit is due they did have a nice dance. Lyndale and Sharonettes lovely as always. Runcorn are coming on week on week and in all fairness so are Destiny. Id keep an eye out for them as every week they are coming on and there footwork is lovely.
3:30pm 04-10-2017
It is committee who decides what sections teams dance in .Not judges so does this mean committee only have the troupes they are with.have there best interest at heart????..
11:40am 04-10-2017
Will be attending champs
11:10am 04-10-2017
Nice to see
Darwin at ett they were at ett for a lot of years
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